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Tips on Green Home Building


A constructed model of Green Home Building

With the constant changing environment surrounding us, it is important to be environmentally active and aware. Similarly, it is also important while you are considering the amount of money you can save by constructing a green home building. The ways and methods of changing your home from an emission producing power home into a greenhouse are simple and easy concepts. Everything you thought of in order to save the energy consumption might be implementing in creating a green home building for you and your family. There are many cost effective benefits of constructing green home building. The stated green home building tips are advisable and beneficial for the home owners.

Green home building tips:

  • While taking the process of green home building, it is important for taking the note of certain things that you should foresee before you are moving in. It is advisable for avoiding the construction of green home building towards west facing. This will help your home to be cool as it minimizes the sun exposures.
  • A smaller home built with eco-friendly tricks and techniques is going to provide smaller environmental impact against the larger homes. A home that is larger in size is likely to cost more to cool and heat. For a green home building it is important to keep the place cost effective and easily manageable.
  • Using energy efficient equipment is advisable. Energy starts are the recognition that the piece of equipment has been deemed as an energy efficient feature stated by the environmental protection agency. Basically, it is becoming among the well-known indication for the home owners.
  • This type of equipment offer significant energy and cost savings without compromising the performance while going for green home building process. Insulation is one of the most important factors that are important to consider while constructing a green home building.
  • Cooling and heating accounts to approximately 50 percentage of energy consumption at your home. Air leaks like around the windows, duct work, and doors is responsible for generating building’s heat loss.
  • Dint let the cooling and the heating of your interiors spaces air go waste through inappropriate insulation. Installing proper insulation will not only help to reduce your energy consumption bills but it also reduces the consumption of electricity bills substantially.
  • It is advisable of reducing your needs of buying new products that are not eco-friendly in nature. Reuse your old materials like doors, windows, wood floors. You can use recycled materials like aluminum, recycled tiles, and recycled plastic and recycled glass while constructing a green home building.
  • Using eco-friendly products or materials should be at your first list while constructing a green home building. Because it will help to reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding environment. Each and every part of the home like building materials, roofing materials, flooring options, insulation and cabinets should be eco-friendly products.
  • Using solar energy is one of the best options of green home building construction. It is purely a clean and renewable source of energy. Installing solar panels are one of the hot favorite technologies that is used for utilizing the natural forms of energy.

Creating your own garden studio

Garden studio in home

Night view of garden studio

When you think about building yourself a studio, you want to build it in a place that will get your creative and artistic juices flowing. And what can be better than drawing such creative inspiration from the nature. That is precisely why setting up a garden studio is such a good idea. A garden studio is a wonderful work space. A lot of people think that setting up a garden studio is a tall order but this is not right. Here is some help.

To make the yard you need to purchase some prefabricated shed. You can choose the style and size according to your preference. The shed has to be dry walled and insulated and also wired for electricity if possible. Lighting is very important in a studio and you can install an overhead lighting. Lamps can also be used for lighting in the studio. The studio should have shelves for storage.

Benefits of installing energy efficient doors

Doors which are energy efficient

Energy efficient doors

Energy efficient doors will significantly reduce energy bills by cutting down the expenses involved in keeping the room interior hot or cool. These doors have the capability of heat retention and allowing controlled sunlight inside the room. The glass panels constituting the doors bestow the door with energy efficient characteristics. The doors’ efficiency also depends on their ability to prevent seepage of air through or around them.

The energy performance ratings of the door should be checked with the manufacturer to judge their suitability for the design of your home and the prevailing climatic conditions. The energy performance varies depending on the location where the door is to be installed like the front or back of home. These doors customarily have a steel cover encompassing polyurethane foam insulation. A magnetic strip resembling that used for freezer doors make the weather stripping. The energy efficient doors are contemporary and lend a sophisticated look to the room.

Green home construction

Image of Green home construction

Construction of Green home

Green home construction is a relatively new term in the home construction scenario where the homes are constructed to protect the environment. The green home construction follows LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specifications.

The green home construction depends on the following:

Using original construction materials for building that are environment friendly. This causes least harm to the trees and the nature.

Site is selected near the existing consumer facilities like school; market etc so that less energy and fuel are consumed in transportation.

The buildings are constructed to get more sunlight and fresh air so as to conserve the electricity that otherwise would be needed for lightening and air-conditioning.

The water is conserved by using rain water harvesting and having smaller lawns.

Recyclable and recycled materials for building construction are used.

The houses are well insulated to prevent the energy loss.

Solar panels are used for heating and providing lighting solutions.

Soy based building materials for insulation can be used to make the homes more environment-friendly.

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