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Guide to restore chipped granite worktops

Person repairing Chipped granite worktop

Chipped granite worktop repairing process

Granite is a popular stone used for kitchen worktop. Though very sturdy and tough yet negligence can cause a crack or break the granite worktop. You can restore the chipped granite worktop at home without much effort.

Items needed for restoration:

• Epoxy Resin, hardener, sealant, sponge, warm water, spatula, sharp knife and masking tape.

• Wear the gloves to protect your fingers.

• Clean the chipped granite worktop with sponge dipped in warm water. All the grime and dirt should be cleaned.

• Let the area dry up completely.

• Put masking tape on the crack and nearby areas.

• Mix epoxy resin and the hardener as explained by the manufactures.

• Put the resin mix on the crack.

• Scrap out extra paste with the sharp knife.

• Let the resin dry for an hour.

• Put a sealant layer on the crack to keep the granite worktop shining

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