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Pros and Cons of Hardwood Floors

Benefits and drawbacks of hardwood floors

Pros and cons of hardwood floors

Planning to go for hardwood flooring? Yes for sure hardwood floorings are a great choice to apply in your house. But before jumping onto any decision you must study everything in deep, analyze it and then reach the conclusion. For analyzing, you should not only watch out its positive side, you should also look out for its negatives and then finalize your decision. Here are some of the pros an cons of hardwood flooring.


  • Look

Hardwood is definitely kind of material that gives very beautiful look to your house. It gives a natural, sober and clean look to your house.

  • Value

Guaranteed, having hardwood flooring n home would increase your home value as it is most probably on the top of homebuyers list.

  • Durability

Hardwood flooring is highly durable. Walk after 100 years on the hardwood floor, it would still be there and sometimes it’s still in a good condition. Thus they can last lifelong. Even if gets worn out, you can still bring them back with little TLC.

  • Easy maintenance

It’s just very simple to take care of hardwood floor, you just need to sweep it or vacuum it whenever it gets dirty. If you want a good shine on your wood flooring, use wood cleaner each time and get shiny floors.

  • Versatile

If you are bored with your same look of floors then you can use a carpet or rug and get to see a new look. Hardwood floors are very flexible; they get mixed with any new thing or experiment.

  • Repairable

Worried about what would happen if it get scratched? Don’t worry you have to do nothing but just get it fixed. A simple sanding and refinishing will make your floor look same again.


  • Cost

It is but obvious that if the hardwood floor gives such a glamorous look then its cost would also be that high. The cost incurred in buying and installing hardwood floors is much high as compared to other cost of buying and installing of other hard floors or carpeting.

  • Cold

Your hardwood floor would be too much chilled in cold days specifically if you have a drafty house then you definitely need to keep a pair of sleepers nearby your bed because it’s too cold that you cannot step on your floor without your sleepers.

  • Less pet friendly

Your pets may not like this hardwood floors. If you have dogs they wouldn’t like your floor a bit. The surface of hardwood floors is so smooth and the feet of pets are padded thus they can’t get proper grip. Whenever the pick up speed, they will slip and slide.

  • Loud

Hardwood floors don’t allow one to sneak up in the house. When you are walking on the wood flooring, your every foot step is hearable. Other sounds in the house are also clearly audible and thus every there is even a little sound it will be clearly detectable. When your hardwood gets to old it also starts creaky sound which is really very annoying and disturbing.


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