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Making earthquake proof houses

Earthquake resistant home

Earthquake proof home

In earthquake prone zones, industries usually spend a lot in creating their structures. Their buildings stand on a horde of steel piers and beams on all four sides. If you want to make your house earthquake proof, make it side-light; i.e., with thin walls.

Use layers of clay under concrete construction. All your appendages like water pipes, chimneys should be connected straight to your foundation. If your house is multi-floor, place all your hard objects in the ground floor. The technique replicates a double-decker bus.

You should also go for lightwood furniture, placed near inner walls. Do your earthing well as during earthquakes, wiring takes a beating and chances of short-circuits abound. Give additional scrutiny on your sewage. You may invest in Asian bamboos for floors that provide natural resistance during earthquakes. Strengthen steel girders with solid plinths. Also try to space your house with equal weights in all directions for equilibrium.

Portico creation

Home having portico look

Portico look for your home

If you would go to Eastern temples, you would find them adorned with massive porticos. Portico is basically a pillared lead to the entrance of a building. It is generally built high and with parasol roof. It is almost an addition to the majesty of a house.

There are tetrastyle, hexastyle, octastyle and decastyles prominent even to this day. These are fragments of Roman and French imagination. Palaces would opt for hexastyles in earlier times. To create a portico, you need to first have a grand gateway. Raise your bars from there in a straight line, bracketed by a line of pillars. These pillars should be sturdy enough and not with too much joints.

You can use your garden space to create a walkway to your main entrance. This is however odd-looking for a bungalow or smaller houses. This colonnade is supposed to lend support to the actual columns of your home.

Ideas for deck railings

Deck railing for safety

Deck railing for decor

Those who have a spanning house and decks to beautify their terrace must also spare a thought on deck railings. Its official use would be to safeguard from accidents, especially if there are kids at home. They can also be chosen wisely to add just that bit of glamour.

People often go for hardwood railings and fix it to the terrace. You can try out customized railings too. These are largely retractable and can be stored at home when you are off o a holiday. Vinyl extractions also work out well since they repel water and are quite safe during rainy seasons.

Metal railings can also be installed; however they may be slightly expensive at the outset. You should not go for mismatch fusion unless it is a theme home you are working on. Try imagining a Titanic ship and which deck railings would have suited it? You can also go for fabrications while constructing your deck railings.

Green initiative while constructing

Concept of Green home construction

Idea of Green home construction

Now, whenever colonies or complexes are being built, green initiative is usually considered. There are spaces left for gardens. Water filtering is installe to reduce pollution. Even in homes, ventilation is given serious thought. There is space for pots in terrace; so on and so forth.

On your side, you can leave some space in house empty. Use electric appliances minimum. Keep your fans closed if only for a couple of hours daily and survive on natural  endowments. Use ENERGY STAR appliances to save energy and emit less pollution. Keep upgrading your instruments.

Certain plants like asparagus and bougainvillea have brilliant symbiosis with others and should be planted in every complex. Constructors are increasingly advising home owners to go for bamboo floors in bungalows or ground floors. Rainwater harvest is another natural method of generating enough water for usage without applying any electronic instrument. Wallpaper hangings and upholstered ceilings are another efficient way to store warm air within.

How to create a LEGO house?

Building Lego house

Constructing Lego house

LEGO house is bright enough to be a child’s delight. It is pretty fashionable in East Asian countries like Japan and China. You have to have plenty of space in your courtyard for construction of this house. Its huge drawback is its durability as it is not supposed to withstand fiery elements. Temperate climate allows this sort of construction more open-heartedly than other places.

Plastic bricks are generally used to create LEGO houses, usually two-storeyed. You will have all comforts of a well-profiled home. Outlines are  in bright splashes to make this house charming looking. The structure is carved  over wooden beams which also stand as supports.

Nowadays, many reality television shows like Survivor series challenge people to live in LEGO houses for up to 3 months. Regulations do not allow permanent allowance of these houses for safety norms. It can be created by just a few people unlike concrete houses as brick-laying is not required.

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