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How To Clean A Furnace Flame Sensor

Cleaning Furnace Flame Sensor

Furnace Flame Sensor cleaning

Are you tired of taking your furnace flame sensor to mechanics each time it breaks down? Well, maybe you don’t take proper care of the furnace sensor then, remember if you take proper maintenance of your furnace flame sensor then instead of breaking down, it will perform for a decent period of time without any obstacle. Now, you may wonder how to do maintenance care of the flame sensor. Here comes a couple of handy tips, follow them and make your furnace flame sensor as efficient as it was when you bought it from the store.

Switch off power: If you want to examine any technical glitches of which your furnace flame sensor is suffering from then you must do one thing. First of all, switch off the power before taking a close examination in the machine. On the other hand, if your furnace flame sensor works on gas, then also you need to shut the gas connection off before examining it. Otherwise you might call in a major problem that could be fatal too.

Cleaning drain hose: Almost all the furnace flame sensors are attached with a drain hose or pipe. You must ensure that there is no blockage in the drain hose or pipe. It may ultimately make the furnace defunct for permanent. Therefore cleaning the drain hose should be one the basic tasks while cleaning the furnace flame sensor. Various kinds of bacteria, dirt also get accumulated on the drain hose, cleaning it in regular intervals should be your job.

Check wire connections: You must check the wire connections of your furnace flame sensor. If you neglect this part, then it not only may affect the furnace flame sensor, but may also lead to cause any accident at your house. Broken or torn wire connections are strictly prohibited for furnace flame sensor. If you think that the wire connections need a checking, then call the mechanic and get it renovated before its get too late.

Depend upon professional’s help: Taking proper care of furnace flame sensor is not something that you can always do it yourself. You may, on several occasions, need the help of an expert to get the entire machine checked. The heating capacity is another part, which must be examined by a thorough professional who has knowledge about the machine. If you are not satisfied with its performance then you can also call in the assistance of the company from where you bought the home furnace. If problem arises within warranty period then chances are more that you furnace flame sensor could be replaced too. Heating disturbances is a very common problem with furnace flame sensor. In order to combat this problem, you must ensure that dirt or moisture do not get accumulated near the blower of your furnace flame sensor.

So, if you want your furnace flame sensor to work efficiently for years, then you must follow the above guidelines and do the needful. Remember, if you try to check or repair the furnace flame sensor independently without taking professional help then it may also lead to make the machine defunct. So don’t hesitate to seek expert’s help and get your home furnace checked. Enjoy its usage without being worried.

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