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Safety Measures for Every Construction Worker


Construction Worker wearing safety clothes

Construction work is considered among the most dangerous occupations. Construction work can be considered anything but fully safe. Large and mobile equipment, heights, deep holes, harmful edges and wobbling stairs are a reality in many of the construction sites. No matter how carful and modern the contractors claim to be, it is advisable of considering the safety measures. It is obvious that the employers have to take care of the security and safety of the workers working under him. But it is advisable to the construction workers to keep in mind a lot of precautionary steps by themselves while working in such a hazardous situation or place. Here are some tips or safety, measures for the construction workers to keep in mind while working in any construction sites.


Construction workers safety measures:

  • Double check the area where you are working. Scaffolds are an integral section of the construction sites that are ranked in the list of high number of injuries. So while you are planning to work on them, it is advisable of ensuring the safety first.
  • Check with the superiors to find out that that whether the scaffold has been inspected by a professional or not? It is advisable of not to work on an incomplete scaffold which doesn’t have a strong foundation or a platform.
  • Ladders are another important tool that supplied with a high potential of danger. It is advisable of checking the ladder thoroughly before stepping up. If you find that any of the part of the ladder is wobbly, don’t use it. A ladder should always be of proper height and strength that always keep at least one meter above the foundation if the home.
  • It is obvious that construction sites require lots of electrical installation. Lifting equipment oif one of the major electrical appliance that involves weights and electricity. While working with such type of equipment, you need to extra cautious to see there is no tear and wear in the machinery and also to follow the safety measures listed for the machinery.
  • If you don’t know the safety measures, it is advisable of seeking help from the site supervisors or the coworkers, who has worked on the equipment before. It is recommended, not to work or stand immediately below a heavy suspended load. And always have an eye, that you are not exceeding the permissible levels of carrying the load.
  • Observe and notice the number of fatal incidents and injury ratio in the are where you are planning fort the work. Dangerous areas where you see without fencing or with any broken or damaged fencing, should be avoided unless it is completely repaired or new fencing is not installed.
  • The workers are supposed to wear the safety gloves, boots and uniform that is srtiputed for their job. Even the employees are supposed to provide them with proper protective gears and cloths. If you as a worker do not have them, demand it right away from your employees and wear them in a correct manner for your safety.

Guidelines For Choosing Right Roofing Contractor

Selecting right roofing contractor

Choosing right roofing contractor

The most problematic issue which homeowners face while installing, fixing or replacing their roof is finding the right roofing contractor. If you give your roof in the wrong hands, chances are there instead of repairing it you might get it more damaged risking you and your family member’s life. Hence when the things come about your roof, it’s advisable to make proper research and find the right roofing contractor. If there has been any storm then you need to get into action very quickly and get your roof repaired as soon as possible. But make sure that you don’t fall for the first contractor who knocks your door. For choosing the right roofing contractor, you need to find someone who is honest, trustworthy, professional and good at his work. If you are new to finding right roofing contractor then you can some tips and tricks to help you out through the process.

  • Get local referrals

The chances of issues and potential scams are comparatively less when you are choosing the contractor from your local. Basically local contractors are more aware with the code regulations and the local rules. Local contractors also have a good contact and relations with the crews and suppliers of the nearby area. Hence there will be no delays in the supply of materials and you will be able to get your roof up to date in lesser period of time.

  • Look for two to three roofing contractors

When you are searching the right roofing contractor you should not be satisfied when you just see one and hand over your roof to him. You should meet up two to three roofing contractors and even more than that if you think so. By meeting them you will get to know what the prevailing price in the market is and you will not be cheated. Apart from the price, you will also see what facilities are provided by various contractors. Meeting two to three will help you to choose the right roofing contractor.

  • Check for license and insurance

Contractor must have insurance for all his employees and also his subcontractors. This will be a kind of assured on the part of the customers.  If the customers want, you should also give them a copy of the license and insurance not having proper certificate can cause many issues between the contractor and the client in case of the injury of the worker. When searching for the right roofing contractor, always see his license and insurance for your own safety and benefit.

  • Know the time of completion

When you choose the right roofing contractor and you enter into contract with him to repair, replace or install your roof, make sure to get each and every detail. The most important one is to know the time of completion of the project. Many of the times when you don’t take such detail, they will take more time for completion and in turn take more money for the more time but same work.

Benefits of Hiring Roofing Contractors


Roofing Contractor working on a roof

There are many people out there who are in love with Do It Yourself projects. The projects are related to the home improvement. Whereas there are some great ways to get your hands dirty and improve the home at the same time. But trust me, Roof repair is not an appropriate option of Do It Yourself project which you are thinking of. Basically, the roof over the head is the last line of defense between the most prized possession and the weather outside the home premise. So it is important to make sure that you have the highest quality of roofing option installed by an experience roofing contractors. Here are some tips and benefits that offer the reason of why you should hire a roofing contractor rather than going it all alone.

Roofing contractor hiring benefits:

  • It might seem counter intuitive to your but, most of the home owners undertake the Do It Yourself because they basically want to save the money from their pockets. But when it comes to roofing, Hiring roofing contractors often have an industrial connection that helps the home owners to get the best price on the materials and the roofing style.
  • Surplus to that, hiring a roofing contractor is beneficial because they have the expertise and experience to do the job right from the first time. But if you are planning of a Do It Yourself project and end up doing a mess, Trust me it will charge you twice more of hiring a roofing contractor then after.
  • Not all the type of roofing materials are same, neither not all of them have the same high quality standards. The things which you can purchase from any local home improvement store might not be to the same level of standard as professional roofing contractors can buy. This makes a difference while hiring a roofing contractor for your home.
  • The roof installed on your home, is protecting all sorts of valuable things and stuffs underneath. And like any of the DO It Yourself project, it might take several days, may be few weeks or months to complete the project of installing roof once you begin. And just image, during that time, you are leaving your home premise and the roof deck vulnerable to damage from wind, rain, fire or weather.
  • Hiring a roofing contractor is important because they can act fast and are able to perform their job more quickly. Sometime they even complete it in a day. So it helps you in not letting yourself and your home essentials exposed.
  • Working on a roof is immensely a dangerous process. Rather I would say, it is one of the most dangerous places to work on. It is assumed that more than 130000 people get injured from ladder related injuries. Hiring a roofing contractor is beneficial because they work keeping mind the safety measure important while working.
  • Not only that, but professionals also offers guarantees and warranties on their workmanships that offers you with added peace of mind in the case of something goes wrong.

Process of Preventing a Leaky Basement


Leaky Basement repaired by a home owner

Basement is one of the important sections of the home that should be maintained properly. It should be maintained, cleaned regularly and taken care of so that it doesn’t affect the basic foundation of the home. Learn how to eliminate the common problems of leaky basement and know how to prevent them from reoccurring without compromising your time and spending the money from your pockets.



Leaky basement preventive tips:

  • The first step which home owners should perform is to dry out a wet and a leaky basement. Find out the source of moisture that is affecting the foundation of your home. You can try out this simple test by using a plastic wrap and a masking tape. It will help you to determine that whether the wetness is coming from the putter side or the inner side of the foundation.
  • Start by taping the plastic wrap firmly to one of the discolored area of the foundation. If you observe that the moisture is outside the plastic wrap, there is moisture coming from inside of the basement.
  • Basically, one of the easiest ways of getting rid of the moisture from the basement is by installing a dehumidifier. But if you observe the wetness to be on the inner side of the plastic, your leaky basement might b effacing a case of the killer Gs. It basically means, grading and gutter problems.
  • It is important to check the gutter installed regularly. Try to keep them clean from the accumulated debris and also add gutter extensions to the downspouts installed at your home. Now it is the time to check the grading and the gutter system of the home.
  • For checking the grading effects, make sure that the water is appropriately diverted away from the foundation of your home. It is advisable of adding an extension to the gutters. To add an extension to the gutters, first of all stretch the extension of the gutter to a length of 5 to 6 inches.
  • Shape the extension pipes into 90 degree angle, and slide it over the bottom surface of the downspout. Insert a metal sheet for securing the extension on its place. But remember always to p-lace the extension away from the basic foundation of the home.
  • Repair the hairline crack you observe in your leaky basement. For repairing a hairline crack, use a chisel and a hammer to open up the area. Start from the top and work towards the bottom surface. It is advisable of using a chisel for removing any clogged or loose concrete debris that might turn up the reason of clogging the cracks.
  • Wet down the crack surface on the wall by using a spray bottle. Before starting the process, wearing safety gloves is beneficial. Dump a small part of hydraulic cement into the bucket and add water. Begin mixing the solution by using your hands.
  • Apply the cement and quickly use a towel for removing off the excess of cement observed on the surface of the walls. It helps in improving and preventing a leaky basement easily.


How to Install Sump Pump


Sump Pump installation

The older homes that were built without proper drainage system or basement waterproofing system, installing a sump pump are a great way of dealing with. It helps in reducing or eliminating the wet basement issues. If you are facing a consistent problem with water in your basement and the foundation of the home, you can definitely diagnose the issues and decision whether it is beneficial for you to install a sump pump or not. Find out how to install a sump pump to eliminate or run away the water away from your home premise. The process of installing sump pump is stated below:

Sump pump installation process:

  • The first step while starting with the process of installing a sump pump is to find out a perfect location where the water gets accumulated. It is important to note that this location should be nearer to a Ground fault Interrupter Outlet. This is needed for the sump pump to be plugged in. If you don’t have any GFCI plug in your basement, it is advisable of calling a professional electrician for installing a new one.
  • Start digging a hole for installing a sump pump. It is advisable of digging a hole six inches deeper and 11 inches widen then the size of the sump pump. Place five inches of gravel in the bottom surface of the hole. Now place the sump pump into that hole.
  • Stand in the area of sump pump and add more quantity of gravel around the sump pump leaving approximately two or three inches on the top of the sump exposed. It is exact time to prepare the pump for the operation.
  • Start by gluing the male adapter into PVC discharge pipe, and then place it into the female adapter on the pump. Install a checking valve. Attach the sump pump’s electrical cord to the discharge pipes by using a wire ties. Now install the check valve on the open end of the discharge pipes.
  • Remember to use a checking valve that is made up of vertical operation material. Using a pressurized fittings and 10/2 inch of PVC to channelize the water from the pump away from the home premise.
  • Install the J hooks to hand up the PVC pipes from the joists. Make a hole with the help of driller outside the wall. If you require making a hole through a block wall, using hammer is advisable.
  • Apply the sealant to the hole so that the pipe doesn’t move from its place where it is mounted. It is recommended for attaching an 11/2 inch of PVC pipe or increaser on the end of the pipe so that the water flow can spread out.
  • at last, covering the sump pump in the basement is very important. Placing gravel surrounding the corrugated pipes of the sump pump to keep it on its place. It helps in not misleading its actual position of the pipes. Plug in the sump pump and place the cover on the sump pump for enjoying its functionalities.

Tips on Green Home Building


A constructed model of Green Home Building

With the constant changing environment surrounding us, it is important to be environmentally active and aware. Similarly, it is also important while you are considering the amount of money you can save by constructing a green home building. The ways and methods of changing your home from an emission producing power home into a greenhouse are simple and easy concepts. Everything you thought of in order to save the energy consumption might be implementing in creating a green home building for you and your family. There are many cost effective benefits of constructing green home building. The stated green home building tips are advisable and beneficial for the home owners.

Green home building tips:

  • While taking the process of green home building, it is important for taking the note of certain things that you should foresee before you are moving in. It is advisable for avoiding the construction of green home building towards west facing. This will help your home to be cool as it minimizes the sun exposures.
  • A smaller home built with eco-friendly tricks and techniques is going to provide smaller environmental impact against the larger homes. A home that is larger in size is likely to cost more to cool and heat. For a green home building it is important to keep the place cost effective and easily manageable.
  • Using energy efficient equipment is advisable. Energy starts are the recognition that the piece of equipment has been deemed as an energy efficient feature stated by the environmental protection agency. Basically, it is becoming among the well-known indication for the home owners.
  • This type of equipment offer significant energy and cost savings without compromising the performance while going for green home building process. Insulation is one of the most important factors that are important to consider while constructing a green home building.
  • Cooling and heating accounts to approximately 50 percentage of energy consumption at your home. Air leaks like around the windows, duct work, and doors is responsible for generating building’s heat loss.
  • Dint let the cooling and the heating of your interiors spaces air go waste through inappropriate insulation. Installing proper insulation will not only help to reduce your energy consumption bills but it also reduces the consumption of electricity bills substantially.
  • It is advisable of reducing your needs of buying new products that are not eco-friendly in nature. Reuse your old materials like doors, windows, wood floors. You can use recycled materials like aluminum, recycled tiles, and recycled plastic and recycled glass while constructing a green home building.
  • Using eco-friendly products or materials should be at your first list while constructing a green home building. Because it will help to reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding environment. Each and every part of the home like building materials, roofing materials, flooring options, insulation and cabinets should be eco-friendly products.
  • Using solar energy is one of the best options of green home building construction. It is purely a clean and renewable source of energy. Installing solar panels are one of the hot favorite technologies that is used for utilizing the natural forms of energy.

Tips on Cleaning Rain Gutters


Person cleaning the Rain Gutters

The thought of cleaning the rain gutters is among those thoughts you rarely think about unless and until it is not functioning accurately. For home owners, spring is the great weather to perform the task of annual maintenance and checkups on the rain gutters. Because it is the most suitable period when the rain gutters are most in use. Protecting yourself from the drops of rain rolling off from the roof as well as the water runoff problems, that might otherwise damage the interiors or the structural integrity of your home. One of the most important tips for the home owners while cleaning the rain gutters is to keep them free from accumulated leaves, nests, debris and other build ups. The simple guide on tips of cleaning the rain gutters is mentioned below.

Rain gutter cleaning tips:

  • It is advisable of checking your rain gutters seasonally to scoop off the worst offenders which are obstructing or damaging it. Most of the time, heading up to the rain gutters with a bucket and pair of gloves is all what you need for cleaning the rain gutters.
  • Deep cleaning once in a year is recommended. At least once a year, deeper cleaning of rain gutters than just to scoop out the accumulated debris. After cleaning the visible dirt and obstructions away, carry a hose up the ladder and run water to the entire length of the rain gutters installed.
  • While in some cases, you might need to run a length of wire up the rain gutter from the bottom section in order to clear out the blockages observed. Many a times, it is observed that few rain gutters are a complete length of pipe unbroken by seams.
  • In order to clean and maintain the accurate angles and move along your home, it’s most likely composed of several minute pieces caulked together at the seams. These seams should be regularly touched up and reinforced. Especially if you are noticing any drips or leaks in the rain gutters.
  • As the constant flow of water is such a powerful thing, it might affect the angles of the rain gutters over the time. In order to maintain an accurate flow, the rain gutters should be descending at a quarter of an inch along every nine feet of pipe. Check the descends and angles of the rain gutters. If found necessary adjust the rain gutters so the water can make its way easily.
  • All that accumulated water from the roof has to go somewhere. Make sure that you know where the water gets eliminated and is it collecting somewhere or not. In regions of high rain fall, you might require to install a dig, drain or a dry well for avoiding the collection of dangerous water that can easily sweep into the foundation of your home.
  • If you are planning for updating the rain gutters to sell your home, it is advisable of buying the decorative gutters. These pieces of artwork allows the water to flow from the roof to the bottom similar to general rain gutters but it also provides a lovely outdoor decor that increases the value of your home.
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