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Select the Best Under Cabinet Lighting

Decorating kitchen with cabinet lightng

Cabinet lighting in kitchen

Homemakers obviously do not like working in dreary and dark kitchens which is why under cabinet lighting is installed. There are many lighting options available in the market like Zenon, Fluorescent, Halogen, LED etc.

Halogen lights come in various colors and styles. Halogen pucks or light bars can be used for under cabinet lighting. Halogen bulbs are also available, but they heat up easily and are costly.

Zenon lights are modified versions of Halogen lights. They are also available in puck and light bar options but these produce smaller amounts of heat than halogen lights.

Fluorescent light bars and bulbs are used more often nowadays because the heat produced by them is less and they are safer than the Zenon or Halogen lights.

But the perfect option for under cabinet lighting would be LED lighting. These lights are cost-efficient, energy-saving and last for many years.

Therefore if you have to choose any lighting solutions then select LED lighting because it is the best.

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