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How To Paint Your Bedroom

Ways to paint your bedroom

Tips to paint your bedroom

The colors which you wear, or you like to have around you will show your taste and personality. Whenever we talk about decorating the home, we always talk that it should be something which reflects your personality and taste. While you are painting your bedroom, the choice of colors matter a lot. There are no specific rules for painting your bedroom; you can explore it the way you want. But however if you are new to this, chances are there that you make mistakes which will be regretted a lot at the end. To save you up from making such mistakes, here are some of tips you should consider while painting your bedroom.

  • Save your furniture

If proper care is not taken while painting your bedroom, chances along with your bedroom you will also have all your furniture and other things getting painted. For not letting this happen, you must move all your furniture pieces in the center of the room. If you don’t have enough space in the room to bring all things in the center, you can also put all the furniture pieces out of the room. This will also be more convenient to you while painting.

  • Protect your flooring

While painting your bedroom, you will not have control over the spilling paint. It is a mandatory thing that paint will spill here and there on the floor or any other thing present in the room. This will result in two things, either your cleaning work will be increased to a great extent or your floor will remain permanently painted. I am sure that you don’t want any of these to happen. To avoid any such situation, you must cover up your floor before you start to paint. The stick paint can be very difficult to remove from floor, thus lay some damp clothes or newspaper or plastic sheets on your floor and then start with the job of painting your bedroom. Tape the plastic sheep or newspaper against the wall so that it doesn’t move away let your floor get dirty.

  • Clean the wall

Before you start to paint your bedroom, it is very much essential to clean the walls and ceiling. Your wall must have accumulation of dirt and debris. It would also have accumulation of debris which must be cleaned before you start to paint. All the dirt and debris will not allow the paint to adhere on the walls. Such paint will not give good finish and will also not stay for a long period of time. You should clean the walls at first with broom and then clean it with cleaning solution mixed with water. After cleaning let the walls dry properly for some point of time and then you can star t with painting your bedroom to avoid any moisture troubles.

  • Have proper ventilation

It’s very important for your bedroom to have proper ventilation while you are painting it. You must keep all the doors and windows open and also put on the fan.

Tips on Selecting Right Furniture

Model of constructed Furniture

Image of furniture constructed

Selecting right furniture is more than just falling in love with the initial beauty of our home. We all know and want that our home should be ranked up in our eyes when it comes for beauty and charm. And selecting right furniture is the key for increasing the charm and beauty of our home. The construction and style of the furniture has to last for many upcoming years, so it’s advisable of considering distinctive and interesting designs and patterns while selecting right furniture for your home. Don’t forget to check out the quality of the furniture you’re selecting for your home. Here are the tips to consider while selecting right furniture for your home.

Right furniture selecting tips:

  • Decide which type of materials and construction you want to have in your home. You want your furniture price to feel extremely heavy and solid. If yes, it’s advisable of avoiding light aluminum frames and particle boards and stick it up with the wooden solid construction of your furniture.
  • It’s advisable of purchasing wooden framed furniture for your home. It helps in lasting for a longer period of time and is the standard product when it comes for selecting right furniture for your home.
  • But, make sure that the price is according to the product quality and the longer lasting feature. Make sure that it standards according to your expectations. When looking for right furniture, don’t forget to pay attention on the cushions because it is equally important to consider.
  • It’s advisable of giving it a sit test before you head forwards for purchasing it. No matter how beautiful your furniture would be, but if it’s not comfortable when seated, it’s of no use for the home owners to purchaser.
  • If you observe any stain or mess, or find any exposed part of wood, it’s important to consider these factors while selecting right furniture. It is possible that many furniture pieces are being altered dramatically by using colors for changing and enhancing the finish.
  • You can even simply add a glam to your chair by adding little amount of polish for removing the stains and here you go with readymade and nice looking furniture for your home. Likewise while selecting right furniture, any defect should be observed and avoided at the time of purchase. You’re not going to change the furniture every year, right? Than why to go for fake and bad piece of art for your home.
  • Select the fabric appropriate and in an accurate way. It’s advisable of looking your home interiors first and select the rest accordingly. Well, it’s advisable of having light colors fabrics for a formal living room or bedroom. Even light colors help in increasing the glow of your room.
  • But, if the furniture is going to be used on a frequent manner, it’s advisable of installing a little darker shade of fabrics in your home. Look something aesthetic and impressive in your furniture you’re selecting. It should depict your personality and the standard of living of your home.

Tips To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Tips of decorating small bedroom

Ways of decorating small bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom is a very tricky thing as wrong ideas can go really wrong and make your space look smaller. Bedroom is a personal space and while decorating a small bedroom, you have fewer things to put up. You have to be extra careful and choose the right things to put at right place. Make your bedroom is more personalized space for you and you must decorate it in a way which reflects your taste and your personality. Making some good changes and additions in your bedroom will make your bedroom to create magic. Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you decorate a small bedroom.

  • Keep a focal point

When you want to decorate a small bedroom, chances are there that you put up too many things and end up cluttering your bedroom. To avoid such situation, you must create a focal point in your bedroom which can divert the whole attention of your bedroom to that point and keep the focus out from the small space. This focal point can be anything; it can be the front part of your bed by throwing off some really cool cushions. It can be your mirror also. When you decorate your mirror with some really cute lighting then it will catch the attention of your small room and make it look big. One of the essential tips of decorating a small bedroom is placing your bed nearby the window. It will make your bedroom to look spacious.

  • Arrange smart storage

When you are decorating a small bedroom, you have to be very careful and cautious regarding storage. Store your stuff very smartly in a way that it doesn’t look messy in your small bedroom. Keep your bed storage type. Having such bed will store your things and will not take any added space also. You can also use the wall space to install shelves and organize your stuff there.

  • Put less things

While decorating a small bedroom, you need to ensure that you don’t stuff too many things. This will chock up your room and won’t allow you to have even enough space for walking. You might want to install a master size bed in your bedroom but you have to control your wish and settle down with an average size bed or else you will not be able to get space for any other thing in your room except bed.

  • Choose light color for paint

While decorating a small bedroom, you must consider light color for paint. Light color will help to enlighten the room and make it look more spacious. On a contrary if you choose dark color, it will make your space to look more small and cluttered. Go for white, yellow, off white, cream and such color for painting your small room. Also choose your bed sheet, carpet and such things of light color to make your room look big and spacious.


Ways To Hiring Right Flooring Contractor

Choosing right flooring cont ractor

Selecting right flooring contractor

If you have decided to change your existing flooring then you would also have decided as to which type of surface you want to go for. You would also have idea about the color scheme and would also have idea about the budget you want to spend on your flooring job. But have you thought about the one who would do this job for you? Choosing the right flooring contractor is most essential part of the whole process as he is one who will bring your plans into execution. When the question arises about hiring the right flooring contractor, keep in mind that all of them are not same. Installing flooring in your home is not that easy work to do which anyone can do. Doing the flooring work in the right manner needs some special kind of creativity and skills which the flooring contractor you choose plays a major role in the look of your home. To help you in hiring the right flooring contactor, here are some of the tips to follow.

  • Check license and insurance

This is one of the most important things to consider while hiring right flooring contractor. This is very simple thing which should be done even before asking the estimate. However low the cost and however good the work is, you must hire flooring contractor who is not having license and insurance. If the flooring contractor you are looking for is having the license and insurance, don’t just trust them blindly. Ask them to fax you or mail you a copy of it. This is not only applicable to the flooring contractor you choose but also applicable to the sub-contractors also which they might be hiring for your job. Make sure they are also having workmen’s compensation and also liability insurance. If they are not having it then you will be held liable in case anything happens to them.

  • Don’t focus only on money

While choosing your flooring contractor, budget and price do make lots of difference. But don’t make your decision encircling only around the budget. Calling various flooring contractors and taking the estimate is fine but keep in mind every flooring contractor don’t have the same skill and hence if you find a flooring contractor with right set of skills but charging a bit more then hire him without thinking way too much about the budget.

  • Check for references

The best way to hire right roofing contractor is through references. Take opinions of your friends and relatives who have gone through similar work and have any suggestion for you. This will assure you about the kind the work the flooring contractor do and you will also be assured about the desired result you want.

  • Take every detail

Before you hire the right flooring contractor, you must take each and every detail of the work to be done. The starting time of work, the ending date of work, number of hours to be worked in a day, who will be supervising the work and so on must be discussed before you hire your flooring contractor.

How to Paint Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated Metal Roof painted by a person

Person painting Corrugated Metal Roof

There are varied choices when it comes for installing metal roofs. Among different metal roofing options, corrugated metal roof is a hard wearing and excellent style of roofing. It is among the best choice for DIY project similar to building sheds and outhouses in your home. Corrugated metal roofing style has a typical lifespan say for more than hundred years. But, if properly taken care of, it might be able to live for even more upcoming years. And for protecting the corrugated metal roof, its condition and integrity, it’s advisable of applying paint on the surface of corrugated metal roofs. Applying proper paint by using proper techniques helps in protecting your corrugated metal roof up to ten to fifteen years. Here are the steps of painting a corrugated metal roof.

Corrugated metal roof painting tips:

Clean your corrugated metal roof:

First tip of painting your corrugated metal roof is not applying the paint on the dirty surface of the roof. Before you step ahead of applying new coat of paint, it’s advisable of cleaning the surface of the roof installed. Get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris that has already buildup on your existing metal roof.

Make the use of power washer for cleaning the stubborn debris and stains. Power wash is used with bleach. Take precautionary steps while working with bleach on your roof. Wear up your safety gears like safety gloves, boots and breather masks. Also make sure that your ladder that you’re using is in a good condition for use.

Climb up on the roof by using the ladder and make the use of power wash for cleaning any mold or rust observed. Wire brushing is advisable of removing stubborn patches of rust. Don’t forget to periodically cleaning the roof for getting rid of accumulated stains, debris and dirt.

Purchase suitable primer or corrugated metal roof:

Next thing is to find a galvanized primer for preparing and making the surface of your metal roof ready for painting. This type of primer is usually solvent based. If you want other materials in the form of primer, acrylic based primers are also available. You can easily get it from the local store nearby your home premise.

Start applying the primer:

Once you have your primer in your hands, what are you waiting for? Start applying the primer following the instructions of manufacturer’s manual. It’s advisable of allowing the primer to dry completely before you apply paint on it.

Apply the paint on your corrugated metal roof:

The type of paint you should purchase depends upon the weather and the climate condition of the place you’re living. A roof that will be often exposed more towards the sun will perform in a different manner as compared to the paint applied in the shaded or dampened area.

Before you start applying the paint, it’s advisable of reading the manufacturer’s manual for knowing the thickness of paint to be applied. It’s advisable of assessing the weather before you start. Don’t start painting the metal roof, if it’s expected to rain. It might lead delay in the drying process of the paint.

Pros And Cons Of Wood Carport

Benefits and drawbacks of wood carport

Pros and cons of wood carport

If you are not having a carport already and parking your car outside your home then you must consider having a carport in your home. Of course installing carport is a big investment and an expensive process but protection of your car is equally important. You cannot risk your car by parking it anywhere and exposing it to heat, wind, rain and snow. There are plenty of materials for carport metal, steel, aluminum, wood and many more. However the best type and the most popular one is wood carport. Hence if you are considering installing carport in your home, you must take wood carport in consideration. To get to the conclusion whether you want to install wood carport, you must evaluate wood carport in detail. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you out whether you should be installing it in your home or not.


  • Versatile

Wood carports frame can be build up in almost size you want and this makes wood carport a very much versatile materials. Wood carport offers you with freedom to protect vehicle of any size you wish. If you are having a small car or any other small vehicle then you can go for building wood carport of small size. On a contrary if you having a truck or RV, you can go fir building wood carport of big size. You can go for installing wood carport which are freestanding or also go for that wood carport which are attached to building or home.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic appeal of wood carport is far good as compared with that of other materials for carport. These carports can easily blend in with any houses and mixes up naturally with any types of homes. You are also open with the option of painting or staining wood carport to match it up with the exterior of the home. Steel carport, aluminum carport and metal carport can give more of an industrial look to your home which is not the case with wood carport.


  • Needs maintenance

Wood is a material which always need good keep up to maintain its life and beauty. If you are ready to devote your time and attention towards its maintenance then you should definitely go for installing wood carport in your home. As compared to that with other material choices for carport, wood carport needs more maintenance. This type of carport needs to seal every few years to save it from damage which can be caused by wind, sun and insects. If you want your wood carport to look at its best, you need to paint and stain your wood carport every few years. If you don’t do, the beauty will be faded and it won’t look much beautiful. Wood carport has a good life and don’t needs to be replaced very often but only when it is maintained properly and taken care of in timely manner.


Vinyl Floors Cleaning Tips

Lady cleaning the Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor cleaned by home owner

When it comes for cleaning the vinyl floors, let me tell you, vinyl floors are among the popular choice for bathroom and kitchen because of its features. It’s longer lasting, highly durable in nature and also available in varied amount of patterns and styling quantities that increases the eye attraction for the home owners. But, you’ll always find immaculate or grimy sides along its positive attributes. Likewise all floors, vinyl floors also get dirty too. It’s not difficult to learn the key for cleaning vinyl floors. You just need to clean it by using proper tools and materials. There are many different tips and techniques that are helpful in cleaning the vinyl floors. The following tips will help you in learning how to clean the vinyl floors and even maintaining it well.

Tips on cleaning vinyl floors:

  1. Start the process by cleaning the accumulated dirt and dust on the surface of your vinyl floors. It’s advisable of using a broom or a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the sitting dust. Prefer your most comfortable tool for cleaning it.
  2. For removing off the stubborn stains, make the use of a mop. For leaving your vinyl floors clean and shiny, make the use of a cleaning solution. Looking for something efficient and in-expensive for cleaning your vinyl floors, mixture of white vinegar with water works the best on the floors.
  3. Don’t forget to mix the white vinegar with hot or Luke warm water. It’s one of the simple and easy making disinfections cleaning product that is hundred percent clean and hygienic for your vinyl floors.
  4. Even, using a dishwashing solution or liquid for cleaning the vinyl floors is another way for getting germ free floors in your home. It’s advisable of finding such type of cleaning solution that is suitable with your floors. Many a times it is observed that vinyl floors are waxed and non-waxed too. Pay proper attention on which type of vinyl floors you’ve installed in your home.
  5. If your vinyl floors are waxed, it’s advisable of using gentle cleaning solution on them. It is helpful in not removing the wax coating on the surface of the vinyl floors. While cleaning the floor, if you’re facing any trouble in getting rid of a particular spot, it’s advisable of using smaller cleaning materials and tools for removing it.
  6. Make the use of small bristle brush, denser and smaller. Scrub off the surface with spot gently for not damaging your vinyl floors. Steer the dirt away by using an abrasive brush of steel wool, but make sure it’s not damaging the surface of your vinyl floors.
  7. At the end, rinse the floor completely by using water and a mop. Pay attention to the leftover soap and detergent liquid on the surface. If not cleaned properly, it might soak up deep into the surface of your floors.
  8. Allow your vinyl floors to completely dry and let the floor space be free of germs and dust. Rejoice your vinyl floors clean and tidy again.

Simple Tips For Heating Your Home

Tips of heating your home

Ways of heating your home

Winter is a lovely season and all people enjoy winter a lot. Having a hot coffee and sitting around the fireplace with TV feels so relaxing. However with arriving winter, there also arrives a need of heating your home. It becomes inevitable during winter to keep your home warm and cozy. For fulfilling this need, there will be use of heating systems which will in turn increase your energy cost. However there are many options for heating your home which will even cost you less and help you save some bucks. Here are some of the simple and effective ways of heating your home.

  • Heating your home with zones

If you are having a big home or even a multi-story home, you can consider having various heating units for various areas or various zones of your home. This will save you energy cost as you will heat only those areas of home which are actually occupied. If you are having small home then you can go for heating your home fully as it won’t make much difference but for bigger homes, it will make a great difference.

  • Turn off heating unit at night

The maximum usage of heating unit is during the evening time as this is the time when the outside weather is most cold. This time you will be running your heating units at maximum and hence turn them off at night. This is one of the nice idea of heating your home with money saving. Turn off heating unit once you go to bed. Once you go to sleep, your body will generate more heat automatically and along with that put on heavier blankets and save up on heating your home.

  • Run ceiling fan in reverse manner

If you think ceiling fan is just to cool your home and not for heating your home then you are wrong. Warm air will rise and it will get trapped in your ceiling. Hence when you turn your fan on in the reverse manner, it will bring the warm air down from the ceiling and spread it in the room helping in heating your home. If you are having a home with high ceiling or a vaulted home then this idea of heating your home can be very effective.

  • Allow the sun to get in

During cold months, people generally keep their window treatments closed all the time. Open them up when there is sun outside and let it enter your and heat your home naturally. The sunlight will warm up your home mentally and physically and it will also light up your spirits.

  • Make use of programmable thermostat

Your home might be already having a thermostat, ensure that you are able to program it when to come and go. When you leave it on person, chances are there of any error happening leading to increase in the level of heating your home. For avoiding it and saving on energy bills, you can go for choosing the one which can be automatically adjusted even when you are not in home.

How to Waterproof Basement

Two people Waterproof Basement

Two people applying Waterproof solution to the Basement

Waterproofing a basement is a backbreaking task because you need to also water proof your basement floor as well as the walls. Don’t forget to patch up all the basement cracks that you find to inhibit water from coming into your basement. Thinking of hiring a plumber for repairing or waterproofing your basement? It might sound an expensive process for you. You can also carry the process of waterproofing your basement on your own. Below are the sated materials and tools you’ll need supporting to the instructions on waterproofing your basement and save the money from your pockets.



Process of waterproofing your basement:

Repair the cracks and holes:

Start the process by inspecting the basement area for any cracks and leaks. Prepare waterproofing mix and seal up the small cracks observed in the walls. Mortar mixed is used for patching up the bigger cracks. It comprise of a part of cement and two to three parts of sand with right amount of water added to it.

Mortar mix application:

Make the use of putty knife for filling in the gaps and cracks where the water comes off the wall for applying the mortar mix solution. If pressure is observed that makes water for entering the surface of the wall, start breaking off the area using a chipping chisel and repair the hole or cracks observed. After completely the process of chipping, apply the mixture prepared and level the surface by using a trowel.

Treating the trapped water:

If you observe the trapped water ion the exteriors sides of the basement, it’s advisable of inserting a weep pipe into the affected area where you find the trapped water. It’s important to fill in the space where the pipe is installed. Now, let the mortar mixture get completely dry and take out the pipe and patch up the hole by using the mixture of mortar.

Moisture the walls in your basement:

It’s the time to dampening the walls by making the use of a hose. It’s advisable of adjusting the nozzle of the hose to fine spraying effect. Don’t forget to check for any standing water on the surface before heading forward to water proofing your basement.

Basement wall waterproofing:

Pay attention to the instruction manual of the manufacturer while preparing the waterproofing mixture. Brush up the waterproofing mixture on the walls in a circular way. Make sure of using a stiff brush. Start the application from the bottom most surfaces towards the upper surface of the walls. It’s advisable of only applying the waterproofing solutions on the areas affected by water leaks.

Basement floor waterproofing:

Start by wetting down the surface of the basement floor by using a garden hose. It’s advisable of applying the waterproofing solution after detecting the water leak problem in your floor. Before stepping ahead of applying the solution, clean the floor completely for enjoying better application process.

Apply the solution in the same manner and following the similar steps of applying waterproofing solution on the basement walls. Let it dry completely and step ahead for a damp free basement at your home.

Safety Tips To Practice While Cleaning Gutters

Safe tips of cleaning gutter

Homeowner cleaning gutter

Cleaning gutters is easy task but you just need to know what you are doing and how you want to do it. There are many people who take cleaning gutters job very lightly and meet up with something really bad. Gutter cleaning is not tough but involves certain things which can be quite dangerous. It has been heard many times that some or the other person gets hurt while cleaning gutters and this is really heart breaking to hear. Any such injuries would never happen if they have practised proper safety tips before doing the actual work. The very first thing you should be doing is to select appropriate time for cleaning gutters. Avoid rainy season as the roof can be quite slippery during this time and chances of accidents is lot more during this time. Choose dry day for cleaning gutter with someone accompanying you at the job. Here are some of the other safety tips which you should be trying while gutter cleaning job.

  • Cover your eyes

Protecting your eyes is one of the basic thing you should be doing while gutter cleaning. You never what can go into your eye when and make your imbalanced leading to any fall. Avoiding eye safety is not the thing you should be doing while gutter cleaning. Many people have experienced frogs, bees, wasps and rats coming out very rapidly once they start gutter cleaning and the last thing they want them to happen are eye injury.

  • Wear rubber shoes

You have to walk on the roof while gutter cleaning, this thing is mandatory and you can’t avoid it. Rubber shoes are such which can avail you with nice grip while you are on roof and avoid slipping on roof. Roofs are generally moist in the morning time and hence it is to climb the roof in the noon time when sun is up and after it has dried the entire moisture. Early afternoon or late morning are probably the perfect time for gutter cleaning and roof climbing.

  • Cover up your hands

You will have to clean your gutter with your hands only and you would probably be using the hard cleaning solutions for that. This cleaning solution can harm your hands. Hence put on the gloves while gutter cleaning for protecting your hands from any harm. Gloves can also protect your hands from the dirt and debris and also the droppings of birds and squirrels which can have bacteria to harm your hands. Gloves can also protect your hand from getting scratched by any torn metal surface. Hence make sure to put on one while gutter cleaning.

  • Try ladder safety

While doing the task of gutter safety, you must practice ladder safety as you cannot climb the roof without making use of ladder. Make sure you bring a steady and sturdy ladder which has good balance while climbing it. Avoid using any defective ladder for your own safety. Try to pick a ladder having one or two shelves so that you can hang your cleaning supplies there.

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