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Tips To Paint An Aluminum Garage Door

Ways of Painting aluminum garage door

Tips of Painting aluminum garage door

Do you have a garage? Is your garage door of aluminum and it looks dull and old? If yes then it’s high time you make it look like new again. One of the easiest ways to make your garage door look like new is to paint it. By painting an aluminum garage door, you can make your garage door polished and clean without having the need of replacing it. This is one of the most simple and cheapest ideas of making your aluminum garage door look like new. Firstly you have to gather all the supplies for painting an aluminum garage door. Here is a list of things you will need for painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Ladder
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloths
  • Sponge
  • Turpentine or solvent
  • Soapy water
  • Exterior paint either acrylic or oil based
  • Primer preferably oil based
  • Scrubbing brush

After collecting all the supplies, start with the process of painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Clean your door

It is important to clean your garage door before you start to paint an aluminum garage door. If you want a perfect surface for the primer, you have make aluminum free from any dirt, dust or anything else. If it is not done so, the paint will not adhere properly with the surface and it will not look that good. If there are any loose particles then get rid of it by using firm bristled brush and make use of warm and soapy water for cleaning the door and scrub and get rid of any loose parts which chips away from the surface. Aluminum is such a material which doesn’t get oxidized but its factory finish can do deteriorate.

  • Prepare your aluminum door

It is more preferable to avoid painting the outside objects in cold, hot or wet weather. Alloys and metals will be expanding in hot air and will be retaining heat and hence the paint is not going to dry in the highest standard which you would be expecting. Hence when you are planning to paint an aluminum garage door, try to pick a day which is mild and clear for getting the desired result.

  • Paint your aluminum door

When you are painting your aluminum door, make sure to paint from top to bottom. If you are painting the bottom part first, you will have to repaint it after you are done with painting the top as the paint spills will be coming on the bottom part while you are painting the top part. Oil based exterior paint will be good for painting an aluminum garage door. Use a large brush while painting as it will help you to complete the job faster and more easily.

  • Apply second coat

When you are done with applying first coat of paint, allow some time for letting it dry. Once it is dry, you can apply the second coat of it. Make sure you leave 24 hours before applying second coat of paint. While applying second paint coat of paint, make sure to be smooth to get a uniform surface.

How To Clean And Paint Garage Floors

Homeowner painting garage floor

Painting garage floor with roller

Painting garage floors and cleaning them goes side by side as you cannot go for painting garage floor without cleaning them. If your garage floor looks too much old, dull and dirty, you must take a day out of your tight schedule and go for cleaning and painting garage floors. You need to pick up some tools and supplies before you start cleaning and painting garage floors. Here are some of the must needed things for cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Push broom
  • Paint brush
  • Extension pole
  • Epoxy paste
  • Cat litter
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Pressure washer
  • Paint roller cover and frame

Once you have collected all the tools and supplies, you can start up with the process of cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Get rid of the oil and grease spots

Before you paint or seal or your garage floor or go for power washing it, you have t remove the grease and oils stains from your garage floors. Cover up the stains of grease with a layer of cat litter or saw dust. These things will be absorbing excess amount of oil and grease and also the rust spots. Let these materials stay on your garage floor for minimum one day. Make use of push broom having rigid bristles for sweeping up the saw dust, dirt and cat litter. Put some of the dry dishwashing solution or the concrete cleaning solution on the stain. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the stain for 45 minutes and then pour some of the boiling water on it and then scrub the area gently with the broom on the stained section. If the stains are very much stubborn then you can make use of muriatic acid mixed up with pressure washer. Allow this acid to sit for some seconds and then rinse it off with clean water. Make use of baking soda on the clear area for neutralizing the acid and then clean it off.

  • Get rid of rust stains

Make use of combination of trisodium phosphate along with hot water and make your concrete wet with this solution. Allow it to sit there for 15 minutes and then rinse it with clear water and you will get rid of rust stains.

  • Fill up the cracks

You can make sue of epoxy paste for filing up the small cracks. Once you are done with filling the crack, take off the excess epoxy from the floor. After the repair is dried totally, do some light sanding for making the finish smooth. Let the repair dry properly for sufficient amount of time.

  • Paint your floor

After you are done with cleaning and repairing your garage floor, it’s time to seal it you can make use of sealant which will also be working as primer if you are going to paint garage floors. After all these you can finally go for painting garage floors. Make sure to use epoxy paint which are designed specifically for garage floors only. Mix well and then apply the paint to your garage floor.

How To Repair A Garage Door

Professional Repairing garage door

Repairing garage door

There are basically two components of a garage door, the door and the opener. Any issues in these two can be a problem. Improper garage door is pain in head. Every time you open the door, there is some issue, this is really very annoying. If you are having overhead garage doors then it will either roll up in sections or it will swing in one single piece and will operate on spring tension. The door will be moving on metal track on the walls of garage and the heavy springs will be providing the power. In majority of the cases, when the door is not working easily, repairs will be very easy and simple. If your garage door is facing any trouble then you can repair a garage door easily by yourself without having the need to call a professional. This will repair a garage door more quickly and some of your bucks will also be saved. Here are some of the easy and simple steps to repair a garage door.

Step 1

Have a look at the metal tracks in your garage. Also check the mounting brackets which are holding up the tracks to the walls. If you find them loose, get the screws and bolts tighten at the brackets. Try and work inside the garage by keeping the door closed and then check out the tracks for any dents, flat spots or crimps. If you find any damaged spots then pound them with rubber mallet by using a hammer along with block of scrap wood. If you find the track are damaged heavily then make sure to replace them.

Step 2

Second step of repairing a garage door involves checking the tracks with a level for making sure that they are aligned properly. Make sure that the horizontal tracks are properly slanted in the downward position at the back side of the garage. Make sure that the vertical parts of track and roll up doors are plumb appropriately. Both the tracks should be at equal height on the walls of the garage. If you find that the tracks are not aligned properly, consider loosening them but don’t remove the bolts or screws which are holding up the mounting brackets and very carefully tap the track in the right position. Check the track again with level for ensuring that they are in the correct position. After that, tighten the screws at mounting brackets.

Step 3

Make use of concentrated household cleaners for cleaning the tracks and getting rid of the dirt and hard grease. Clean up the rollers efficiently and wipe up both tracks and the rollers.

Step 4

Inspect for any loose hardware if any and get them tightened. See for the swing up doors and check out for the plates where you see the spring mounted to make sure that the screws are tightened. Check for the hinges on the roll up doors which hold up the sections of the door with each other. Check for the damaged hinges if any and replace them with new one if it is necessary.


Tips on Building Garage Doors

Person installing garage door

Garage door installation by a home owner

Pre-made garage doors are easier to install and mount as compared to those of constructing the new ones. But, there’s nothing to worry about as the process of building a garage door is not as hard and stressful as you’re imagining. Besides I can say, building a garage door is more cost efficient and effective as compared to that of pre-made garage door.

In fact building your own garage door offers more space and helps in allowing your creativity in selecting the design and pattern you need for your garage. Are you interested in selecting a limited edition type of garage door or you want to design it by your creativity in your own way? Decide it by yourself what you want?

Building garage door tips:

First of all decide what things and materials you’ll need in the process of building a garage door. Well, a garage door is basically a frame that is covered with several panel locks that helps in safe guarding your car or your vehicle. So while building a garage door, you would not only need to add up the locking panels but also needed to prepare the frame for fixing the door in. Take accurate measurement which is another important aspect when it comes for building a garage door. Once you measured the area, it’s advisable of measuring it again. Even an inch of difference might end up damaging and interrupting your entire process.

And if you’re replacing your old garage door with the new one, make the measurement thoroughly before buying the new one. In fact take the help of the old door for measuring the exact measurements needed. Before you start the process, be sure about the design you want to install in your garage. There are different types of ideas available of garage door that can become your view for installing.

Decided certain things like how many locking panels you need, whether you need any window or opening panel in your garage door or not? I mean it might turn up a bit difficult process but you can make it simply easy by looking at the pictures of different garage doors on the internet. It helps in offering a picture clear idea about which type of design is best suitable for your garage door. Draw out your plan on the paper for notifying the things you are going to perform further.

Next is to buy the materials needed for building your garage door. It’s good if the material store is nearby your home, it helps in fetching the right materials on time while performing the process. In fact if you’re prepared with the plans already, it might prove helpful in simplifying things and stuffs that might allow you in selecting better type of building materials for your garage door.

And if you have any plans for some special materials to be used in the building process, order it early so that you might not end up with a left over process of building your garage door of your own wish.

Comparison Of Carport And Garage

Comparison of garage and carport

Carport vs garage

When you buy a new car, you always think of its safety. You will keep it clean, drive very carefully but park anywhere you get place. Just like you take screen guard for protecting your new phone, you need a carport or a garage for protecting your new car. Well we all are aware that cars depreciate very speedily, its value decreases from the moment we drove off from the store. However this does not mean you should not protect it. It’s a big investment of your life and you have to take adequate care for it. When it comes to protecting your car, both carport and garage are pro in it, but you have to choose one which is best. For deciding whether to go for carport or for garage, you need a comparative study about both carport and garage which will help you in decided what exactly is better choice for you satisfying your need and also okay with your budget. Here is an in depth comparison of carport and garage.

  • Safety

The basic function of carport is to protect your car from all the external weather elements. Carport protects your car from scorching sunlight, high winds and also hails damage. Carport will also be able to manage the temperature when the outer temperature is high and sun is so high all day. Sunlight can fade the color of your car and having a carport installed and parking your car under there will save your car from fading. However carport is such a structure which will be open from minimum one side and most of them are open from all sides and there is no full protection.

On a contrary, a garage is covered from all the sides and no side is left open. Hence garage can protect your car in far more better manner. You can also lock up your garage saving your car from thieves and robbers. This kind of locking system is not availed in carport. A car will be under a heated unit and hence you will have no need to heat up your car whenever you start. Garage can also work as a storage unit for your extra stuff which is not available in case of a carport.

  • Value addition to home

Both carport and garage add significant value to your home. However if it’s only your home in your entire neighborhood having carport and rest have garage, it will probably result in decreasing the value. As garage is safer and protects your car from every kind of weather conditions, it will fetch a better value to your home. If you are residing in an area with extreme weather conditions and you are thinking of selling it, it’s better to convert your carport into garage and then g for selling it so that you can have better resale value.

  • Expensive

Expense is one of the major factors to be considered while choosing between carport and garage. Carport is far less expensive than garage as it is open from three sides and garage is covered from all the sides.

Tips To Organize Your Garage Space

Ways of garage organisation

Tips of garage organisation

Garage is such a space which has a heap of clutter to be solved. This is one of the factors which each and every family member runs away when it comes to organizing your garage space. Undoubtedly organizing your garage space is not something you would like to do but not doing it will make the situation even worse. Till now you have been using your garage space like a dumping zone and have dumped every useless item there. You’re old shoes which you no longer wear, bag of old clothes which should have gone in charity but it is there in garage, your old skates which are not in use, sewing machine which is occupying large space in garage and many such other things. However you cannot revert what you have done till date but you can do make it right and keep it that way. Organizing your garage space is not an easy thing to do and the most difficult part is to convince you and get started. If you are done with convincing yourself to organize your garage space, for the rest the part we can help you out. Here are some of the tips which will guide you through the process or let’s say the challenge of organizing your garage space.

  • Access, analyze and prioritize the stuff

For organizing your garage space, you must be aware of all those things you have stored in. As there are plenty of things stored in there, you have to take all of them out and analyze them as to which of these stuff are still going to be used by you and which are never ever going to be taken in use. There will be certain stuff which is not in good condition and you must throw them out whereas there will be certain stuff which are in good condition but are going to be used by you. Consider selling those things which would give you added space to put other stuff and also give some extra income. While organizing your garage space, also take into consideration that it is place to park your car and hence you must have enough space to park your car properly. Organize your garage space in such a manner that all the things you keep in are either on the sides or on the ceiling not at all coming the way of your vehicle.

  • Clean the garage space

After you are done with sorting the things, while organizing your garage space, clean your garage properly. Clean each and every corner of your garage before you put the things back inside. You can consider garage cleaning solutions and tools for cleaning it.

  • Put the stuff back

When you are going to organize your garage space and putting all the things back in, make sure to use the containers and labeling it with the things that are stored in. This will help you get them back next time you need them.

Tips on Maintaining your Garage Doors

Person inspecting the Garage Door

Garage Door observed by a person

Garage is one of the largest moving sections of your home. Definitely it makes sense that you need to take proper care for your garage and the fittings used in it. Garage door is the most functional door of your home. Proper care should be taken of the garage door, after all, you use it just about every day, right? If you’re thinking of ignoring any minor damaging effects or broken garage door, well, it’s isn’t something you can actually ignore. Well, here are certain tips on ensuring that your garage door is working in proper condition with no future damaging possibilities.

Garage door maintaining tips:

  • It’s advisable of watching out your garage door each and every time as your enter or leave it. Grab at least one more second for listening any damaging sound that is coming off the garage door. It’s advisable of watching out for the door functions. See that the garage door is functioning accurately with proper system s or not.
  • It’s natural that a closing or opening garage door will make sound but sounds like grinding or scratching is the ultimate source you’re looking for. This sound might be due to screeching of friction that might increase a damaging issue for the home owners.
  • Spending a couple of seconds in observing your garage door helps in preventing big problems down the line in future. The average working condition of the door is, it opens for more than one thousand times each year.
  • So, it’s advisable of tightening the hardware present in the working system, because many of small spare parts functions for opening the garage door. It means you’ll be able to observe more amount of vibrations.
  • It’s advisable of repairing this imbalance because eventually it might end up with a big problem that even your garage door simply comes off the grime because of the entire stress laid on opening the door.
  • But with the help of a socket wrench and spending some minutes of your life, you can easily tighten every part of the garage door so that it can function with proper ease.
  • Don’t forget to check the garage door balance. If you’re garage door is not standing in a balanced way, there are less chances of functioning in a correct position. For checking the balance of the garage door, pull off the red cord and then manually try to function it the half way. If you observe that your garage door isn’t staying in the middle, it simply indicates that your garage door is imbalance.
  • It’s important to lubricate the garage door. All it takes is only 10 to 15 minutes of your life for lubricating it. It is important to lubricate it for making it function in a smooth and efficient manner. You just need some lubricating spray for spraying on the rolls, another parts of the garage doors which has to function.
  • Don’t forget to test the safety measures. Look for the safety features in your garage doors that the materials used and the cables attached are functioning and in a sturdy position for functioning.

How to Clean your Garage

Garage cleaning tips

Cleaning your Garage

Cleaning your garage needs proper tools and organizing tips. This will help you in recognizing its value and importance. The article will guide you in stating how to clean your garage well and tips on keeping it well organized without inviting any clutter.

Process of cleaning your garage:

  • It’s advisable of keeping a full weekend aside while planning of cleaning your garage. You can also get your family involve in cleaning it. But unless you think that they will help you through the process and also would be enthusiastically accepting the task. It is suggested of assigning a garage sale and see what you earn from it. You can make the use of that money for increasing the value of your project.
  • Get organized while cleaning your garage. If you’re not having any strong shelves in, it’s advisable of purchasing one for your garage walls. You can easily find it on all the garage hardware store. Even many different types are available for storing different stuffs.
  • It will help you in making your garage look more organized. Buying a number of plastic containers will help you in storing the important stuffs of your garage. You can also buy it of the size of your shelves for fitting it perfectly in. Buy it according to the height of the shelves. Take proper measurement so that you don’t end up buying a non-helpful thing for your garage.
  • Basically, you will need three types of containers for storing things like donation or selling container, trash container and item containers where you can store toys, gardening tools, and many other things.
  • Accumulate the trash of your garage for disposing off from your garage. It’s obviously known by junk items that are of no use to you. Dispose of the things which you are not going to use because it’s of no worth to you.
  • Separate the trash equally and name it so that you can get the idea of which things you are throwing off. Go with the flow. Organize it while cleaning. As you will go ahead with the process, you’ll require managing and organizing each section of item into its group.
  • Be spacious for keeping more things in the room. Prepare groups of items which you want to keep in your garage. Start by collecting the things in different containers for identifying the things which you have.
  • In fact, you can make the list of items you’ve stored in your garage. When you finish up the work of organizing, start the cleaning process of your garage. Review correctly which thing you want to keep and which things you want to sale of donate to the others. Take away the donation stuffs and charity it immediately.
  • You can also get the business by selling the things which you’ve kept in your garage. You can make the use of unwanted garage stuff for selling the garage stuffs. Now you can easily sweep your garage I the exact way you have decided.
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