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Factors that affect Cost of Roof Repair

Roof repair of a home

Professionals doing roof repair

Roof repairing is not as easy as you think. It can be very expensive if not done on time and it can also be very much time consuming depending upon the degree of the repair needed. Don’t allow the roofing contractor to give a quote without checking out the roof damage from inside and outside of your home. Contact two to three roofing contractor and hear the quote given by them and also see as to what things are they considering for their price. Analyze everything and then compare it with your expected costing. Here are some of the factors which are generally considered while determining the cost of the roof repair.

  • Roof type

The cost of roof repair is decided by the type of roof which you have installed on your house. There can be flat roofs, sloped roofs, low or high pitched roofs, metal roofs or wood roofs or it can even be something very different then all this type of roofs. The costing of roof repair greatly depends upon the roof types; there is difference in the various roofing types and their repair. Some roofing material needs more labor to get repaired while some needs less, some need more material while some of them need less. The material whose repair cost is lowest is asphalt shingles while on the other hand most expensive repair of type of roofing is metal roofing.

  • Roof repair permits

Roofing repair cost depends upon the place you live in. the city or town also decided the roof repairing cost. The roofer may need to have a permit for the repairs he needs to do. The cost of the permit can be flat and fixed or it can be fluctuation according to the size of the home or its value.  In some of the coastal area, a separate permit is required to protect your home from the storms and hurricanes. In those areas where there is high winds and hurricanes, hurricane straps and bracing are to be added which can added up a little bit more to your repair cost of roof.

  • Scope of roof repairs

Cost of roof repair is also determined on the basis of the size of the roof. The cost of roof repair is determined on the basis of the square footage of the roof. It is decided by the roofing contractors. In terms of roofing, a sq2uare is equal to the ten foot square of the area. Shingles are such which are sold by the square. Thus its costing depends upon the square so even if your area is smaller than ten feet then also you will be charged for a whole square. However the roofing contractor should hand you over the left over of the material in case if your roof needs to rerepaired.

  • Existing water damage

Water is such an element which speedily and easily damages the roof structure. It cannot be identified until and unless roofer inspects the decking underneath from the shingles. Repairing water damage can be quite expensive and add a lot to your costing.


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