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Home Construction Safety Tips

Safety Tips for home constructors

Safety Tips – Home construction

Whether you are considering a new construction or a renovation or expansion in your house, unforeseen accidents are just unavoidable and that is why, safety is the factor that should be given utmost importance. Extension ladders should be used with all the safety measures and with proper proportions suggested for using them. While using a circular saw, make sure to check the cord and the plug, any missing connectors, blade, missing teeth and missing carbides.

Make sure to keep first aid kid near the construction site and keep the emergency numbers of police, ambulance and poison control ready at hand. A good quality fire extinguisher should also be ready to work in case it is required. All the chemical and poisonous solvents should be kept away from easy reach and gasoline should not be stored indoors. While using power tools such as lawn mowers and tractor mowers, make sure not to wear loose clothes because they may get caught in the machine.

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