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Eco-Friendly Household Appliances

Eco-Friendly Household Appliances

Options for eco-friendly household appliances

It is not an obligation, but just a moral duty to make some effort to make our planet greener. And nothing can be better than buying some environmental friendly appliances, since this is one of the very few ways through which common people can reduce the growing threat called global warming.

Below are few latest technologically advanced consumer products which are functioned to provide you with a healthier home and ensuring a greener atmosphere.

Environment friendly light bulbs:

This is the easiest way to make your house greener. Traditional light bulbs consume a lot of electricity. So buy the CFL bulbs which are effective in saving energy. You might not want to believe it, but CFLs save almost 75% of energy.

Green filters:

Green air filters remove almost all kinds of indoor air pollutants. Air inside your home is more polluted than outer air because of the deadly gases emitted by toxic elements. There are added pollutants like dust mites and allergens inside a house. Green air filters have a mechanical filtration which curbs these pollutants.

Green electronics:

TVs, CD players, home theatre systems consume a large amount of electronic energy, which also adds up on your electricity bills. To free yourself from the extra expenses and to save some much needed energy, invest in electronic appliances that take energy from solar power.

Eco-friendly kitchen appliances:

Refrigerators are massive energy consumers. Try to get rid of your old model and look for a smaller greener model. Even this would help you save money on the bills. Look for one which has a top or bottom freezer.

Green computing:

Some parts of a traditional computer carry toxic elements that result in a lot of hazardous waste. Go for personal computers and laptops that have been built from recycled products. Green computers run on solar energy, thus saving more energy.

These are your energy saving home appliances. Always look for the “ENERGY STAR” sign on them before buying. This sign is given by the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) of the USA and guarantees that the appliances are eco-friendly.

Applying Tinting Films On Windows

Professional Tinting Films on windows

Applying Tinting Films on windows

It is very necessary that you become energy-efficient in today’s world because almost on a regular basis there is an increase in the energy prices. If you want to make your home energy-efficient then you should make it a point to apply tinting films on your home windows. Instead of getting rid of the old home windows and replacing them with new ones you can surely opt for window tinting.

Before you apply the tinting film on the windows, you will have to carry out a proper research in relation to the different tinting films that are accessible in the market. You will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each tinting film so that you can select the one that suits your personal requirements. Remember that you need to be very attentive and patient when you are applying the film on your home windows. Do not ever commit the mistake of applying the tinting film in a hurry.

Make sure that tools like squeegee, bone tool, hair dryer, knife, spray bottle, blade and so on are ready because you will need them while you are applying the film on your windows. In accordance with the measurements of your home windows, you will have to cut the tinting film. After that, ensure that you clean all the windows appropriately and see to it that the windows are absolutely spick and span.

Utilizing the hair dryer, you have to heat the windows so that the films can be applied on them. If you notice any bubbles while you are tinting the windows then you can use the squeegee to remove them as and when required.

At times, it is seen that applying tinting films on your own can be difficult. If you cannot tint the windows then take the help of a window tinting professional.

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