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Cottage house for modern living

Modern look of Cottage house

Small look of Cottage house

Cottage house for modern living is an apt solution to the problem of dwelling and cost. Most of the people prefer to live in big houses forgetting that the cottages are better option for the recession hit society.

The cottage house is a simply constructed house with attractive design and a white fence with creepers on it. These houses are pretty small with average size of plot being 800 square feet.  The advantage of cottage houses:

The construction and maintenance overnight costs are very low with less property tax to be paid.

These houses heat up easily and remain cozy thus the utility bills are also less.

The cleaning of the cottages is easy which cut down the time spent on cleaning. This extra time can be spent with your loved ones.

Though some people may have a cramped feeling due to the smaller size, yet they also start loving their cottage after the initial hitch. Cottages are constructed as per the taste of the house owners therefore they have a distinct personal touch to them.

Traditional home construction versus Modular home construction

Two working on a Modular home construction

Modular home construction benefits

The traditional home construction has been going on since the first man settled in a house. There has been drastic change in the construction business and modular home construction has taken over the traditional home construction.

The modular homes are comparatively cheaper than the traditional homes. The reason being the modular homes are manufactured in the factory where they purchase all the items in bulk.

The modular houses are pre-fabricated in different colors, shapes and sizes. This gives the house owner an option to choose what he likes.

The modular houses are more stable and safe as there is more amount of lumber used in them. The screws and glue used are also of quite high quality.

The modular houses are built without the adverse effect of weather and other external adversities.

These houses can be constructed earlier than the traditional homes.

The traditional homes are constructed absolutely according to the house owner’s choice but the homeowner has to choose from the modular construction material. This sometimes may not be absolutely to his liking.

Trends In Home Construction

Different trends in Home Construction

Home Construction latest trends

Today, green technology is dominating the world, whether it is medical sector, fashion industry or construction sector. Because more and more people are becoming environment conscious and there have been lots of promotions about the use of natural resources, people are using consciously making green choices, even while getting their home constructed or renovated. By using materials such as wood, cork, jute, bamboo and rubber, you will not only save a lot of money as compared to expensive materials, you will also give your home a natural and unique look. Now-a-days, one of the popular trends in home construction is log home which is entirely built of log wood, including its walls, floor and furniture.

If you build your home with green construction materials, they will construct a healthier and safer home for you. Even if you are a sensitive home owner, a naturally made home will keep you free from any chemical based or toxic materials, thus creating a safe and comfortable environment around you.

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