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Green initiative while constructing

Concept of Green home construction

Idea of Green home construction

Now, whenever colonies or complexes are being built, green initiative is usually considered. There are spaces left for gardens. Water filtering is installe to reduce pollution. Even in homes, ventilation is given serious thought. There is space for pots in terrace; so on and so forth.

On your side, you can leave some space in house empty. Use electric appliances minimum. Keep your fans closed if only for a couple of hours daily and survive on natural  endowments. Use ENERGY STAR appliances to save energy and emit less pollution. Keep upgrading your instruments.

Certain plants like asparagus and bougainvillea have brilliant symbiosis with others and should be planted in every complex. Constructors are increasingly advising home owners to go for bamboo floors in bungalows or ground floors. Rainwater harvest is another natural method of generating enough water for usage without applying any electronic instrument. Wallpaper hangings and upholstered ceilings are another efficient way to store warm air within.

Specialized Construction

Specialised home construction

Customised home construction

Specialized construction can also be referred to as individualized, personalized or customized construction. Much like haute couture or high fashion, it shies away from any mass style only dealing in the intricate and garish. It is being undertaken at the behest of the rich and the famous, those who have money to fork out. To explain, rich people hire architects, contractors and interior decorators for the purpose of giving a business or residential construction their intended vision.

They do not mind what money it takes and they do not care. This way the buildings are made full of lavish super structures, with a great eye to detail, creation of illusory space, intricate patterning and a look of resplendence. To turn the definition on its head, specialized construction can also mean a group of niche constructors, looking for lower volumes but customized work to bear the brunt of recession better.

Earthquake resistance

Earthquake proof home

Earthquake resistant home

Seismic catastrophe result in earthquakes; places that lie in the top seismic belt are more vulnerable to be handicapped by this natural calamity. Thus, it becomes even more important to safeguard structures against earthquakes in those areas. Making the buildings sturdier may seem to be the best idea but then what happens when the earthquake measures a lot on the Richter scale- obviously it will have enough force to turn the construction into rubble. Thus it is wiser to minimize the forces that propel the earthquake in the first place.

Energy dissipating gadgets can be used for enhancing the damping of the system. Secondly, base isolation methods can be used for increasing the natural period of a given structure. The structural members need to be tightened as well for their interplay in the earthquake scene. Girders, columns, beams and the corrugated framework have to be right up to the order.

Weather proofing

Home getting weatherproofed

Weatherproofing your home

Constructions need to be guarded against weather reverses. In beach areas, the hurricanes and typhoons play havoc. In temperate areas, the freezing cold and snow create trouble and in the tropical areas, heat and monsoon catches one unawares. Thus it is quintessential to shelter your construction against any such weather debacle.

When the term is used jointly, the connotation becomes different. Weatherproofing refers to flashing or roof flashing techniques employed to cover the passage from where water can leak. Generally, this is done with layering of impervious, non-porous material at incongruous surfaces like chimneys and conduits from where water can jut at a ferocious pace.

Roof flashing or weatherproofing can assume the form of exposed flashing and concealed flashing. The materials generally used for the purpose are bituminous fabrics. Also, the climate and structural framework of a particular construction are also judged prior to using a material.

Light-frame construction

Home having Light frame construction

Light frame construction

Light-frame construction is a technique of construction utilizing structural members or studs providing framework support on which external and internal wall coverings are attached. In addition, a roof is given with moderately built inclined rafters and stern joists. Dimensional  lumbers are being incorporated for the purpose of framing or light frame construction today. The method has become quite a rage in North America.

Categorically, platform framing and balloon framing are two different types of light frame constructions. For balloon framing, the woodwork runs from the sill plate to the eave line. Wood or steel tubes are generally used for the purpose. Sloping or inclined roofs are generally added to light frame construction. These enable rainwater to be shed at a fast pace. Shingles are used for the purpose of covering the roofs. These shingles have a precisely suiting density and texture. They are made from asphalt as a general rule.

Mobile home additions

Mobile home in garden

Mobile home with wheels

Mobile homes are a state-of-art concept. These homes are pre-designed in a factory and then transported via tractor-trailers to the place where they need to be put up. Such prefabricated homes are far cheaper than the conventional ones. Mobile home additions can be done in many forms. Glass room additions are one of those. Apart from an increased tax liability, glass room additions will be very pleasant adding a lot of grace to your mobile home.

Cabinets can be installed in a vacant mobile home (having a structural set-up, a super structure). Even the cabinets can be brought straight from the factory location with a pre-applied wood finish. Adding a porch can definitely create an illusion of space in your home. A vacant mobile home looks big but once occupied a sense of stifle creeps in. This is where a well-crafted porch can come in very handy.

Corrosion resistant buildings

Building Corrosion resistant buildings

Constructing Corrosion resistant buildings

Buildings suffering from corrosion are more vulnerable to crumble. In tropical climates, where there is overhead rays of sun and monsoons hit “below the belt”, the chances of corrosion is greater. Thus, it is advisable to employ a skilled work force even if it means forking out more money for the purpose. These people know the texture and density of materials that would work for a given climate and geographical location. It is also significant to use relatively non-permeable stuffs. This is because permeability can be utilized by external forces to make a deeper gash or corrosion in the building.

Insufficient framework and structural designing also give corrosion a leg-up. If the construction is not covered properly, it again infests itself with many carriers of corrosion. While making a structure, right from the time of conceiving a blueprint, it is important to think of all the angles that can lead to corrosion on a later day.

Choosing Curved Stair Lifts for Residential Use

Lady using Curved Stair Lifts

Curved Stair Lifts for Residential Use

Curved stair lifts are ideal for those who are physically challenged and are unable to move about freely due to old age. Technical advancements have led to the discovery and installation of lifts both in case of curved and straight stair cases. However, if you opt for curved stair lifts to be used in your residence then you can easily settle several mobility issues without bringing any sort of variation in construction. For this you don’t need to spoil your peace of mind regarding the pattern or shape of your stairs as the curved stair lifts can be given any possible stature and shape.

These lift types can be easily mounted both on the interior as well as the exterior part of the staircases. However, for the proper protection of those who are using curved stair lifts you can go about installing obstruction sensors for the apt prevention of fatal injuries and possible damage of the lift systems. For better safety purpose the lifts also come with seat belts and swivel locks. When you are not using the elevator you can fold and store it with ease. Curved stair lifts are in most cases made of aluminiums and steel and they ensure extreme durability and robustness.

Ideas for A-Frame Structures

Home structure with A frame

A frame home structure

Do you want to have a simple, yet elegant home? There are many styles of these kinds of homes, but the best has to be the one that has an A-frame structure. A-frame structures are not only simple and elegant; they are also quite affordable when compared to other styles of houses. This structure designs are ideal for areas that experience heavy precipitation, especially snow and ice. If you are considering getting an A-frame structure home, here are some things that you should think about.

The house that you plan to get should have the design that fits your tastes and preferences. You also need to ensure that the house has ample ventilation. Insulation should also be perfect in this kind of house. This will help you save on energy costs. The lighting should also be done perfectly if you want to enjoy your stay in your new A-frame Structure.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Prefabricated white Steel Building

Constructed Prefabricated Steel Building

Buildings in modern day constructions excessively use steel in various components e.g. sheets, welded beams, gutters, ridges, flashings and louvers. The prefabrication helps in bringing some important properties to steel and improve its overall structural strength too. The greatest advantage of steel which is pre-fabricated is that it is more economical compared to wood and stone. Exterior paneling and the usage of I-frames helps improve the overall quality of the steel structures.

It is also easier to design steel buildings and the final finish, ease and cost of adding accessories required on steel structures are good reasons to choose pre-fabricated steel over other materials. Prefabricated steel is easy to relocate and also incur less welding costs. These are also more resistant to rust and wear because of their protective alloy coatings. These coatings ensure that the steel doesn’t react to other chemicals in runaway water, neither does it corrode over a period of time.

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