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Eco friendly construction materials of 2013

Eco friendly construction materials

Construction materials which are Eco friendly

With a view of protecting the environment, the latest trend is to use eco friendly construction materials. The practice of using eco friendly construction materials has started much before. With the years passing by, more and more researches are going to improve the eco friendly construction materials. As a result more and more construction materials have come in to the market.

The materials now used in the construction purpose can be easily recycled. The recyclable materials though at the initial point cost much but then it protects the environment.

Almost all houses now have a solar panel installed at the roof top to reduce the use of conventional energy sources as much as possible. This is also an important thing towards protecting the environment. Also in some construction sites, eco friendly methods which produce less dust and smoke are used.

Construction companies have also come up with innovative ideas regarding the flooring and roofing. While you can go for bamboo flooring which is an eco friendly material you can also adopt the idea of green roofing for your house.

Budget friendly repair ideas for your home

Cheap home repair ideas

Home repair ideas in budget

If you are considering repairing your home to give it a new looks, there are many options for you to choose from. But the first thing you need to do is to fix a budget for the purpose. Once you have a proper budget, you can very well consider all repair options suiting your budget.

At the very first try pointing out the problem and how serious is the problem. If the problem is a very serious one, then immediately you should repair it. But if the problem is not a very serious one, then you can always do a patch work for the time being. This will save a lot of money as well as will improve the appearance of your home.

You can also consult expert personnel about what to repair and in which way. You need to do a proper research of the market to find out in which way you can avert certain problems of your home so that it doesn’t exceed your budget.

Know-How on Marble Floor Care

Professional maintaining marble floor

Taking care of marble floor

Marble flooring surely exudes class and rich taste of the homeowner. It’s always grand to have marble flooring in your home but you must know the right tips for an effective marble care. The article below presents some vital tips on maintaining your marble flooring for many more years to come.

You must be consistent with the cleaning schedule. You have to clean up your marble surface daily because little dirt and sand particles can work to tarnish the natural beauty of the elegant stone. Just use a soft rag & warm water for regular cleaning & never use any sort of high acidic solutions here which would lead to chemical etching.

In case you have accidentally spilled some acidic substances such as wine, soft drinks or juice on the marble floor, clean up the spills immediately as it does not take long for the juices & drinks to penetrate into the marble. Do not follow a wiping and rubbing motion here- instead blot & absorb with towel and soft cloth.

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