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How To Choose Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring in home

Wood flooring installed in home

Planning wood flooring for your home? Well, wood has always been a much revered choice and echoes the classy taste of homeowner. Apart from its timeless elegance wooden flooring is preferred for its solid durability and warm feel. Many interior decorators suggest wood for its unmatched glam appeal. Besides, wood also assures a hypoallergenic ambience. It’s to stress here that wooden flooring comes in several choices to pick from as per your needs, preferences and style requirements.

Solid site-finished wood

In this case, the floor is installed first & then coated with the stain & finish. The advantage of solid site-finished wooden flooring is that here you will have several wood species & thickness choices to decide from. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive option and this kind of flooring could be refinished number of times. However, you can’t use it for your basement given its moisture variability.

Solid pre-finished wood

In this case the floor comes finished from the factory. You would just need to get and install in your home. The solid pre-finished wooden flooring assures great durability. Besides, the flooring feels amazing underfoot. However, this one is costlier than the option mentioned above and it’s also prone to moisture-borne damage- and hence you can’t have it for the basement.

Engineered wood

This kind of flooring is made from original wood veneer which is glued to substrate. The good part is that engineered wood comes with such authentic finish that you won’t be able to distinguish it from the solid wood. One of the most crucial advantages of engineered wood is that it’s moisture resistant and a comparatively inexpensive option than solid wood. However, engineered wood wears off faster while compared to solid wood.

Parquet flooring

If you are looking for something unique, the parquet wooden flooring can serve as an excellent option for you. This kind of flooring is characterized by small wooden pieces joined together to create detailed intricate patterns – assuring a distinct aura for your floors. The parquet flooring patterns could be geometric designs, usual chevron motifs and so on.

Strip wooden flooring

Strip wooden flooring is the best option if you are on a tight budget. The floor here comprises of boards lesser to 2.5-3” in width.

Plank wooden flooring

Plank wooden flooring is another great option, especially if you are looking for an antique feel. You will have the planks in 3-6” wide pieces featuring natural raw wood grain. If you want a true unique look, get extra-wide planks which are 7” in width.

Plastic laminate wooden flooring

This kind of flooring is made with the installation of realistic printed image of desired wood on a substrate which is then coated with solid plastic finish. The plastic laminate wooden flooring is an inexpensive option, assures good durability & easier to install.

Classic or trendy

If you are planning a classic look with your wooden floors, get floors made from oak, ash & maple woods. You have to look for medium-color stains like honey due which can add on a timeless appeal to these woods. If you prefer a modern look, opt for flooring made from ebony and walnut- go for darker stains here.

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