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Types of Laminate Floor Molding

Image of T-molding

T-molding image

For completing the process of installing laminate floor, laminate floor molding is among the most essential parts of the process. Basically the work of laminate floor molding offers the home owners with a finished look and also helps in avoiding the expansion joint that is important. For better knowledge here are certain types of laminate floor molding and see for how to use it in your floor. Follow them for getting the knowledge of which types of laminate floor molding.

Laminate floor molding types:

End molding:

Another common type of laminate floor molding is end mold. This type of transition piece is usually shaped in the size of “L”. One of the “L” covers the edge of the laminate while the other section of it is attached to the ground. It is basically applied on the laminate floor that meets the outside door to give it a perfect finished. It is also used for installing the laminate next to the carpet too.

It is also named by a carpet reducer sometimes. Before installing the carpet, it is advisable to lay it first before you step ahead for the installation. It also helps in giving a perfect place for tucking up the carpet with a base.


It is among the most common type of laminate floor molding. It is easily available to the market and it is also termed to be the most famous laminate floor molding that can be used in your home. As the name suggest it is basically in the shape of “T”. The middle section of the molding goes into the ground and the two sides of the molding is helpful in covering the two sides of the floor. This type of molding is basically designed for holding two type of flooring options together.

For example you can make the use of laminate floor with the combination of hardwood floor. This combination works perfectly well by using T-molding for its intersection. Installing T-molding is important as it helps in working best for the contractions and the expansion of the flooring according to the temperature. It also helps in covering the edges of the laminate floors you installed in your home.


One of the commonly used laminate floor molding is a reducer. You can make the use of it for your laminate floors that are installed in your home. Reducer works in covering the edges of the laminates and hen works in reducing down the thinner surface. Well, this type of molding is best suitable while you’re replacing your laminate floors to the vinyl or other types of flooring option. Due to this feature, many of the home owners address it as vinyl reducers too. It will simply help you in offering a gradual sloppy effect that will turn up making the surface thinner. Even stairnose is another type of molding that is most commonly used in many of the forms. Home owners have the choice to decide, which type of laminate floor molding you want to install in your floors.

Basic Introduction To Hip Roof

Basic knowledge about Hip roof

Introduction to Hip roof

In today’s time, if you see cottages and bungalows, you will notice that majority of them have will be having hip roof on their home. Hip roof is also popularly known as hipped roof. The extreme popularity and installation of hip roof is because this style has two very important factors that is practicality and comfort. A hip roof is basically the one which slopes down gently on all the sides of the wall. Many people mix up hip roof with that of gable roof. However these both are different as there are no vertical sides on the gable roof which is there on the hip roof and this makes them different from each other. There is a visible difference in hip roof and gable roof as the shape of the house becomes different in their installation. If it’s a square home, it will need a hip roof which is shaped like a pyramid whereas on the other hand if there is an oblong home then it will need a roof with two triangular sides. Hip roof is such a roof which can be installed on a home with any size.

Hip roof will usually have a very consistent fascia level which lets the gutter to fit in all the way around the home. As compared to that with gambrel roof, hip roof is bit difficult to construct. This is because they will need a trussing system to be installed which is quite complex to install. However the roof itself is quite complex and tough to build. The construction of hip roof is self-bracing and hence it will not need any additional support.

One of the pros of installing hip roof in home is that water drainage is quite good in such roofs, this is because all the four sides of this types of roof is angled and hence there is no possibility for the water to stand at any place on the surface of the roof. This type of roof is perfect choice for those areas which have heavy rainfall and snowfall. The design of hip roof will encourage snow run off and it would also avoid the possibility of roof collapse. Another interesting feature about hip roof is that it can be incorporated on your existing roof also. These types of roof can also bear high winds and hence this makes it perfect for installing them in any place.

With these attractive features you would definitely be attracted towards installing it in your home. However it also has some issues. The building and design of hip roof is quite complex and have short ridge board along with many raters. The complex design will lead to more cost and this becomes one more negative point about hip roof. The time of construction of hip roof is also quite more. There is issue of ventilation with hip roof and you will need to install vents if you want to install hip roof.

How To Replace Your Shower Head

Ways of replacing shower head

Tips of replacing shower head

There can be varied reasons for replacing your shower head, one of them can be overflowing of water or leakage of water. Well any of the reasons is, if you are not opting for replacing your shower head, you will have higher consumption of water leading to wastage of water and increase in your water bills. Now of course you don’t want any of these situations to happen and whenever you find leaking shower head or overflow in the shower head, you must instantly go for replacing your shower head. Replacing your shower head is an easy job to do and it is clearly a DIY project. Hence you can go for replacing your shower head by yourself and save some bucks which you have to usually give to your professional. If you are new to this, you will need some guidance for it. Here are some of the tips which will help you to replace your shower head by yourself. First thing for replacing your shower head is to gather all the tools used for replacing your shower head and then go ahead with the work. This will help you to do your work in continuity.

List of tools

  • Masking tape
  • New shower head
  • Drop clothes
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape

Steps for replacing your shower head

  • Prepare the work area

Before you start with the job of replacing your shower head, you need to prepare your area first. Place some old towel on your bathroom floor. This will help the porcelain or fiberglass floor from getting damaged or scratched while you are working. After that take the adaptor kit which will come up with a diverter device which should be attached with that of shower stem and it will direct the flow of water in either of the two directions. This will allow you to use two shower heads from one water source.

  • Remove the old shower head

Make use of adjustable pliers and remove the old faucet. You might want to wrap up the jaws of the pliers by using the tape for preventing them from marring the chrome. Get rid of the old plumbers putty or the Teflon tape by using a rag which is placed on the left side of the threads of the shower stem. When you remove the old shower head, you can install the diverter. It’s very essential to ensure that you place the supplied washer in the neck of the diverter as per the direction issued on the kit.

  • Apply Teflon tape and install hose extender

The last step of replacing your shower head is to attach the Teflon tape to avoid water leak. Make sure that the direction of wrapping the tape is proper as if it is installed in opposite direction it will damage your shower head. After you are done with applying Teflon tape, attach the hose extender to it. Tighten it properly and make sure it is not loose or else there will be water dripping out of your shower head and there will be no point in installing the new one.

Tips To Paint An Aluminum Garage Door

Ways of Painting aluminum garage door

Tips of Painting aluminum garage door

Do you have a garage? Is your garage door of aluminum and it looks dull and old? If yes then it’s high time you make it look like new again. One of the easiest ways to make your garage door look like new is to paint it. By painting an aluminum garage door, you can make your garage door polished and clean without having the need of replacing it. This is one of the most simple and cheapest ideas of making your aluminum garage door look like new. Firstly you have to gather all the supplies for painting an aluminum garage door. Here is a list of things you will need for painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Ladder
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloths
  • Sponge
  • Turpentine or solvent
  • Soapy water
  • Exterior paint either acrylic or oil based
  • Primer preferably oil based
  • Scrubbing brush

After collecting all the supplies, start with the process of painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Clean your door

It is important to clean your garage door before you start to paint an aluminum garage door. If you want a perfect surface for the primer, you have make aluminum free from any dirt, dust or anything else. If it is not done so, the paint will not adhere properly with the surface and it will not look that good. If there are any loose particles then get rid of it by using firm bristled brush and make use of warm and soapy water for cleaning the door and scrub and get rid of any loose parts which chips away from the surface. Aluminum is such a material which doesn’t get oxidized but its factory finish can do deteriorate.

  • Prepare your aluminum door

It is more preferable to avoid painting the outside objects in cold, hot or wet weather. Alloys and metals will be expanding in hot air and will be retaining heat and hence the paint is not going to dry in the highest standard which you would be expecting. Hence when you are planning to paint an aluminum garage door, try to pick a day which is mild and clear for getting the desired result.

  • Paint your aluminum door

When you are painting your aluminum door, make sure to paint from top to bottom. If you are painting the bottom part first, you will have to repaint it after you are done with painting the top as the paint spills will be coming on the bottom part while you are painting the top part. Oil based exterior paint will be good for painting an aluminum garage door. Use a large brush while painting as it will help you to complete the job faster and more easily.

  • Apply second coat

When you are done with applying first coat of paint, allow some time for letting it dry. Once it is dry, you can apply the second coat of it. Make sure you leave 24 hours before applying second coat of paint. While applying second paint coat of paint, make sure to be smooth to get a uniform surface.

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