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Top 5 Roofing Materials

Different roofing materials

Types of roofing materials

Roofing is a very important factor to be considered. As the whole, the house construction depends on it. It forms the layer that protects the house from being exposed to the sun and showers, hence the material used by professionals roof experts is very important. Here are 5 materials which are the best options for roofing purposes:

Asphalt roofing: this material consists of ceramic granule coatings and is such that they are able to make both fiberglass and paper shingles. The thing with this material is that they are durable and weather proof both at the same time. The ceramic granules are an effective way to repel sunlight and prevent the growth of algae on the rooftops. Any leaks or holes if not looked into at the time of installation may prove to be very nasty and make the roofing less durable.

Galvanized iron roofing: usually corrugated and are comprise of hot sheets of mild galvanized steel. The corrugations make the perpendicular folding very easy apart from the sheets being very light and therefore easily portable or transported.

Stone coated steel roofs: slowly becoming very popular for the beautiful effect it has on the house and its aestheticism. The very interesting thing about this is that it looks so much like clay or slate that it is impossible to get that it actually has metal inside.

Copper roofing: aesthetically very pleasing and has a pretty long life span come what may. Wind rain or fire this roofing material is capable to adjust to anything with minimal damage. However it is a noise amplifier and enhances the sound of raindrops when falling on the roof.

Tile roofing: materials may vary from shingles to clay to slate to concrete these tiling material is also very popular everywhere. Found mostly on older homes now used for the construction of upcoming homes too.

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