Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fencing

Pros and cons of fencing

Advantages and disadvantages of fencing

Fencing is a great addition for your home. Seen from the privacy and security point of view, fencing is the best thing you can have in your home. Fencing can be quite expensive to build and also to install. However it is a big investment and hence if you are consider installing one in your home, you must be aware of both its positive and negative side. Evaluate them and see whether positives are more beneficial or negatives are more problematic. Check out your needs and see whether it is worth to put up your cost and energy in fencing or not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having fencing in your home.


  • Safety and security

One of the biggest reasons why people want fencing in their home is safety and security. Having a good fencing installed in your home will keep your home and your belongings safe from intruders who enter up your place with wrong intentions. If you are having swimming pool in your home or having any playground and equipment’s then it will stop the trespassers from using it. It will also keep stray animals out of your house from damaging your belongings. It will also keep your pets and your kids inside your home and keep them safe.

  • Privacy

It’s really very annoying when you have peeping neighbors who would have nothing to do except seeing where you are going, whom you are talking to, what you are eating and so on. If you also have such neighbor then you will definitely be annoyed a lot by them and want some privacy in your home. Having a fencing installed is the best way to get rid of such annoying neighbors and be able to do all the things in your home without any kind of interference. Keep the height of your fencing tall and you will easily be able to avoid your neighbors to the extent that you want to.


  • Maintenance

Undoubtedly fencing is a great source of adding beauty and protection to your property but they do need care and maintenance. They can really look bad if you are not cared and properly maintained. If you have chosen wood fencing in your home then they will need occasional cleaning, painting, staining or sealing or else they can either warp or even get rot over period of time. If you are okay with the maintenance then you can go for installing fencing in your home.

  • Costly

The basic cost of fencing depends upon the material you choose for fencing. It also depends upon the height, area of fencing, number of gates, and cost of labor according to your area and so on. But however on a whole, fencing installation is a costly activity.

  • Consent issues

Fencing is a mutual decision between you and your neighbor. Hence if you want to go for installing fencing, you need to have con sent of your neighbor also. It can be a big issue when your neighbors don’t allow you to do so and you want to do it.

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