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Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Gutter

Cleaning your Roof gutter

Roof gutter cleaning

If most of the owners of home or building owners knew the importance of cleaning gutters and right way of cleaning your gutter then there would be much less property damage or much less injuries or deaths. Some of you just totally ignore cleaning your gutter, while some of you do it but with wrong methods and instead of cleaning your gutter, make a bigger mess. The right time of cleaning your gutter is fall. In this season most of the tress shed their leaves and branches and after that there will be rain. Hence fall is the best time to clean your gutter and make it ready for rain and snow.  If rainwater doesn’t flow properly through your downspouts or your gutter then you have to spend a lot on costly repairs and it can also endanger your life. Thus here are some of the tips for cleaning your gutter safely and effectively.

  • Practice ladder safety

For cleaning your gutter, you have to use ladder and there is no alternative to it. But while using ladder you must make sure that there is someone who is around you while you are using ladder. Make sure to use a safe and sturdy ladder while cleaning your gutter as this will enable you to have good balance while cleaning your gutter and also ensures your safety. Make sure the ladder has strong and small shelf which can carry at least five gallon of bucket so that you can carry all the debris which you get while cleaning your gutter.  If you want to clean a gutter with single story structure then a four legged ladder is quite preferable and if you are cleaning your gutter for two story building then an extension ladder is more preferable. Don’t opt for a wooden ladder as they are usually wobbly and balancing them is quite tricky. If you are going for fiberglass ladder then they are the most sturdiest but also too much heavy. Hence be careful while choosing the type of ladder while cleaning your gutter.

  • Use a garden hose

While cleaning your gutter, try and use a garden hose as it is much more effective and use a pistol grip trigger spray nozzle. Using this type of spray nozzle allows you to adjust the pressure of water with just one hand and it becomes really helpful while cleaning your gutter. This type of hose can be easily hung over the edge of the gutter and use a scoop to clean all the dirt and debris.

  • Clean off the roof

While you are cleaning your gutter, you should also focus on cleaning your roof and take all the debris away from your roof. When rain comes the water will take all the debris from your roof to your gutter and it will again block your gutter and can create much trouble for you. Hence it is advisable to clean off the roof along with cleaning your gutter.


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