Benefits And Drawbacks Of Vinyl Flooring

Home having vinyl floor

vinyl floor in home

Vinyl flooring is either available in tile form or sheet form. It is considered as one of the cheapest types of flooring options. Vinyl flooring is very much popular among many homeowners as it offers a great value to your home. Vinyl flooring is available in wide array of colors, styles and designs. When there is so much available that too in friendly budget, why would anyone refrain from installing vinyl flooring in their homes? If you are choosing vinyl tiles to be installed in your home, then it can be cut very easily and can also be installed very easily and one of the good news is that you can also opt for DIY installation of vinyl tiles. On the other hand, if you are choosing sheet vinyl then, it can be difficult for a DIY installer to install it in the home. However you should make any decision in hurry and choosing the flooring for your home is no small matter. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of vinyl flooring and then decide yourself which one weighs more and then go for installation if you think so.


  • Ease in installation

One of the biggest benefits of installing vinyl floor in home is that it can be installed very easily. This will save you money if you go for DIY installation and even if you are hiring professional for installing it then also it would not be costing you too much due to ease in installation.

  • Stain resistant

If you are opting for printed vinyl tiles then they would be coming with a wear layer which would be acting as a surface barrier saving up your floor from spills and stains. These materials are extremely easy to clean and even maintenance is also quite easy. Even if there is any stain on your floor, clean it on the spot and you would not need ay cleaning solution also.

  • Low on cost

Those homeowners who are tight on budget and finding a flooring option which is good offering several benefits, that too in budget then vinyl floor are perfect choice for them. There are several choices in quality, design and price and you can pick the one matching with your needs and you price to offer.

  • Durability

Vinyl flooring has good durability and it can last for a long period of time if maintained properly. These flooring can last up to 20 years depending upon the quality you are choosing.


  • Problem in repairing

One of the major drawbacks of installing vinyl flooring is that it is quite difficult to repair it when it gets damaged. Vinyl is such a material which cannot be refinished and hence when it gets damaged there is no other option then to remove it and replace it with the new one. However this thing is also easy when it comes to tile installed as compared to that with sheet vinyl.

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