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Types of Rain Gutters

Copper rain gutters installed

Image of Copper rain gutters

There are a lot more options with the home owners from which they can easily pick one as the option for their rain gutters. Whether you’re installing new rain gutters or replacing the existing with the new ones, you have the choice to decide which type of rain gutters will suit to your home. There are certain things that you need to consider while picking up your rain gutter like color, pattern and the material which you want to install in your home. Even the size, proper measurements and coating that is applied on the rain gutters is equally important to consider.

Another important fact that you need to consider is about the material that you want to install in your home. There are many different ranges like from steel, copper, aluminum, metal to the wood and vinyl. If you’re planning for installing zinc or copper as the option of rain gutters in your home, let me inform you it might be a bit more expensive rain gutters that you’ve selected. But you might need to paint the copper or the zinc rain gutters because the natural color of both of the rain gutters might turn rust due to the explosion towards the weather. Here are certain types of rain gutters that might prove to be helpful to the home owners while selecting rain gutters for your home.

Rain gutters types:

Aluminum rain gutters:

If you’re planning of installing the least expensive option of rain gutters, aluminum rain gutters is one of your type. It is very easy to install and light in weight and you can paint it the way you want and the color you want to. Aluminum rain gutters are among the most common type of rain gutters due to its installation cost and easy buying process.

Steel rain gutters:

When it comes to comparison, steel rain gutters are stronger as compared to the aluminum rain gutters. Well, it is termed to be a better choice if you’re living in the area where the weather and the climates are extremes.  It has the tendency of easily withstanding the contraction and the expansion that occurs due to the weather change. It is highly recommended but it requires a little more amount of cost for purchasing it.

Fascia rain gutters:

If you’re acting upon purchasing something really simple and plain, fascia rain gutter is a good option to try with. It is similar to that of the K-styled rain gutters. It is round in shape and used at the crown holding side of the roof. It offers with many benefits like it is smooth in material and has the capacity of holding water for a longer period of time. Even it can be made in the thinnest form too. Home owners have the option for selecting the rain gutter that is totally suitable to the home construction as well as the home foundation. This simply helps you in ensuring you to install these types of rain gutters and even have them not at all noticeable.

How To Clean Your Windows

Usage of sponge for cleaning a window

Girl cleaning a window

Cleaning your windows is one of those works which majority of the people hate. But however it is compulsory to do that job as you cannot leave your window dirty. While cleaning your windows, you have to fight with dirt, dripping waster, newspaper and various cleaning solution. However tedious the job of cleaning your windows is, you have to deal with it. Not that you do it regularly, you do it once in a long while and you have to make sure you do it the right way. There are various methods and techniques to clean your window and get the best results out of it and have a sparkling clean window. If you have never clean your windows before you might not be aware as to which method to use and which not to use. However to help you get a sparkling clean window here are some of the tips for cleaning your window. Before you start with cleaning your widows, make sure you have collected all the supplies needed for doing the work.

  • Clear off the stubborn stains

The first and the foremost step of cleaning your windows include clearing off the stubborn stain. Outside windows are generally very much prone to the stubborn stains as they are explored to many weather elements. They are exposed to heavy sunlight, hard water, bird droppings, minerals and many such things which can stick on the window and make it dirty. You can make use of mineral deposit cleaner for getting rid of such stubborn stains from your window. Damp a sponge into the cleaner and then rub it stiffly on the stains on the window. Clean the area with water and then carry on with the regular cleaning. Another method for cleaning your windows and getting rid of the stubborn stains is by using the vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for five minutes then rub the stain with sponge or drop cloth. You can also make use of oxalic acid for clearing the stain from your window.

  • Remove the stickers

You might have kids who will have applied sticker on your windows for decoration. Now these stickers have sticky substance which can make your window dirty and cleaning them is very important. For cleaning this sticky substance from your window, you need a spray bottle filled up with water. You will also need a plastic scraper which should have a good edge. Spray some water on the stickers and then allow it to sit for few minutes, use the scraper along the window and remove it gently without breaking the glass.

  • Clean the screens

It’s very important to clean your screens when you are cleaning your windows. Make sure to clean the screen from the inside and outside part of the windows. Use a sponge or a clean cloth or a rag and then clean the screen. Take the cleaning solution, dip your sponge into it and softly clean the screen and remove all the dust, dirt and grime from it.

How to Install Window Frames

Person Installing window frame

Process of Installing window frame

For home owners installing window frames for the first time might be an intimidating process, but by following the steps, the process of installing window frames would relatively feel easy. While the exact installation process will definitely vary according to the window installation. There are different frames for different windows. But, following the stated information will definitely offer you with adequate knowledge of things you must need and the materials. It is advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturers that come with the materials you’re to be used for the process.

Things needed:

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Bundle of shims
  • Insulation taper
  • Loose insulation and in several quantities
  • Penny nails approximately 12 to 13

Window frame installation:

  • Start the process of installing window frames by preparing the window openings. It is important to make sure that the window is clear for any accumulated debris and any of the dirt. It is advisable to know that there are no nails, excessive amount of putty or glue that might become interference to the process of installing window frames.
  • It is advisable of removing any glass or sashes that are mounted to the window frames. As the windows are heavy in weight, removing them is more beneficial because it will ease up the process thou.
  • Next is to take the window frame and slowly tilt it into the place where the window opening is situated. Make the use of shims for packing it up into the spacing around the window frame. It will help to hold the window frame on its place without giving it the chance of moving. Now make the use of level so that the level of the window frame is appropriate and plumbed up on its four sides.
  • After fixing the window frames on its place, reinstall the sashes and the glasses back to its place. This actually helps in squaring up the frame and helps in preventing the window frames from tilting while nailing it to the openings.
  • After installing the window sashes and the glass to its place, it is advisable to have a visual look and inspection on the borders of the window so that there is no gap observed on the edges of the window frames.
  • Next is to determine the security of the window frames installed. Make the use of hammer and drive some amount of penny finishing nails to the window frames so that the opening of the window frames attach firmly to the window. It is advisable to place the nails evenly and keeping safe distance in between two nails along with the length of the side jam.
  • Don’t forget to insulate your window while installing the window frames. Make the use of shim and some of the pack pieces of the loose insulation into the gaps and the cracks in between the window openings and also the window frames. It is important to add enough amount of insulation in the crevices and gaps. This will help in allowing the air to freely pass through the home.

Homemade Solutions for Cleaning Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum Gutter installed

Constructed Aluminum Gutter

You might have heard about many of the powerful cleaning solutions that can be used for cleaning the aluminum gutters installed in your home. No doubt, there are many options of cleaning solutions that are available in the market and you can easily buy it from any home improvement store. Many of the powerful cleaning solvents lie inside the pantry and helping in doubling the basic foods. But using homemade solutions are most effective, cost effective and eco-friendly products that will not at all affect your home or the surroundings of your home. However, if you’ve installed aluminum gutters as your choice in your home, it might not get affected otherwise from the harmless edible natural products. It is advisable of using right type of cleaning ingredients for making a combination of solvent. Take off things from your cupboard for cleaning your aluminum gutters in your home.

Aluminum gutters – Homemade cleaning solution:


Only homemade cleaning solution is not enough for cleaning your aluminum gutters, but you need to regularly clean it in a year so that it don’t end up inviting rusting effects and accumulation of debris on its surface. You should clean it thoroughly at least 2 to 3 times a year for keeping the clogs clear on its surface.

You can make the use of simple garden hand trowel that can help you in performing the process of cleaning your aluminum gutters. Make a quick work by performing and using the garden trowel for removing any accumulated debris and fallen leaves from the metal rain transportation system installed. It is advisable of working in the cooler time of the day so that you can perform the process more comfortably.

The aluminum:

It is said and proved that aluminum remains stain free and rust free for its life, regardless that which is thrown by the nature on it. But, it doesn’t mean that it won’t corrode when in contact with any of the metal or such weather stripping. But there are many tips ion cleaning them like by using washing soda and baking soda. But it might even possible that it turns up to deteriorate the aluminum installed.

But you can install the painted aluminum gutters that are helpful in not only lasting for a longer period of time but it also prevent the attraction of rust and other corroding materials towards the roof gutters.


Another important homemade solution that can help you in dealing with the perspective of cleaning your aluminum gutters is vinegar. Vinegar is way more effective as it helps in cleaning the stains as well as the tendency of not letting nay of the dirt getting back on its place. You simply need a bucket, add hot or warm water to the bucket and add some amount of white vinegar for preparing the solution. Vinegar reacts with the rust and helps in removing it off the surface of the gutters. Allow the solution to rest for an hour and rinse it properly. Let it dry and enjoy an efficient aluminum gutters in your home.

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