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Light framed wood construction

Light framed wood construction

Wood construction in a home

In the Northern American regions, building homes with the method of light frame wood construction is very popular. There are four basic steps of this construction. They are the foundation, the floors, the walls and the rooms. There are certain methods that include the process of utilizing the smaller members for making larger components as well as the redundancy of the total system. There are many advantages of working with wood.

The foundation of this type fop a building should be done in way that would get the loads of the building dissipated in the soil. There are two parts of the foundation. They are the wall and the flooring of the building. The floor construction of the building consists of two parts as well. They are sheathing and joists. It is a very popular method and is also quite cost effective which has made it very popular.

Designing roof trusses

Design of roof trusses

Wooden roof trusses for home

Having roof trusses is a very beautiful and elegant manner to decorate your home in a classy manner. There are many designs which you can choose from and many home renovators and contractors can help you get an idea about which ones will suit you best. But you need to get the proper local and state permission first. The wood that you use in roof trusses is the most important factor. Always use termite free treated and good quality lumber as this will be exposed to the environment at all times.

There are two basic types of roof trusses which are the pitched and flat trusses. This includes the main structure of the roof. The size of the house also decides which type you need for the trusses. You could also go for laminated lumber for the trusses for extra protection against rain, snow, dust, sunlight and other environmental factors.

Must-know masonry skills

Must know masonry skills

Masonry skills known by constructors

Masonry refers to the building of structure from basic units following traditional and modern techniques. If you have some of the basic masonry skills and knowledge you can easily create your own home constructions for small reconstruction projects and remodeling ventures. First of all, you should know what kind of project needs which kind of material. You should find out from local stores which company sells the best raw materials and finished goods for home constructions.

Have all the tools you need for such projects like making barbeque pits, fire places, chimneys, sheds, etc. There are many online websites which sell the tools and raw materials of the most common home construction projects, in bulk at reasonable rates. Take some time out and talk to your constructor for getting some first hand knowledge. You can do this for your first few projects and then when you get the flow of the matter, you’re on your own.

Creating your own garden studio

Garden studio in home

Night view of garden studio

When you think about building yourself a studio, you want to build it in a place that will get your creative and artistic juices flowing. And what can be better than drawing such creative inspiration from the nature. That is precisely why setting up a garden studio is such a good idea. A garden studio is a wonderful work space. A lot of people think that setting up a garden studio is a tall order but this is not right. Here is some help.

To make the yard you need to purchase some prefabricated shed. You can choose the style and size according to your preference. The shed has to be dry walled and insulated and also wired for electricity if possible. Lighting is very important in a studio and you can install an overhead lighting. Lamps can also be used for lighting in the studio. The studio should have shelves for storage.

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