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Tips on Preventing Scratches on Marble Floor

Mop and bucket used for cleaning Marble floors

Marble floors cleaned by using mop and bucket

Have you installed marble floors as the flooring option in your home? Well, you might need to take good care if you want to prevent it from being scratched. Good care helps in preventing scratches on your marble floors. Well, marble floor is a beautiful and charming stone that is soft and enough porous. So it’s advisable to be treating it well for confirming and retaining its shine and charm. Here is the quick guide presenting certain important tips on preventing scratches on your marble floors. There are many different types of materials that might cause damaging effects to your marble floors. For preventing this situation, simply follow the tips and maintain your marble floors to its up to date condition.

Marble floor scratch preventing tips:

  • The things that you carry up in your shoes like sand, and dust particles might result into scratching up the surface of your marble floors. It’s advisable of keeping a matt at each and every entrance door of your home.
  • Well, if possible, try to keep the habit of taking off your shoes out of your home. Make the use of carpets and rugs in your living space and the hallways for protecting the floor underneath. If you’ve any plants in your living space, it’s advisable of keeping dishes for protecting the underneath surface of the floor for stopping any soil falling on your marble floors.
  • One of the simplest ways for preventing scratches on your marble floors is to mop for more than twice a week. It helps in removing the accumulated dirt. But don’t forget to dry the surface properly by using a piece of soft cloth like terry cotton cloth. And if you’re using vacuum for the same, it’s advisable of using soft brush attachment for cleaning and preventing the surface of marble floors from getting scratched.
  • When any piece of furniture like table or chair is dragged from one place to another in the room, it might result into scratching up your marble floors. Well, for protecting your marble floors from getting scratched, it’s advisable of adding a soft sponge or rubber at the end of each and every leg of your table or chair. The possibilities of getting scratched are way more less if you’re adding rubber and sponge on its base.
  • But, when it comes for shifting bulky furniture, it’s advisable of lifting all up the entire furniture and then move it to another place. There are more chances of scratches while shifting bulky furniture in your living room.
  • There are many possibilities than acidic food items or drinks might cause damaging effects to your marble floors. As acidic food items can easily stain up or etch up your marble floors. You should be aware while having carbonated drinks because if it gets spilled on your marble floors, it might result into staining it and damaging it permanently.
  • It’s advisable of cleaning any spill you observe on your floors immediately before it starts making their permanent home in your marble floors.

Granite countertops are ideal for every kitchen

Granite countertops in kitchen

Kitchen having granite countertops

Kitchen countertops are available in very varieties and colour and it is a very difficult job to decide the most fitting one for our own kitchen. It is important to take into all factors of the product before selection- price, maintenance, the material’s durability and of course the looks! After consideration of all these above mentioned factors, granite seems to be the hot favourite for most buyers.

Not only is this stone available in a variety of colours both common and uncommon such as white, black, beiges, corals, greens and many more but it is also available in two kinds of finishes- polished finished and a honing finish. Granite which is easily available is affordable but granite which is imported from Zimbave and comes only once in a year can be quite expensive.

Granite can be the most easily maintained stones and thus ideal for kitchen countertops. Other stones like soapstone, marble and limestone need to be given greater care since they are much softer and delicate than granite. Granite is the one of the most beautiful stones and as the sunlight reflects on the small crystals on the surface it seems to be changing colour throughout the day making it look even more beautiful. Granite is also considered to be a sanitary countertop material thus there is no chance of bacterial issues. There is no fear of marks being left behind by hot items like toaster ovens, fryers and pressure cookers. Granite is durable and lasts for a lifetime and is easily repairable if damaged or broken.

It is easily available, affordable, durable, unbreakable, unique, clean, beautiful and comfortable in any decor they are also kid friendly and look vibrant and attractive even after five years down the line. Hence, granite is the best buy for kitchen countertops.

Learn more about blue pearl granite

Installation of blue pearl granite

Blue pearl granite in kitchen

Granite worktops have always been popular amongst people from all walks of life. The variety in which it is available is outstanding. Black granite is the most commonly used material for kitchen worktops. The latest trend in kitchen décor is of blue pearl granite. It is proving to be very beneficial choice. The reason for this is the obvious qualities of granite. Some of them to mention are the strength and durability of it.

The blue granite is quite a welcoming change from the black ones. It is the second strongest stone in the world. The blue granite is a rare and one of the most expensive ranges of granite. The silvery blue shade makes it look beautiful and a prized possession of the kitchen. The stone does not exactly look blue. It is available in shades of a metallic blue which is sure to give your kitchen a unique and royal look. You can also use this material as a countertop for a bar.

Granite Vs. marble countertops

Comparison of granite and marble countertops

Granite vs marble countertops

Both marble and granite are used all over the world as countertops as they are durable and not porous. Though a marble countertop is any day costlier than a granite counter top as the former is rare. Since both marble and granite could be found with veining so as a buyer you can choose between them on the basis of their patterns and colors. According to aesthetic beauty marble is definitely more pleasant looking than granite but getting a marble counter top has a lot of disadvantages because this material can be easily ruined if brought in connection to heat.

Acid, water can also destroy the quality of your marble countertop. Whereas the granite countertops are capable of resisting heat and chemical reactions and they cannot be easily ruined by starching or hitting. But when it comes selecting between these two then obviously granite countertop is better because it cheaper and more hardy and capable of taking lots of traffic.

Using granite marble

Green Granite marble

Granite marble for homes

Use of stones in construction has been in vogue for many years now. Different types of stones like marble and granite are used. These stones provide beauty and durability to the building. The granite marble is used t many places like home, office, hotels and parks.

The granite at home is used mostly in kitchen and bathroom to construct the countertops. The shiny finish and resistance to stains are the main reasons for their use in the kitchen and bathroom. The granite countertops are durable and need very less maintenance. At the worst, they can be chipped or cracked due to extreme mishandling. The chipping can also be repaired easily. The granite marble tiles are also used extensively for the flooring to give a classy look to the house.

The offices also have granite countertop at the reception for perfect décor. The bar countertops of the homes and hotels are also made up of granite. The fountains of the parks are mostly constructed with granite.

Thus using granite has increased a lot.

Using Marbles in Office Construction

Marble floor installation in office

Marble floor perfectly suitable for office construction

Marbles are natural stones which are used in office construction. Marbles can be used for a variety of purposes while constructing your office. They are easy to clean and are more stylish and modern when compared with the other stones. If you want to give stylish and rich looks to your office then marbles are the perfect stone for your office. Marbles are gaining popularity these days due to its advantages.

Durability is the most important feature of this stone. You can use marbles for the flooring in your office. They can stay for a longer period of time without any damage as they are very strong. You can use marble stones if you wish to maintain uniform temperature inside the office. The marble stones are heat resistant and hence they can be very beneficial during summer season. Many office constructions are done with marbles as they are not only heat resistant but also fire resistant. This is the reason why most of the people prefer marble for office construction.

Stainless Steel Vs Granite Composite Sinks

Installed Granite Sink

Granite Sink constructed in the kitchen

Stainless steel sinks have been in use for composite sinks of kitchen. Stainless steel sinks have many advantages like:

• Available in many shapes and designs

• Cost effective

• Scratch less and stain resistant

• Looks like new even after many years

• But the sinks have now got a new avatar in form of granite composite sinks. The granite composite sinks are made up of quartz and granite composite which make them extremely durable. The merits of granite composite sinks:

• Available in many colors like black, brown and grey to suit any interiors

• Though a bit expensive yet the running cost is very less

• Don’t get any scratches and heat resistant

• Maintenance free

Thus both the types of composite sinks have their own advantages and it depends on choice of the home owner what he likes. If the budget is less then the best option is stainless steel composite sinks but if trend and durability is taken in account then nothing better than the granite composite sinks.

Brown granite worktops are becoming popular

Brown colored Granite worktop

Granite worktop installed

Till sometimes back, granite was mainly used in the shades of black and grey. Black granite had been a leader since granite came into building scenario. But now people have started preferring brown granite worktops to make their homes look different and trendy.

The black granite is being replaced in many homes with brown. The brown worktops gel better with the overall wooden structure of the house thus it gives a blended look which is liked by the people.

There are different types of brown granite available in the market for effectiveness worktops. Some of the most popular brown granite includes Baltic brown which is medium brown in shade. The starlight brown has chips of silver stars and it is the second most favored brown granite. The antique brown and tropical brown granite are mainly used in the hotels for a rich ambience. The molten brown shade of café brown granite is seen in the office worktops and countertops.

Ubatuba brown has some scattered golden crystals and Labrador antique brown with blue crystals are used in the high-end apartments.

Ideal places to use granite

Kitchen - Suitable place for granite

Granite installation – Kitchen

Granite is basically an igneous rock which is hard and durable. It is shiny and stain resistant. Granite may be a bit expensive than other stones but the advantage over-rule the monetary consideration.

Granite can be used at different places like kitchen and bathroom worktops: the kitchen is a place prone to stains and spillage. As granite is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily, thus it is suitable for kitchen. The bathroom has a lot of water usage. Other building materials can rot easily except granite.

Fireplace: granite is formed due to heat thus it is heat resistant and can endure a lot of heat. Therefore it is a suitable stone for fireplace and mantle.

Floors: granite is hard and can sustain

Thus, if you are looking for a long lasting building material then there is nothing better than granite.

Using Granite Countertops in Home Construction

Granite Countertop in the kitchen

Constructed Granite Countertop

When constructing a home, everybody aims to make the house as beautiful as possible. Granite countertops serve the make the purpose easy in several ways. They are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. In the recent times, their popularity is mostly accounted for in modular bathrooms and kitchens.

There are many people who use granite countertops for constructing bar counters. The reason given is that granite countertops lend a perfect look and finish that makes it a perfect place to sit and enjoy your drinks. The granite countertops are easily available in the markets, though the price is a bit on the higher side.

Granite countertops are also used in carving dining tables and center tables. The contemporary designers are stressing on the use of granite for tabletops. Both the durability and appearance of granite serve to make your dream home the way you want it to be.

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