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Tips on Cleaning clogged Drains Easily

Clogged drain cleaned by using a bend hanger

Cleaning a Clogged drain

We all are familiar with the warning signs of clogged drains. Basically the sink takes a longer period of time for draining. You can identify easily by noticing the water pool around the shower area. And how can we forget the unpleasant and strange odors. The odors are the reason of pooled water observed in the bathroom. Well, these are certain symptoms or warning of a clogged drain that you might be facing sooner or later. If you don’t take proper steps of preventing it right away, one day it will be BOOM!! And you end up with clogged drains at your home. Clogged pipes are something to be deal on early pace, otherwise it might even results in bursting of pipes. So, start the process of cleaning clogged drains by removing the excessive hair and junk you observe build up on the surface of the sewage.

Cleaning the clogged drains tips:

Mixture of white vinegar and baking soda:

One of the most common types of solution for cleaning the clogged drains is using vinegar and baking soda. Take the help of measuring cup and mix 1/4th cup of white vinegar and 1/4th cup of baking soda in equal proportion and mix it well. Pour it into the drains and let it rest for some while. Rinse it by flowing off water into the drains and the issue of clogged drains is sorted hence.

Make the use of Wire hanger:

Haven’t heard about wire hanger? Yes, it’s definitely useful in cleaning the clogged drains. Make the use of regular wire coated hanger and make it straight. Bend up one of the end from a side and make a hook out of it. Push it into the drain pipes and start fishing through it. You should be able to get all sorts of nasty things and hair out of the draining pipes. Pull them off right away and clean your clogged drains.

Caustic soda:

Caustic soda is not an easy solution for dealing with. There are many safety measures to be considered before using it for clearing a clogged drain. Wear your eye protection and put your rubber gloves on. It might even cause chemical burns, so it’s advisable of protecting yourself first. Make the mixture by adding 4 cups of caustic soda in a bucket filled with cold water. Stir it well and pour it through the drain pipes. It will help in unclogging the drains easily.

Use boiling water:

One of the easiest tips of cleaning a clogged drain is by using boiling water for cleaning it. It is helpful in cleaning it very easily and quickly too. Take a bowl and add some water to it. It’s advisable of heating the water in microwave. Boil the water as much as you can hold in your hands. Pour it down the drainage pipes slowly in 3 to 4 stages. It will help in allowing the hot water to work its way in cleaning the clogged drains. It’s amongst the most flexible and easiest way of clearing the junk away from the drains.

Safety Tips on Home Wiring

Two people working on Home Wiring

Home Wiring done by two contractors

Having a home wiring process at your home? Trust me, home wiring is not an easy job. Well, I would say it’s not a Do It Yourself task which can be performed easily. While planning for the process of home wiring, it’s advisable undertaking some confident guidance of the things you’re going to perform. No matter how frequently you might have carried off the task of home wiring, it’s recommended of never to forget the dangers hanging on your head while performing an electricity work. You should always wear and handle the precautionary tools and safety measures while performing home wiring job at your home. For avoiding the shocking or dangerous situation, preparation is the best tool for safety. The stated tips will be a guiding strategy for the home owners, for making sure that your home wiring program works on smoothly and doesn’t goes wrong.

Home wiring safety tips:

  • Before starting the process of home wiring or any electrical work, it’s very important for making sure that the power switch is off. For more precautionary steps, you can also make the note and stick it on the switch board stating an electrical work is going on. Tape the circuit breaker placed properly. It helps in identifying that someone is working on the home electric.
  • Planning in advance is very helpful while going for home wiring work. Always safety a step ahead when having an electrical work. It will help you in knowing the exact figures and facts that you’re going to need in the process.
  • Plan for the switches, fixture and materials you’re going to need for fixing the home wiring. This will help you in knowing that you’re having accurate equipment and tools and in adequate quantity.
  • Make the use of electric voltage tester for making sure electrical or wire connections are totally dead before working with them at your home. Make sure you’re wearing proper safety measures for protecting yourself from electric shock.
  • It’s advisable of not touching any water pipes or plumbing pipes while performing any electrical work at your home. It is likely to end up with damaging effects to your health and body.
  • Performa and use the right types of tools, perfectly suitable for home wiring. Make sure that you’ve got with all the below stated tools while performing home wiring work at your home:

Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Continuity tester

Voltage tester

Cable stripper

Colored tape

Electric al drill

Right angled drill

Fish tape

  • It’s advisable of always removing and replacing the old electrical wires that end up showing fraying and deterioration. even should consider using right types of materials while performing home wiring task:

Silicon caulking


Grounded receptacles

Nail guards


Fittings and track lights

Dimmer switch


Junction boxes

Push terminals


Electrical staples

  • Before you move ahead with the process of home wiring, fix up any breaker or fuse problem if noticed. Because it might lead to cause a blow in your home electric system installed.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Construction

Eco-friendly home

Eco-friendly home construction

There are many advantages of going green. Eco-friendly construction helps in increasing the value of your home and the surroundings too. Eco-friendly construction considers the use of materials that are environmental friendly and efficient resources used for it. The materials used in eco-friendly constructions are renewable and doesn’t harm the surrounding environment. Going green principle is being accepted by many of the home owners. The stated pros of having an eco-friendly construction will help you in knowing the exact usefulness of going green.

Pros of eco-friendly construction:

Increases indoor air quality:

Indoor air quality is affected and depends upon the indoor condition of your home and how it is affecting the members of the home. The conditions are stated as: Thermal condition, lightings, air quality and ergonomics.

For improving the quality of life, reducing the stress level, and protecting the health of the members at your home, good indoor air quality is the best medicine. It is considered as one of the eco-friendly construction way of increasing the beauty of your home. Going green and using green materials by using operable windows that helps in allowing the sunlight and also helps in reducing the materials that might end up with harmful elements for health.

Low functioning and maintenance costs:

Eco-friendly construction uses materials that require low maintenance and cleaning cost. It selects unique sources of resources that works efficiently like energy and water. This both the factors are eco-friendly in nature. You can make the use of task lighting strategy in construction. This strategy means taking lot of intake of daylight.

Eco-friendly construction takes into consider the use of such strategies which takes less usage of powers. It helps in saving on energy and water bills to the home owners. Going green can also help in reducing approximately 70 percentages of energy consumption. Eco-friendly construction is a bit expensive in cost as compared to non-green construction. But its effects are advantages in long run to the home owners.

Efficient energy source:

The main objective of going green is independence from depending upon the non-renewable sources such as coal. For avoiding this situation, they make the use of solar panels that helps in reducing the use of energy consumption i.e. non-renewable resources. It consists of constructing windows in such way that allows maximum amount of sunlight to enter the home premise.

Non-renewable resources are pollutes and expensive in cost, so it’s advisable of going green for making the best use of renewable resources that are never going to scarce.

Increasing the ratio of good health:

Members of the home enjoy many of health benefits because the materials used in the eco-friendly construction are safe and not harmful for the health. For example, in eco-friendly construction, use of plastic by-products is avoided. Because it is found that it releases toxic components that are harmful for the people. The toxic elements not only cause health or breathing problems but are likely to increase the chances of getting ill, rather say cancer.

Ways of Preventing Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Velcro attached to the chair

Chair – Velcro mounted

We all have once in our life, scratched the hardwood floor while shifting any materials or heavy furniture. It is natural, we all have not by intentions have performed it. But it’s also important to take proper care of your hardwood floors installed. There are many tips that can be helpful for you while preventing scratched on your hardwood floor. Here are certain ways stating the methods of preventing scratches on the hardwood floors.

Preventing scratches on hardwood floors:

Protect the legs of furniture which are not supposed to be moved:

There are many ways of protecting the legs of furniture which you’re not going to move any time. Make the use of cutoff construction paper or business cared which are not going to be useful for placing underneath the legs of the furniture. If it’s performed accurately, there are fewer chances of scratches on your hardwood floors.

Make the use of rubber pads, cork or felt that are easily available. It should be placed on the bottom surface of the table of chairs. It offers better protection to the floors by still allowing it to move a bit.

If the furniture placed is not going to move ever, you can make the use of Velcro or carpet tape. It helps in preventing the furniture to move unless and until it is forcefully moved. But it won’t help you in protecting your hardwood floors when moved.

Rubber chair legs are another option for preventing scratches on your hardwood floors. It should be attached to the legs of the chairs and tables. You can also make the use of plastic bad for wrapping around the legs of the chairs and tables.

If the furniture is frequently moved:

If you’re in need of furniture like chairs and tables and they are frequently moved, you will need better things for protecting your hardwood floors. The tables or chairs can be attached with wheels for moving. Local stores are experts at attaching the wheels.

There are different types of products available in the market like glider pads. They are attached to the bottom surface of the tables and chair. It helps in incredibly moving the furniture easily. Oiling and sanding the bottom parts of the furniture is another option. Sand it unless and until they are semi round in shade.

While moving the heavy furniture:

When furniture is heavy in weight and is not easily lifted, it’s advisable of dragging it. But there are things to be considered while dragging them. When moving any heavy furniture, slip in the cotton towel. It should be folded and then drag the furniture. There are lightly chances of your hardwood floor getting damaged.

Now slip in the other two legs of the furniture with the cotton towel and move your furniture for the place you want to keep it. You can also use a small section of rug for moving the heavy furniture. It will help you in preventing scratches on your hardwood floors. It is very easy in performing as compared to other methods.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Homes

Benefits and drawbacks of mobile homes

Pros and cons of mobile homes

Mobile homes are some different concept in the field of home. Many people have accepted it while others still don’t know much about mobile homes. You have used the common method of traditional building since many years. Now it’s the time, you have some change in the building process. Mobile homes have on a whole a totally different concept which have many perks on its side and must be tried. Let’s have an in depth study of mobile home for knowing it better.

Features of mobile homes

Mobile homes are also very much popular as manufactured homes and they are also known as trailers. Mobile homes are built in a factory setting and it is transported to the actual site on the trailer chassis.  Mobile homes have their own wheels and they are brought to the actual site on their own wheels only. Mobile homes can be placed in a leased land or in the mobile home park. When owner has a mobile home, he will rent a space or he will lease a place to park his mobile home on. If you have land of your own then you can also put your mobile home on that land.

Pros of mobile homes

One of the major pros of mobile homes is that they are cost effective. As compared to all other types of homes, mobile homes are least expensive option. Hence owning a mobile home is very easy. Mobile homes have a less per square feet price and hence you can get more space at fewer prices. One of the advantages which mobile homes offer is that they are extremely flexible. If you have shifting of place now and again then mobile homes are perfect for your need. You can take mobile homes from one place to another very easily. Whether you are moving to a different city or to a different state or even a different country, you can take your mobile home you wherever you want. Mobile homes are building indoors and hence it is built very fast as compared with traditional homes, they don’t even have to face any delay due to weather conditions or lack of materials or any such thing. Mobile homes are also considered eco-friendly option.

Cons of mobile homes

One of the greatest cons of mobile homes is that instead of increase in its value; they have a decrease in their value. Mobile homes will depreciate eventually and even very speedily. Just like new car or let’s say new cell phone, once these home leaves the factory there will be a decrease in the value. If you are having land and mobile home both and you see increase the value of property and this is because of the land and not due to home. Another con of mobile homes is that they are not the real property or the actual property. Real property is land or anything which is attached to land, which mobile homes are definitely not.  You also have to pay higher interest if you have taken loan of such property.


Clarification of Modular homes, Mobile Homes And Site Built Homes

categories of home

Types of home

When you are going to buy new home, you will hear different terms like on site built or traditional homes, modular homes and mobile homes. Buying a new home is an important decision and you don’t want to invest in something you don’t know about. If you are confused between modular homes, mobile homes and traditional homes, then you must get some clarification as it will affect the price of your home, its resale value and the matter that whether it can be constructed on the land or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to construct a new home or you are buying an existing home, you need to understand what is traditional home, modular home and mobile home is all about. Here are some of the facts about on site homes, modular homes and mobile homes.

On site homes

On site homes are purely built on the building site only. All the materials are brought to the site and it is constructed on the site only. On site homes are also known as traditional homes or site built homes. Common materials used for constructing on site homes are precut wood, trusses and framing. On site homes will confirm local, regional or state building code wherever your home is located. These are also called stick build home and it is one of the most favorable options to build homes these days. Having an on site home will increase the value of your home in future despite of the fact where it is located.

Modular homes

Modular homes are building in a factory set up and not in the actual site. You need to check whether there are local, regional or state codes to be complied with or any permission is to be taken for having modular homes. If yes then you need to follow with them before you go for building modular homes. All the parts of the modular homes are transported to the actual site on the trucks and then they are fixed by the builder on the site. As compared with site build home, modular homes are less expensive. Both on site homes and modular homes have the same level of longevity.  There is also increase in value of modular homes over period of time.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes and trailers. Previously there were very limited options with mobile homes but now it has evolved a lot and you are available with plenty of choices of designs and patterns in case of mobile homes. Mobile homes are also building in a factory. Mobile homes need to follow a special building code which is called as HUD code or the federal building code. Mobile homes are constructed on a non-removable steel chassis.  Parts of mobile homes are shifted to the actual site on their own wheels. The units of mobile homes are assembled on the actual site. Mobile homes are not placed on some permanent foundation which makes refinancing them very much difficult. Mobile homes are less expensive as compared to both modular homes and traditional homes.

Tips To keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Tips of keeping home safe and secure

Ways of keeping home safe and secure

Theft and robbery are too much prevalent crimes across the globe. One of the precautionary measures you need to take is to be aware. You want any such thing to happen in your home. You might lose many of your important possessions if any such incident takes place in your home. This can leave a major impact on your home and on your family. Your safety is at stake if you don’t take any of the precautionary measure against all such things. There are several tips and tricks with which you can keep your home safe and secure. In today’s time it’s not an option to keep your home and secure instead it is a necessity. Taking measures to keep your home safe and secure will indeed keep you and your family members also secure. Here are some of the essential and advisable tips to keep your home safe and secure.

  • Robbers will always look out for those homes where the residents are away from the house for some period of time. So when you keep your home always active, it will keep the robbers away and keep your home safe and secure. Try to make your home look active even when you’re away.
  • Make use of automatic light timers all over your home and turn them on and off like pattern which you always do in your home. Find those light timers which have battery backup. This will not stop the timer even when there is power failure. Making use of those timers which have more than one on off ability will avail you to use light in more than one rooms making outsiders think that there are people residing in the home.
  • Use same kind of timers for radio and TV. On TV and radio when you are away from your home, which will definitely make outside people believe that people are residing in the home.
  • You can also make use of timing scheduled drape and curtains which will open and close in timely manner decreasing the chances of anyone to think that no one is at home
  • Use call forwarding for your home phone. Many times robbers call at home to check whether anyone is receiving it or not. If you have your call forwarded this chance will also reduce. This is one of the most essential tips to keep your home safe and secure.
  • One of the major tips to keep your home safe and secure is to keep your car parked in garage and closing its door. By doing so if someone is observing your pattern then he won’t be able to know when you are not in the city and it will keep your home safe and secure.
  • Another tip to keep your home safe and secure is to not to stop your newspaper delivery boy and instead tell your neighbor to pick it up for you. This will make the robber think that you are still at home.
  • One of the another essential tip for keeping your home safe and secure is to not to leave ladder outside of your house which can be used to climb your home and give a way to the robber.

How to Clean your Garage

Garage cleaning tips

Cleaning your Garage

Cleaning your garage needs proper tools and organizing tips. This will help you in recognizing its value and importance. The article will guide you in stating how to clean your garage well and tips on keeping it well organized without inviting any clutter.

Process of cleaning your garage:

  • It’s advisable of keeping a full weekend aside while planning of cleaning your garage. You can also get your family involve in cleaning it. But unless you think that they will help you through the process and also would be enthusiastically accepting the task. It is suggested of assigning a garage sale and see what you earn from it. You can make the use of that money for increasing the value of your project.
  • Get organized while cleaning your garage. If you’re not having any strong shelves in, it’s advisable of purchasing one for your garage walls. You can easily find it on all the garage hardware store. Even many different types are available for storing different stuffs.
  • It will help you in making your garage look more organized. Buying a number of plastic containers will help you in storing the important stuffs of your garage. You can also buy it of the size of your shelves for fitting it perfectly in. Buy it according to the height of the shelves. Take proper measurement so that you don’t end up buying a non-helpful thing for your garage.
  • Basically, you will need three types of containers for storing things like donation or selling container, trash container and item containers where you can store toys, gardening tools, and many other things.
  • Accumulate the trash of your garage for disposing off from your garage. It’s obviously known by junk items that are of no use to you. Dispose of the things which you are not going to use because it’s of no worth to you.
  • Separate the trash equally and name it so that you can get the idea of which things you are throwing off. Go with the flow. Organize it while cleaning. As you will go ahead with the process, you’ll require managing and organizing each section of item into its group.
  • Be spacious for keeping more things in the room. Prepare groups of items which you want to keep in your garage. Start by collecting the things in different containers for identifying the things which you have.
  • In fact, you can make the list of items you’ve stored in your garage. When you finish up the work of organizing, start the cleaning process of your garage. Review correctly which thing you want to keep and which things you want to sale of donate to the others. Take away the donation stuffs and charity it immediately.
  • You can also get the business by selling the things which you’ve kept in your garage. You can make the use of unwanted garage stuff for selling the garage stuffs. Now you can easily sweep your garage I the exact way you have decided.

How to Clean Mobile Home Exteriors

Mobile Home exteriors

Image of before and after of Mobile Home exteriors

Most of the mobile home exteriors consist of metal or vinyl siding. Washing and cleaning the mobile home exteriors on a regular basis helps in making it look clean and fresh. Occasionally, the time flies by and it attaches with a major cleaning and washing job to be called for. Here are the steps of cleaning the mobile home exteriors that will help in maintaining the freshness and charm of your modular home.

Process of cleaning mobile home exterior:

Step 1: It is very important to examine the mobile home exteriors before you start with your project. Check the exterior areas that might need more of attention for betterment. Sometimes, you might find that areas under windows or frames are to be treated well because of accumulated streaks of dust and dirt. It might be possible that you may observe different sections of walls to be treated with little more of efforts.

Step 2: Before you head forward, make sure to have a clear path during your process. Remove any obstacle you observe is interrupting your work. Remove anything that you observe near like something growing up the walls or leaning the mobile home exterior walls.

Step 3: Now make the use of scrubber for scrubbing the worst are in your home exterior walls. It’s advisable of using a scrub brush attached to a prolonged pole for scrubbing on all over the walls, most preferably the dirty ones. You can also make the use of bleaching solution for cleaning and loosening the dirt off from the walls.

Step 4: One of the easiest way of thoroughly cleaning the walls of mobile home is by using pressure spray. It’s a pressure wand that is used for constantly spraying over the small region might be okay for concrete walls but for mobile home exterior walls you’ll require a less extreme as compared to pressure water. It’s advisable of selecting a broad fan sprayer for cleaning the widest coverage with each and every sweep.

Step 5: Start the process of cleaning the mobile home exterior walls from the top surface. Start by using a sprayer at least at the distance of 19 inches from the surface of the walls. Spray from side to side and walk your way of cleaning towards down. Follow a simple and continuous pattern for spraying the walls; it will help in getting rid of tedious work. Pay proper attention to the areas which you have scrubbed.

Step 6: Don’t stop your work around your mobile home exteriors unless and until it is completely done. Working it around will help in cleaning and drying the walls perfectly.

Step 7: If there are steps in the front side of your mobile home exteriors, and if they are drying, it’s advisable of paying proper attention for making it fresh and lives again. Pressure washer it correctly and make sure the pressure washer is not getting splashed over the walls. It might be possible that it can damage the cleaning project of the walls that you’ve performed.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Home

Bed Bugs on the edges of spring boxes

Edges of spring boxes with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the great hitchhikers. Bed bugs can easily move from an infested site to a new home simply by travelling on bedding, cloths, and boxes and also on the furniture. But unfortunately, there’s seen a rise in the quantity of bed bugs in Europe, North America and even in Australia. The suggested steps will help you for preventing bed bugs at your home. It helps in preventing the bed bugs entering your home premise and states different ways for preventing an infestation in the vent that some of the bed bugs do get in the home.



Identify the bed bugs:

Know how to identify bed bugs:

There are many different types of infectious insects that seem similar to bed bugs. It is very important to identify them carefully. Bed bugs are generally reddish brown in color with an oval and flat body that is approximately 7mm long in size.

They generally, hid near the beds but cannot easily get spread over the whole room. There are different shades of colors in bed bugs like from white to reddish brown, dark or deep brown, and even light tan.

Before starting with the process of pest control, make sure of identifying the pest for better outcomes.

Identify the ways of bed bugs to get in your room:

There are many possible ways for bed bugs to enter up your home premise and the most common one out of it is from hitching a ride on the computer, other belonging, clothing and your luggage after you’ve stayed to somewhere else. Birds and bats introduce more amounts of bed bugs.

Find out the place where the bed bugs can be found:

Mostly Bed bugs are found in the building construction where more number of occupants sleep. Even where you can observe frequent turnover like, college dormitory or hotel rooms. Bed bugs are generally gets accumulated where people sleep more than any other parts of your house.

Bed bugs love hiding in the bed frames, box springs and edges of the mattresses. As they have flatter body surface, they can easily hide in the crevices and cracks observed on the walls of your home.

Bed bugs like to stay in warmer areas. They can easily enter up in netbooks, laptops and different ports, which are generally portable objects that you can easily carry out in different rooms.

Prevent bed bugs entering your home:

If you’ve travelled to somewhere else, it’s advisable of checking the bed bugs before you unpack your stuffs. Inspect the headboard mounted behind your bed. There are more possibilities of bed bugs over there.

Look for the edges of the mattresses and spring box in the seams of the beds. Check and inspect your clothes. Because many a times it’s observed that bed bugs get hitched up with your clothes from the home exteriors.

Undress the floor by flipping up the carpet. There are chances that bed bugs might make their home in the carpet for growing more in numbers.

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