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A Compact Overview On Modular Homes

Opting for modular Homes

Concept of modular homes

Modular homes are the latest trend in the contemporary building sector that has been embraced widely by many smart homeowners. So what are these modular homes exactly? Well to put it simply, a modular house is the one which is constructed indoors in some factory-like setting and then the finished home is delivered to the customer’s lot. The delivered home is further assembled as it reaches to the lot by the builder. These are also known as prefab homes or factory-built homes. Unlike the manufactured homes that aren’t placed on permanent lots, modular homes are actually positioned on permanent land owned by the homeowner.

Benefits of modular homes

The benefits regarding modular homes are manifold. First of all, these are pretty affordable in comparison to traditionally built homes. As the prefab homes are constructed within factory, these homes get built without the weather-related delays such as rain or snow- the problems that are usual with traditionally built homes. It’s to note here that while conventionally built homes take months to come in proper shape, the modular homes get built within weeks only , saving lots of time.

Then, there is no question of further home inspection in the modular home after it is settled in the chosen lot. All the necessary inspections get carried on in the factory setting only. A 3rd party inspector is consulted to inspect the modular at each level of construction within the factory.

different design of modular home

Unique shape of modular home

Moreover, the modular homes tend to be energy efficient. This energy-efficient quotient would not only reduce your monthly electricity bills but would ensure a safe environment.

Then, contrary to popular misconception, modular homes can be actually personalized. Yes, modular constructions enable you to pick from a number of personalization aspects such as varied cabinet styles, ceramic floors, different exterior finishes, diverse plumbing fixtures, solid-surface countertops etc.

Some basic facts about modular homes

• Modular homes carry the same appraisal value as is usual with the on-site traditionally built counterparts. A different construction setting does not hurt the value of a home.

• The prefab homes can be actually customized

• Most of the modular home construction companies are equipped with their in-house personal engineering departments which utilize CAD facility. It helps the home-owner to get a preview of the home before assembly.

• Modular homes aren’t all alike and the designs tend to vary both in size and style.

• Modular construction could also be utilized for the commercial applications such as office buildings.

• Contrary to common misconception, modular houses are actually permanent structures and the homeowner can count on it as a “real property”.

• Thanks to the energy-efficient quotient of modular homes, these prefab homes are revered as “Green Buildings”.

• The prefab homes are way faster in terms of construction in comparison to conventional 100 percent on-site built homes.

• The modular homes are able to stand straight against 175 mph capacity wind.

• Finally, the prefab homes allow for accessible living & could be designed for the future conveniences.

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