Benefits And Drawbacks of Laminate Flooring

Benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring

Pros and cons of laminate flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring is laminate flooring. Many people opt for laminate flooring in their homes and are quite happy with that. If you are thinking of installing a new floor in your home and considering laminate flooring as your option then you must know fully about it. You must make proper research about laminate flooring and then arrive to the conclusion whether to go for it or not. Sit is of course a good choice but you need to think whether it is suitable with your lifestyle or not and whether it goes with your interiors and furnishings or not. It has many advantages but also has certain drawbacks to it. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring which will help you to make your decision about installation of laminate flooring in your home.


  • Convenient packaging

Natural wood flooring will come in planks which are sized of 8 to 10 feet’s in length and in certain cases it is even longer. On a contrary situation, laminate planks which are similar to wood are available in 4 foot stripes. Laminate flooring is also available in the form of tiles and also in different sizes.

  • Versatility

Laminate flooring has the capacity to imitate wood flooring of many types. The printing process of laminate flooring is also able to produce the looks of plenty of natural stones and also ceramic flooring materials.

  • Cleaning

The wear and tear layer of laminate flooring will protect the material from spills and stains. This feature of laminate flooring will make the cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring very much easy.  The only need which these types of flooring have is regular sweeping or vacuuming the floor for removing any kind of grit or dirt which can gradually erode the wear and tear layer of floor over period of time.

  • Installation

The installation of such types of flooring is very much easy; in fact it is the easiest installation as compared to other types of flooring materials. New innovations and techniques have made it even easier to install it and even this does not need adhesive.


  • Refinishing

One of the biggest drawbacks of these types of flooring is that they cannot be refinished. They have only one wear layer and when it gets damaged, it cannot be finished or repaired, it has to be replaced compulsorily. After some time the wear layer will be degraded and there will be lots and lots of scratches on surface of the laminate flooring.  When such thing happens, it will have to be replaced.

  • Sound

When you are walking on laminate flooring, they will create a hollow sound which will make the material to feel fake. This sound is really irritating after some point of time, You can maintain it or lessen it by dampening the underlayment materials but this will also help till a certain extent only. There is no total solution to this.


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