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How to Remove Stains from Vinyl Floors

Lady cleaning Vinyl floor

Vinyl floor cleaning process

We all know that vinyl floors are highly durable in nature and can last for a longer time offering its beauty and charm. But when it is affected by rust stains, it is important to remove it as fast as possible before it head ahead in getting stained permanently. The actual stainless steel is not the rusting effects. But there are many factors that can cause rusting effects to your vinyl floors like any sink that is contacted with the floor or any metal strip touching the floor. Once the stains are removed from the surface, the sink will be restored again to its pristine condition. You can also use this process on your older sink that is also affected by from the iron plate. Even, there are different methods of getting rid of this situation. You can make the use of two top three different natural methods for cleaning the surface of your vinyl floors. Here are certain steps that might be helpful to you. Follow them so that you can enjoy a streak free vinyl floors in your home.

Process of removing stains from vinyl floors:

  • Start the process by remove the loose rust that you observe on the surface of your vinyl floors. If you do not prefer to use chemical cleaning solutions, start up the process by using a paper towel and damp it a little bit for wiping off any loose rust debris or pieces. This will help you in minimizing the area of scrubbing in the further steps.
  • Make the use of vinegar, as vinegar is termed to be one of the most effective stains removing cleanser. It is a natural cleaner that helps in removing the stains off the surface of your vinyl floors. Cover up the entire area that is affected by stains by using vinegar and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Let it soak up the surface that is stained.
  • Well, if you’re not in a hurry for cleaning your vinyl floors, it is advisable of keeping the vinegar overnight so that it can work efficiently on its surface. The acid will work its place and will end up removing the stain that is deeply affected. You can also make the use of a non-abrasive cleaning solution that works best of removing these types of stains.
  • If you observe vinegar to fail, you can definitely make the use of non-abrasive cleaners. It is to be directly applied on the surface where it is affected by stains. Let it rest for 30 to 35 minutes so that the chemical can easily get into the surface which is affected by the stains. Scrub the area which is affected by result stains. Make sure that you don’t apply much of the pressure otherwise it will end up damaging the surface of your vinyl floors.
  • If possible, reapply the solution again if you observe that the stain is not removing off the surface. Make proper use of cleaners and rinse it properly so that you can enjoy a stain free vinyl floor in your home.

Types Of Natural Stone Tiles

various types of Natural stone tiles

Types of Natural stone tiles

Natural stone is one of the most ancient materials you can use for your homes floor. However being such ancient also, it is quite fashionable and stylish. One of the best things about natural stone tiles is that they can install in any part of your home whether it is interior or it is exterior. If you decide to for installation of natural stone tiles then you must know which type of natural stone tiles you want to go for. For choosing the one out of various types of natural stone, you need to check All of them and then decide which is the best suitable to your home. Here are some of the popular types of natural stone tiles for your home.

Types of natural stone tiles

  • Granite stone

Granite is considered as one of the hardest natural stone and this why it is used most frequently in the kitchen. Granite is manufactured from the cooling magma which is found underground. The cooling process is extremely slow and granite is building both hardness and strength as it goes in the process. Granite is made up from plenty of minerals like feldspar and quartz. This will give granite its granular texture and composition. The strength of this material is also its weakness. Granite is very hard and strong and while you are installing it subfloor should be totally leveled and it should possess enough strength to support the heavy structure of natural stone. If your current flooring is having bumps or if it has tiny valleys, granite tiles are such that they will crack that easily. Granite natural stone tiles are beautiful and have varied choice in color along with tough surface and can take wear and tear comfortably from the normal lifestyle but it is heavy and needs proper support.

  • Marble stone

Marble is such natural stone which is made up from limestone crystallizes. This made from the result of high temperature and high pressure formed underground. This natural stone will become hard and dense as it gets crystallized. The hardness of this natural stone will be polished and smoothed at the time of the process. Just like the other natural stones, marble also need to be applying a protective sealant before using it. It must be maintained properly and must also be applied again for protecting it and maintaining it regularly. Marble is more susceptible to staining and hence you have to clean the floor instantly before you after any spills to avoid any essential damage. If the marble floor is left untreated with things like fruit juice, alcohol or any such products then it will stain your floor.

  • Slate stone

This natural stone is formed in the earth very deep as shale having right combination of pressure and heat. These types of natural stone have bit of dull and unfinished and uneven look. They are available in plenty of color and design choices. These types of natural stone will give more of a rustic and modern look.

How to Remove Vinyl Floors

Peeling off the Vinyl floor

Vinyl floor sheets peeling process

Although vinyl floors are among the best option of flooring that is perfectly suitable, still there are many reasons that might turn up the situation of removing the vinyl floors and replace it with the other. Although vinyl floors are longer lasting and highly durable, over the time it can get wear and tear and can also get damaged. In addition to that many a times home owners replace the floors simply because it is too old to use anymore. Regardless to the reason of removing the floor, removing the vinyl floor is bit more time consuming and a carefully process to be performed. You need to be patient enough for removing the vinyl floors off the surface of your floor.

While performing the project of removing the vinyl floors, it is advisable to be careful so that you don’t end up damaging the subfloor installed in your home. If damaged, it is important to repair it before you lay down any of the new flooring option in your home. Here are certain tips and steps on removing the vinyl floors. Make sure to follow them for performing the project in a better way.

Process of removing vinyl floors:

  • It is important to remove each and every thing that is placed in the room. Remove any of the furnishing and appliances that you have installed in your home. Remove any of the appliances that are placed on your vinyl floors.
  • Now, it is the time for removing any of the trim around your vinyl floors. Don’t forget the baseboard. If you’re planning of using the trim again, it is advisable of carefully using a flathead screwdriver for prying up the trim as well as the baseboard away from the walls. It is advisable of removing any nails that are attached to the trim.
  • Remove any of the stapes, tacks and nails that you observe on the edges of the floor. Pry them out. Make the use of small hammer or small prier for performing the process. It is advisable of removing the tacks and nails from the edges so that it don’t end up getting interrupted to the process.
  • Maintain the safety measures so that you do not end up stepping up on any of the nails or tack pieces on your floor. Now, it is the time for pulling off the vinyl sheets off the surface of the floor. Identify the corner where the vinyl is not glued and target that section for pulling off the vinyl sheets. Make the use of a putty or utility knife for cutting off the strip so that you can easily remove the vinyl sheets off the surface of the floor.
  • Scarp up the adhesive off the vinyl sheets. Make the use of scraper, so that you can pull off the sheets into pieces. Clean the floor before you apply or lay another layer of the flooring option. Once you remove the majority of the vinyl off the surface of your floor, make the use of vacuum for cleaning the floor so that you can lay your new floor again.

Types of Laminate Floor Molding

Image of T-molding

T-molding image

For completing the process of installing laminate floor, laminate floor molding is among the most essential parts of the process. Basically the work of laminate floor molding offers the home owners with a finished look and also helps in avoiding the expansion joint that is important. For better knowledge here are certain types of laminate floor molding and see for how to use it in your floor. Follow them for getting the knowledge of which types of laminate floor molding.

Laminate floor molding types:

End molding:

Another common type of laminate floor molding is end mold. This type of transition piece is usually shaped in the size of “L”. One of the “L” covers the edge of the laminate while the other section of it is attached to the ground. It is basically applied on the laminate floor that meets the outside door to give it a perfect finished. It is also used for installing the laminate next to the carpet too.

It is also named by a carpet reducer sometimes. Before installing the carpet, it is advisable to lay it first before you step ahead for the installation. It also helps in giving a perfect place for tucking up the carpet with a base.


It is among the most common type of laminate floor molding. It is easily available to the market and it is also termed to be the most famous laminate floor molding that can be used in your home. As the name suggest it is basically in the shape of “T”. The middle section of the molding goes into the ground and the two sides of the molding is helpful in covering the two sides of the floor. This type of molding is basically designed for holding two type of flooring options together.

For example you can make the use of laminate floor with the combination of hardwood floor. This combination works perfectly well by using T-molding for its intersection. Installing T-molding is important as it helps in working best for the contractions and the expansion of the flooring according to the temperature. It also helps in covering the edges of the laminate floors you installed in your home.


One of the commonly used laminate floor molding is a reducer. You can make the use of it for your laminate floors that are installed in your home. Reducer works in covering the edges of the laminates and hen works in reducing down the thinner surface. Well, this type of molding is best suitable while you’re replacing your laminate floors to the vinyl or other types of flooring option. Due to this feature, many of the home owners address it as vinyl reducers too. It will simply help you in offering a gradual sloppy effect that will turn up making the surface thinner. Even stairnose is another type of molding that is most commonly used in many of the forms. Home owners have the choice to decide, which type of laminate floor molding you want to install in your floors.

Pros And Cons Of marble Flooring

Pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble flooring in bathroom

Marble tile is a natural flooring and it is generated form the mountains across the world. It is very much famous for its extraordinary beauty, elegance and the style. Marble flooring has been in the market since centuries and has beautified plenty of palaces of various kings and queens making this material a very upgraded and upscale material for homes. Marble flooring has proved itself very well and had stood with the test of time. Now just this much information about marble flooring is not enough if you are seriously considering marble flooring as a choice for your home then you must know more about it and research about it deeply before you go for installing it. To help you out about knowing more about marble flooring, here are some of the pros and cons of marble flooring.


  • Unique

Marble is a natural product from the earth and hence every single piece of marble which is used in the flooring is one of its kinds which make it very unique and you will not find any other like this anywhere else in the entire world. In case of multi-color marble this can be really very rare as each tile has different blend and combinations giving your floor a very unique and beautiful look. If you go for more solid colored looks then the changes and shifts will be very much subdued and subtle. This feature will give your floor a very different personality.

  • Natural look

Marble flooring in your home gives your home a very much natural look which you will probably not get in other types of flooring. It will give the feel of dignity and power of flowing mountain into an interior space. Even when this material is refined very heavily, the presence and inherent feel of the energy can have significant impact.

  • Stylish

One of the major pros of marble flooring is that it can loft up the look of the room instantly giving it such an appearance which is difficult to imitate. Marble is available in varied range of colors and even in several mixes giving the flexibility for various decorative schemes. Marble flooring tiles can be given various shapes like triangles of different size which will create a more complex mosaic installation.

  • Replacement

As we have discussed marble flooring is very unique and imitating it is not possible hence while installing it, you must have an extra box of marble tiles so that they can be used for replacement in case of any damage.


  • Water damage

Each and every natural stone is porous and marble flooring is very prone to water and penetration issues. Marble flooring can easily stain out by the colorful liquid agents.

  • Cracks

Marble flooring is very soft and hence whenever there is fall of any heavy substance chances are there of it getting cracked, chipped or breakage. Chances are there of getting it break even in the standard weight.

Pros And Cons Of Stone Flooring

Home having stone flooring

Stone flooring in home

Stone flooring are one of the beautiful flooring and is also very sturdy and having a long life. Stone flooring is also very versatile and it can be installed in almost any of the room of your home. Stone flooring is by far the only material which can be used in both places indoors and outdoors and that too with ease. This type of flooring can be a good choice for your home and if you are considering it to be installed in your home then you must know it in detail and also come to know about the pros and cons of it. Knowing the pros and cons of stone flooring will help you to decide whether it is appropriate for the weather you are residing and also the kind of lifestyle you have. To help you out with your decision making process, here are some of the pros and cons of stone flooring.


  • Long lasting

There is a reason why all the structures which were built in ancient time are still standing and that is because they are building out of stone. This proves that stone is very strong material and if you want your flooring to be strong enough to last for several numbers of years to come then stone flooring is perfect choice for you. If you are building your new home and you are intending to stay there for long period of time then stone flooring is great choice to make. As compared to that with wood flooring which needs high maintenance, finishing and replacement, stone flooring is very low maintenance material and don’t even need to be replaced very often.

  • Naturally cool

If you are residing in an area with warm climate or temperature all around the year then stone flooring is perfect choice for your home as it has the ability to keep itself cool naturally. If the temperature is rising outdoors then walking barefoot indoors on your stone flooring will give you a nice and satisfying feeling.

  • Stone can be used indoors and outdoors

You can connect your indoor and outdoor space and have a great flow by using the same flooring inside and outside of your flooring. You can do this if you install stone flooring in your home as it is compatible with both indoors and outdoors. This will look far better if you install large windows and sliding doors with glass.


  • Costly

There is no two ways that stone is a costly flooring option and you can’t get away with it. One of the ways of cutting down the cost is to buy the local stones as it will reduce the cost of shipping but even after deducting these costs, you will have to pay quite more. The overall costing of stone flooring is more as compared to other flooring options like wood.

  • Slippery surface

Stone flooring is quite slippery that too when they are wet. You can go for hones finish as it is less slippery but when it is wet, it also gets very slippery which can be issue if you have old age people and kids in home.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Vinyl Flooring

Home having vinyl floor

vinyl floor in home

Vinyl flooring is either available in tile form or sheet form. It is considered as one of the cheapest types of flooring options. Vinyl flooring is very much popular among many homeowners as it offers a great value to your home. Vinyl flooring is available in wide array of colors, styles and designs. When there is so much available that too in friendly budget, why would anyone refrain from installing vinyl flooring in their homes? If you are choosing vinyl tiles to be installed in your home, then it can be cut very easily and can also be installed very easily and one of the good news is that you can also opt for DIY installation of vinyl tiles. On the other hand, if you are choosing sheet vinyl then, it can be difficult for a DIY installer to install it in the home. However you should make any decision in hurry and choosing the flooring for your home is no small matter. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of vinyl flooring and then decide yourself which one weighs more and then go for installation if you think so.


  • Ease in installation

One of the biggest benefits of installing vinyl floor in home is that it can be installed very easily. This will save you money if you go for DIY installation and even if you are hiring professional for installing it then also it would not be costing you too much due to ease in installation.

  • Stain resistant

If you are opting for printed vinyl tiles then they would be coming with a wear layer which would be acting as a surface barrier saving up your floor from spills and stains. These materials are extremely easy to clean and even maintenance is also quite easy. Even if there is any stain on your floor, clean it on the spot and you would not need ay cleaning solution also.

  • Low on cost

Those homeowners who are tight on budget and finding a flooring option which is good offering several benefits, that too in budget then vinyl floor are perfect choice for them. There are several choices in quality, design and price and you can pick the one matching with your needs and you price to offer.

  • Durability

Vinyl flooring has good durability and it can last for a long period of time if maintained properly. These flooring can last up to 20 years depending upon the quality you are choosing.


  • Problem in repairing

One of the major drawbacks of installing vinyl flooring is that it is quite difficult to repair it when it gets damaged. Vinyl is such a material which cannot be refinished and hence when it gets damaged there is no other option then to remove it and replace it with the new one. However this thing is also easy when it comes to tile installed as compared to that with sheet vinyl.

Tips To Clean Wooden Floor

Ways of Cleaning wooden floor

Tips of Cleaning wooden floor

It is since years that we adore the beauty and natural looks of wooden floor. However beautiful it looks, it also takes that much effort in return for maintaining that beauty. However when it comes to maintaining wooden floors, the basic thing is cleaning wooden floor. You might be thinking what the big deal in cleaning wooden floor is but it is a big deal in cleaning wooden floor. Wood is a sensitive material and also expensive one and you don’t want to ruin it or damage it while choosing the wrong cleaning material or choosing the wrong cleaning technique. To avoid any such scenario, it is advisable to learn various tips for cleaning wooden floor. There are several types of wooden floor and each one of them has different cleaning needs and techniques. Here are some of the tips of cleaning wooden floor which will be guide and helping you out to clean your wood floor without damaging it.

  • Cleaning wooden floor which are finished

Majority of the modern hardwood floors are finished. This means that they are all coated with heavy duty. They also have hard wearing sealant which is used for protecting the wood under it. Urethane, polyacrylic and polyurethane are some of the common sealants as these are stain resistant and are also waterproof.  These being waterproof means you can clean wooden floors easily with water without any worry of moisture issues and water damaging your floor. You can clean wooden floors which are finished with water mixed up with mild cleaning agents like laundry detergent and liquid dishwashing. Even though these are waterproof you should make sure to use little bit of water and not too much as at the end these is wood only. There are several floors which are prefinished and that means that the floor boards are already sealed before even they gets fit into your home. This will lead in having cracks in the floorboard from where water can seep in to and can damage your wooden floor. When you are making use of soap and water, ensure to wrong the mop totally so that it is not laid on the floor too much and just a little to take all the dust and dirt from the floor.

  • Cleaning wooden floors which are unfinished

Having unfinished wooden floor means that the surface of your floor is matte instead of being glossy. One of the drawbacks of having matter surface is that scratches will be seen more easily on such floors and cleaning will also be a concern here which is not there in case of glossy finish of wooden floor. In today’s time, there are very few wooden floors which are unfinished and rests all are finished. While cleaning wooden floors which are unfinished, you need to make sure you are not allowed to use extreme water as it will damage the floor. Open all your windows and keep the room ventilated while cleaning wooden floor which are unfinished to keep it away from moisture issues.

Flooring Choice For Kitchen

Options for kitchen flooring

Flooring choice for kitchen

There are varied options of flooring but not all of them suitable for kitchen. While considering flooring choice for kitchen, you have to be careful as it is that area of some which have to face many troubles. It would be definitely a high traffic area with lots of spills. While considering flooring choice for kitchen you have to make the function and durability your priority instead of looks. If you are not much alert while making flooring choice for kitchen chances are chances there are moisture issues or denting or curling an in short span of time only, you will have to replace or repair your floor which can be very costly. While making flooring choice for kitchen, make sure that the type you choose is good with traffic, moisture, spills and oil as these are things every kitchen face. If you are not much aware as to which flooring choice for kitchen would be ideal, here is a list of flooring types you can check out for your kitchen.

  • Bamboo flooring

One of the best flooring choice for kitchen can be bamboo. This is eco-friendly material and it is one of those products which grow very easily and quickly. It is one of the sustainable sources of flooring. Apart from the eco-friendly aspect, bamboo has immense strength as compared with other natural flooring types present in the market. One of the other tips while buying bamboo flooring for your kitchen is that you need to go with a reputable brand and that too with a company which gives the highest warranty. The quality of bamboo is basically reflected from the time of warranty it gives. This material for kitchen is also quite durable. One of the issues with bamboo flooring is that it can get dent very easily.

  • Carpet flooring

While considering flooring choice for kitchen, carpet has been historically famous choice. However the issues with carpet are its maintenance needs and cleaning issues. But however the modern carpet tiles are great and they are designed and tested and made proper for the kitchen. This is having the industrial grade rating and they are also very much easy installation and they are also quite durable. Another pro of installing carpet flooring in kitchen is that it is easy to clean. Other advantages of installing carpet flooring in kitchen are that it can be removed very easily and also cleaned very efficiently.

  • Concrete kitchen flooring

Concrete is also a great flooring choice for kitchen as it avails your kitchen with contemporary look. The best reason why concrete flooring is installed in kitchen is its durability. Concrete can withstand any heavy objects on it and still don’t crack or break. Hence it is one of the best flooring choice for kitchen. Concrete is also very much versatile and is also moisture resistant.

Pros and Cons: Tile Flooring

Tile flooring installed

Constructed Tile floors

Tile flooring is among the popular option of flooring that can be installed in any of the room in your home. Well, a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors available in tile flooring that might put the home owners in a huge dilemma is which one to select for the home. There are different ranges of colors, sizes, materials and shapes exist in today’s time. Tile flooring is a flooring option that is suitable in most of the rooms, but especially tile flooring option is sued in bathrooms and kitchen area in the home. With so many of its benefits, there are certain disadvantages that are supplied with the tile flooring option. Here are the list of Pros and Cons of Tile flooring option for your home.

Tile flooring option:


Well, there are many benefits of tile flooring. Here are the most useful and accurate benefits that suits perfectly for home owners planning of installing tile flooring.

  • Tile flooring option is well-known and popular. It is one of the most beautiful flooring option that that helps in adding the element of beauty to your floors. It is available in so many different colors, ranges, sizes, patterns and shapes that increase your flooring style and you’re room’s designer look.
  • Tile flooring option is quite durable in nature. As most of the tile flooring option is hard to crack, destroy and break. You can simply try it out by dropping a piece of glass or any other hard material on your floors, the proof will be in front of you.
  • Well, according to me, tile flooring is easy to install as compared to other flooring options. With a little amount of time and using accurate tools and materials, it’ easy for any average person for installing it on their own.


Each and every thing is supplied with some of the flaws in it. So, why not in the case of tile flooring?

  • Well, tile flooring option is quite cold to touch. If you’re having sensitive skin and feet or simply if you catch up the cold easily, going barefoot on the tile floors is not at all a good option. Especially for colder months, tile floors tend to catch up more cooling effects as compared to other flooring options.
  • If you like to wear high heels and click and clack shoes, well, I must say tile flooring is not a suitable option of flooring for your home. Tile flooring is noisier as compared to other flooring materials.
  • If planning of installing tile flooring as the option in your home, be ready for your every step known to the members and also for the echoing too. As tile flooring tends to increase the sound ratio and has the tendency of carrying the sound to the down hallway and across the rooms.
  • There are more chances of slipping when your tile floors are wet enough, you need to be attentive while installing it because it might damage your health as well some of your bones too!!


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