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How to install glass floor tiles all alone?

Glass floor tiles in home

Installing glass floor tiles

Glass tiles are the new talk of the town. They look decent, add charm and elegance to your house and increase your standard of living. There are three basic steps which you must remember if you want to install the glass tiles yourself on the floors of your house. You can log in the internet and find out that there are hundreds of websites giving you detailed information about the procedure of installing glass tiles which will rather make you much confused and flustered.

It’s very simple yet you have to be very careful as you are dealing with glass which can injure you badly if you are not careful enough. The three easy steps are installing, maintaining the safety while installing and after installing the glass tiles maintaining them. So build up your confidence and go on with installing glass tiles yourself as its very easy and the end result is very nice.

How to install electrical wiring used

A guy installing electric wiring

Professional installing electric wiring

Installing electrical wires in your house or office can be really confusing. It may even get confusing while you are unknown to the ways of electric wires. The electrical wiring is requiring for the fact of heating and running various appliances. Wiring is a process performed by various professionals of the wiring as it is a risky work to perform for the different people. You should also know the basic techniques of wiring so that you can also perform simple tasks carefully.

The first step you should do is to switch off the main power ensuring there is no current flow in the house. To understand about electrical wiring you should go through the different wiring diagram, it will help you in understanding the ways of wiring. Then you should keep in mind that the wires of same colour join together. So these were the basics that you should keep in mind while performing the process of wiring.

Ways to clean your bathroom floor

Cleaning your bathroom floor

Bathroom floor cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom floor requires quite a bit of time and patience. It is always advised that you should not start cleaning the bathroom floor until and unless you have finished cleaning the toilet bowls, shower areas, walls and ceilings of the bathroom. When you clean these places, the dirt along with the water will pass over the floors so it is better to clean the bathroom floor later.

First of all you need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the strands of loose air and the dust that is scattered all over the floor. Since most bathroom floors are covered with tiles, these develop grout easily. You need to spray a cleaning solution on those areas and clean them using a sponge. Using a bleaching solution or a homemade solution of vinegar, salt and baking soda will help to remove your bathroom floors from all the germs and bacteria.

If you do not have any bleaching or cleaning solution you can use freshly squeezed juice of lemon too. Lastly you must make sure that the bathroom floors remain dry especially after you have taken a shower.

Granite Vs. marble countertops

Comparison of granite and marble countertops

Granite vs marble countertops

Both marble and granite are used all over the world as countertops as they are durable and not porous. Though a marble countertop is any day costlier than a granite counter top as the former is rare. Since both marble and granite could be found with veining so as a buyer you can choose between them on the basis of their patterns and colors. According to aesthetic beauty marble is definitely more pleasant looking than granite but getting a marble counter top has a lot of disadvantages because this material can be easily ruined if brought in connection to heat.

Acid, water can also destroy the quality of your marble countertop. Whereas the granite countertops are capable of resisting heat and chemical reactions and they cannot be easily ruined by starching or hitting. But when it comes selecting between these two then obviously granite countertop is better because it cheaper and more hardy and capable of taking lots of traffic.

Modular home design options

Modular design options for homes can be beyond limits. Homeowners love to have their houses with high ceilings, electrical appliances that are energy efficient etc. some modular design options provide ceilings up to 9 ft. tall with thick foundations and crown mouldings.  The best way to learn about or discuss the options of modular design for your home is to have a direct discussion with your real estate agent or construction designer. But a lot depends on what you exactly want it to be. There are options that you can look out for in the internet. The internet can be a good guiding tool and can widen your options too.

Besides the regular modules available you can also have your own customized modules. There are framed constructions available which includes garden patio doors, additional gable roof, Neo-angle showers, kitchen sink spray, kitchen bays etc. you can also have vaulted ceilings and sidelight windows. Some of these modules also come with Garage package, fire place and Oak finishing.

Benefits of a green home design

Designs for green home

Green home design

In this age of growing pollution, green home is the best option. If you are planning to build a house, green home is the latest buzz and green is the way to go. Green home would definitely serve you long time and be of long term benefit to you and to the environment. A few basic changes can turn your home into an eco-friendly home. Use of organic building materials and less of natural resources, alternatives sources of energy like solar heater or panels, wind turbines, installation of natural ventilation are the few steps to build your green home.

A green home design also reduces your maintenance cost. The value of a green home is much more compared to that of a standard home and with time it is gaining much more value. Tax incentive is a huge benefit for the construction and designing of environment friendly eco green houses.

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