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Advantages of Eco-Friendly Construction

Eco-friendly home

Eco-friendly home construction

There are many advantages of going green. Eco-friendly construction helps in increasing the value of your home and the surroundings too. Eco-friendly construction considers the use of materials that are environmental friendly and efficient resources used for it. The materials used in eco-friendly constructions are renewable and doesn’t harm the surrounding environment. Going green principle is being accepted by many of the home owners. The stated pros of having an eco-friendly construction will help you in knowing the exact usefulness of going green.

Pros of eco-friendly construction:

Increases indoor air quality:

Indoor air quality is affected and depends upon the indoor condition of your home and how it is affecting the members of the home. The conditions are stated as: Thermal condition, lightings, air quality and ergonomics.

For improving the quality of life, reducing the stress level, and protecting the health of the members at your home, good indoor air quality is the best medicine. It is considered as one of the eco-friendly construction way of increasing the beauty of your home. Going green and using green materials by using operable windows that helps in allowing the sunlight and also helps in reducing the materials that might end up with harmful elements for health.

Low functioning and maintenance costs:

Eco-friendly construction uses materials that require low maintenance and cleaning cost. It selects unique sources of resources that works efficiently like energy and water. This both the factors are eco-friendly in nature. You can make the use of task lighting strategy in construction. This strategy means taking lot of intake of daylight.

Eco-friendly construction takes into consider the use of such strategies which takes less usage of powers. It helps in saving on energy and water bills to the home owners. Going green can also help in reducing approximately 70 percentages of energy consumption. Eco-friendly construction is a bit expensive in cost as compared to non-green construction. But its effects are advantages in long run to the home owners.

Efficient energy source:

The main objective of going green is independence from depending upon the non-renewable sources such as coal. For avoiding this situation, they make the use of solar panels that helps in reducing the use of energy consumption i.e. non-renewable resources. It consists of constructing windows in such way that allows maximum amount of sunlight to enter the home premise.

Non-renewable resources are pollutes and expensive in cost, so it’s advisable of going green for making the best use of renewable resources that are never going to scarce.

Increasing the ratio of good health:

Members of the home enjoy many of health benefits because the materials used in the eco-friendly construction are safe and not harmful for the health. For example, in eco-friendly construction, use of plastic by-products is avoided. Because it is found that it releases toxic components that are harmful for the people. The toxic elements not only cause health or breathing problems but are likely to increase the chances of getting ill, rather say cancer.

Important Pointers while making Your Wooden Shed

Constructing a wooden Shed

Building a wooden shed

Construction of a wooden shed can be a good home improvement option. Wooden shed can be durable and can better protect your house from all kinds of unforeseen climatic changes. There are some compulsory steps that you must follow and be careful about while making a wooden shed for your backyard. There are certain steps involved:

Choosing a purpose is very important. Whether it will be a relaxing place for you, or just foe enjoying a hobby, or to store certain equipments, it is very important to know why you are putting up the shed. Then the further procedures become easier. Secondly locating the place is very essential. You should be careful if you are placing it under the shed because it will become very messy with the dirt and the bird droppings. The site that you opt for must be carefully selected. It must not have ant debris, rocks or plants growing. The ground must be preferably flat and down ward sloping backwards for proper flowing of the rain water into the drainage system.

There must be a proper detailed drawing of the different parts of the building procedure. You can also have a rough picture of how your shed will look after it is completed. Wooden shed must be your ideal choice as fixing it is not very difficult and it is durable at the same time. Cedar must be applied to the shed to prevent it from rotting away. It also makes the wooden shed insect resistant. It also adds glamour and makes it a center of attraction for your backyard. You should also get some help from the workers who make such sheds as it makes the work easier and faster. The electrical requirements must be kept in mind from beforehand and accordingly you must plan. Higher quality material will help you to be satisfied with the work and you can live happily without any worries.

Eco friendly construction materials of 2013

Eco friendly construction materials

Construction materials which are Eco friendly

With a view of protecting the environment, the latest trend is to use eco friendly construction materials. The practice of using eco friendly construction materials has started much before. With the years passing by, more and more researches are going to improve the eco friendly construction materials. As a result more and more construction materials have come in to the market.

The materials now used in the construction purpose can be easily recycled. The recyclable materials though at the initial point cost much but then it protects the environment.

Almost all houses now have a solar panel installed at the roof top to reduce the use of conventional energy sources as much as possible. This is also an important thing towards protecting the environment. Also in some construction sites, eco friendly methods which produce less dust and smoke are used.

Construction companies have also come up with innovative ideas regarding the flooring and roofing. While you can go for bamboo flooring which is an eco friendly material you can also adopt the idea of green roofing for your house.

A Brief on eco-friendly construction products

Eco-friendly construction materials

Construction materials which are eco-friendly

The environmentally conscious folks today rely on eco-friendly construction chemicals to assure a safe environment. Here is a brief on the different eco-friendly construction chemicals.
When it comes to your wall, you can go for the recycled metals and reclaimed woods. If you are looking for a green insulation go for a blend of denim materials and recycled cotton in place of toxic traditional insulation. In regard to flooring you can choose from concrete flooring, stone flooring, flooring from recycled tiles, recycled metals, bamboo cork and even more eco-friendly linoleum.

The usual paints are usually toxic and thus greatly harmful for the environment. But these days you have eco-friendly paint options which are either non-toxic completely or contain less toxic painting chemicals. Then, for the countertops and cabinetry options, go for the furnishing made out of sustainable woods with non-toxic finish. Use aqua-based glues when you have to stick the countertops with the cabinets.

What are green construction chemicals

Green construction materials for home

Materials for green construction

There have been a lot of signs that have marked the slowing down of the regional constructions. Therefore, it is only natural for you to think that it may not be a good time for being in the industry of chemical construction. However, you may be wrong. It is believed that a recovery in the economy can be brought by the green shoots. These are basically derived by the process of bottoming out of the house.

They may even be represented by the achievement of stabilization in the process of cement or steel. There certain shapes that quite definite in the industry of chemical constructions of these shoots. They are very important part f the green construction and therefore, there is a regional shift in the guidelines of the frameworks that used to be rigid. People are of this belief that this shoot will lead to a time of better finances.

Benefits of a green home design

Designs for green home

Green home design

In this age of growing pollution, green home is the best option. If you are planning to build a house, green home is the latest buzz and green is the way to go. Green home would definitely serve you long time and be of long term benefit to you and to the environment. A few basic changes can turn your home into an eco-friendly home. Use of organic building materials and less of natural resources, alternatives sources of energy like solar heater or panels, wind turbines, installation of natural ventilation are the few steps to build your green home.

A green home design also reduces your maintenance cost. The value of a green home is much more compared to that of a standard home and with time it is gaining much more value. Tax incentive is a huge benefit for the construction and designing of environment friendly eco green houses.

Benefits of installing energy efficient doors

Doors which are energy efficient

Energy efficient doors

Energy efficient doors will significantly reduce energy bills by cutting down the expenses involved in keeping the room interior hot or cool. These doors have the capability of heat retention and allowing controlled sunlight inside the room. The glass panels constituting the doors bestow the door with energy efficient characteristics. The doors’ efficiency also depends on their ability to prevent seepage of air through or around them.

The energy performance ratings of the door should be checked with the manufacturer to judge their suitability for the design of your home and the prevailing climatic conditions. The energy performance varies depending on the location where the door is to be installed like the front or back of home. These doors customarily have a steel cover encompassing polyurethane foam insulation. A magnetic strip resembling that used for freezer doors make the weather stripping. The energy efficient doors are contemporary and lend a sophisticated look to the room.

Energy efficient beautiful cedar homes

Gorgeous cedar homes

Beautiful cedar homes

Undoubtedly, cedar lends a spectacular look to your home not just externally but also internally. Often you may have a preconceived notion about the smell that it may emanate, just like your closet! But the cedar used for construction purpose is obviously different from the aromatic cedar used for furniture and closets. The benefit of using cedar in building homes are several, let us take a look:

a. With cedar, you can have to construct a traditional looking home or a very stylish and unique looking home.

b. Non-aromatic western red cedar is used for constructing houses and they are laced it natural preserving oils that keeps moisture, mildew  and insects at bay.

c. Cedar homes can be huge or small, and with open floor plans and tall windows, they provide great passive cooling and heating opportunities.

You may opt for different designs depending  upon your need. For making it more energy efficient, you may use cedar logs.

Green home construction

Image of Green home construction

Construction of Green home

Green home construction is a relatively new term in the home construction scenario where the homes are constructed to protect the environment. The green home construction follows LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specifications.

The green home construction depends on the following:

Using original construction materials for building that are environment friendly. This causes least harm to the trees and the nature.

Site is selected near the existing consumer facilities like school; market etc so that less energy and fuel are consumed in transportation.

The buildings are constructed to get more sunlight and fresh air so as to conserve the electricity that otherwise would be needed for lightening and air-conditioning.

The water is conserved by using rain water harvesting and having smaller lawns.

Recyclable and recycled materials for building construction are used.

The houses are well insulated to prevent the energy loss.

Solar panels are used for heating and providing lighting solutions.

Soy based building materials for insulation can be used to make the homes more environment-friendly.

Things to Consider in Buying Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Bamboo an Eco-Friendly material

Eco-Friendly construction material – Bamboo

The eco friendly construction materials are in vogue. As more and more people become aware of the harm that people have inflicted to get on the nature, they are trying to protect the environment in their own way. Constructing eco-friendly homes is one such endeavor.
When buying eco friendly construction materials, one must consider the following:

• Check how much eco-friendly the construction materials are.

• Buy local products as they save the nature from hazards due to transportation

• They should be easy to maintain and clean so that toxics or detergents are not used much

• They must be durable

• The use of aluminum or copper for the solar paneling can make your home more eco friendly.

• Terracotta tiles,glass tiles etc are the ideal for floors

• The bamboo and coco lumber are the best options for doors and walls

• The air monitoring should also be eco-friendly

• Be assured that the construction materials you are buying are genuinely eco-friendly.

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