Benefits And Drawbacks Of Corrugated Steel Siding

Benefits and drawbacks of Corrugated steel siding

Pros and cons of corrugated steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is great choice for siding. There are many materials for siding but you will find many homes having similar wave like pattern of corrugated steel. There are plenty of materials which are placed in the market for siding like wood, plastic, asphalt, brick, asbestos and steel. Steel is one of the widely chosen siding choices among all metals. If you are interested in installation of corrugated steel siding in your home, then you must be aware about pros and cons of it. Check out whether corrugated steel siding suits up with your area and your whether needs or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of corrugated steel siding for better understanding and letting you know the right choice.

Benefits of corrugated steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is such a material which is extremely resilient and it’s not that easy to damage it. Corrugated steel is also extremely durable and it has been in the market since thousands of years and passed the test of time. The waves which are there on the corrugated siding will help to boost up the durability of siding even more. Corrugated steel siding fortifies your home in such a manner that only few of the materials will match it up with corrugated steel siding. If you are residing in bad weather then corrugated steel siding can be appropriate choice as it can match up bad weather situations. Corrugated steel siding is also resistant to fire, bugs, rot and bad weather. Corrugated steel siding doesn’t get affected by storms or hail. In comparison of all metal options steel is the best one for siding. Corrugated steel siding is also highly dent resistant. Corrugated steel siding is best you are residing in an area with frequent hail storms. The maintenance need of corrugated steel siding is also very low and it can maintain its appearance intact for several years and is also very much cost effective. As compared to other siding types like concrete, fiber cement and brick. You are also available with varied color options here.

Drawbacks of steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is a heavy material and hence it can be very much problematic to work with it. This can reduce the speed and pace of work. You will need more labor for installation of corrugated steel siding due to its heavy weight which will in turn increase the overall costing of its installation. There is lots of need of energy for manufacturing of steel siding. This siding is not eco-friendly even though it can be easily recycled.  Insulation of corrugated steel siding is not that good. Lower insulation will lead to higher energy bills. You need to coat this material with zinc or any such other material or else chances are there of this getting depleted. Coating it with zinc will also save it from rust and corrosion. If this coating of zinc wears with time, it can also be repainted or restained again.



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