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Hardwood flooring options

Living room having Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring in living room

Hardwood flooring is a great option if you want a warm look in your home. For eco friendly flooring you can always opt for the engineered hardwood that has a thick hardwood veneer above piles of other wood. This makes it look like solid hardwood flooring. This also saves a lot of money, if you have restricted budget for sure. Hardwood flooring is highly reputed in terms of performance but durability depends on several factors. Hardness of the wood along with its stability are factors that contribute to its durability.

While choosing hardwood flooring for your home, make the right selection. Since properties may vary in each general type of wood, you should be cautious. So if you think your knowledge about the wood being an oak or maple is sufficient, think again! In terms of designs, you may even find some manufacturers offering nicely patterned hardwood flooring. So go ahead and beautify your home.

Energy efficient beautiful cedar homes

Gorgeous cedar homes

Beautiful cedar homes

Undoubtedly, cedar lends a spectacular look to your home not just externally but also internally. Often you may have a preconceived notion about the smell that it may emanate, just like your closet! But the cedar used for construction purpose is obviously different from the aromatic cedar used for furniture and closets. The benefit of using cedar in building homes are several, let us take a look:

a. With cedar, you can have to construct a traditional looking home or a very stylish and unique looking home.

b. Non-aromatic western red cedar is used for constructing houses and they are laced it natural preserving oils that keeps moisture, mildew  and insects at bay.

c. Cedar homes can be huge or small, and with open floor plans and tall windows, they provide great passive cooling and heating opportunities.

You may opt for different designs depending  upon your need. For making it more energy efficient, you may use cedar logs.

What are permanent wood foundations? Where can they be used?

Home having wood foundation

Wood foundation in home

Permanent wood foundations are basically all weather wood foundations that are just ideal for construction of foundation of flat or sloped building sites. PWF has curved a niche already in the market. One of the basic advantages of this type of foundation is that it is highly energy efficient. PWF or permanent wood foundation is actually an insulated framed wall that is water resistant and durable when compared to ‘above-ground wall’.

You may get your permanent wood foundations from companies that manufacture complete panels suiting your building plans. These even come along with no leak warranties for several years. Which means it is better and effective than concrete foundations that may suffer  leakage due to incessant rains. By installing a PWF, you cut down on expenses of construction in bad weather since it can be done in any condition. They provide you with great insulation and keep your rooms dry.

Add the latest no-maintenance siding for great insulation in your home

Vinyl siding in your home

Home having vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is not your only option if you want to try attractive sidings that are also no-maintenance. You may consider having your vinyl siding replaced with replicated brick siding. It looks so real that even real bricks can be put to shame! These can be used as accents or on walls and can be installed easily. Brick sidings are maintenance free and you may even install a bit of extra insulation beneath them. Talk to the experts to have your questions about siding answered.

Another way to beautify your home is to install synthetic stone siding. Made of cement, these stones are naturally colored  and flat at the back. River rock, field stone, ledge stone are just some of the varieties in which they are available. Polypropylene plastic panels are also no maintenance siding options that are very light and attractive. They can be installed nicely over foam insulation. These were some of the unique siding for great insulation in your home.

Numerous alternate roofing options for your home

Various roofing options for your home

Plenty of roofing options for your home

Apart from the archetypal shingle roof, there are many alternate roofing options available these days.  The best part is, these roofing alternatives also help you cut air conditioning bills as often they have a hiked profile beneath which air circulates well. Among these roofing alternatives is the fiber-cement, which is lighter than slate and tile.This product has a Class A rating, which means it is resistant to fire and comes with a lifetime warranty. Fiber-cement can also be molded in various shapes and colored accordingly. Other fire resistant roofing options are slate, tile, concrete and recycled synthetics.

Wood fiber and recycled plastics can be interestingly combines to produce fake cedar shakes and slate. Split cedar shakes in real are very attractive and durable. Concrete is a great roofing material that can also be used to fake other materials and its raw materials are also abundant in supply. These materials are an investment of a lifetime.

How to build strong homes that stand against tornadoes and fire?

Home which is disaster proof

Disaster proof home

Dome homes are strong energy efficient homes that have

Due to this structure, winds may flow smoothly over it, minimizing pressure and decreasing air leakage. During summers it is ideal as there is less energy loss due to less surface area. You may even add extra insulation to your attic by using a dosages vapor barrier below the already existing insulation. This will keep moisture off the insulation and keep it dry; else it can dampen the insulation during cold nights. So dome homes are ideal.

What are dome homes?

Home having dome shape

Dome shaped homes

Dome homes are dome shaped structures that derive their idea from prehistoric times but are made with modern technology for energy efficiency. Dome homes are everything that you want them to be, right from small cozy ones to huge spacious ones. Most importantly, you may include an indoor swimming pool, office, gym etc inside your dome home. These can be multi-storied or even underground! This gives you a  wider scope to build your very own dome home in any environment.

Dome homes are exceptionally energy efficient homes as they are very plus well insulated and even disaster proof. Over all, it is a great idea to own one coz it is cost effective in every sense of the term. You may even get your dome home specially designed. There are various companies that help build these dome homes for you to live happily without any fear of damage from natural calamities.

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