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How To Clean Your Windows

Usage of sponge for cleaning a window

Girl cleaning a window

Cleaning your windows is one of those works which majority of the people hate. But however it is compulsory to do that job as you cannot leave your window dirty. While cleaning your windows, you have to fight with dirt, dripping waster, newspaper and various cleaning solution. However tedious the job of cleaning your windows is, you have to deal with it. Not that you do it regularly, you do it once in a long while and you have to make sure you do it the right way. There are various methods and techniques to clean your window and get the best results out of it and have a sparkling clean window. If you have never clean your windows before you might not be aware as to which method to use and which not to use. However to help you get a sparkling clean window here are some of the tips for cleaning your window. Before you start with cleaning your widows, make sure you have collected all the supplies needed for doing the work.

  • Clear off the stubborn stains

The first and the foremost step of cleaning your windows include clearing off the stubborn stain. Outside windows are generally very much prone to the stubborn stains as they are explored to many weather elements. They are exposed to heavy sunlight, hard water, bird droppings, minerals and many such things which can stick on the window and make it dirty. You can make use of mineral deposit cleaner for getting rid of such stubborn stains from your window. Damp a sponge into the cleaner and then rub it stiffly on the stains on the window. Clean the area with water and then carry on with the regular cleaning. Another method for cleaning your windows and getting rid of the stubborn stains is by using the vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for five minutes then rub the stain with sponge or drop cloth. You can also make use of oxalic acid for clearing the stain from your window.

  • Remove the stickers

You might have kids who will have applied sticker on your windows for decoration. Now these stickers have sticky substance which can make your window dirty and cleaning them is very important. For cleaning this sticky substance from your window, you need a spray bottle filled up with water. You will also need a plastic scraper which should have a good edge. Spray some water on the stickers and then allow it to sit for few minutes, use the scraper along the window and remove it gently without breaking the glass.

  • Clean the screens

It’s very important to clean your screens when you are cleaning your windows. Make sure to clean the screen from the inside and outside part of the windows. Use a sponge or a clean cloth or a rag and then clean the screen. Take the cleaning solution, dip your sponge into it and softly clean the screen and remove all the dust, dirt and grime from it.

Ideas To Improve Your Deck

Options for deck decor

Deck decor ideas

Deck is by far one of the most beautiful and essential place in your home. You can have a great and private time in your deck. However beautiful you deck is, you can make it more beautiful by decorating and improving your deck. There are plenty of creative and unique ways to improve your deck and make it more attractive. Having a deck and improving your deck will increase the value of your home. You can have some great time sitting in your deck having a nice book and a cup of coffee. You can also have a beer in hand with couple of friends sitting in your deck and having some fun time. Here are some of the effective and attractive ideas for improving your deck.

  • Put on some pillows

Pillows are element of tempt for friends and family to hang around the deck as it makes the place really extraordinary. Pillows make the sitting place very much soft and comfortable and hence you don’t like to stand up once you are on your deck. Make sure the pillows you use to improve your deck are made from some strong and durable materials. It has to be out bearing the wind and sun light and hence make sure that it last long and the color does not fade away.

  • Add colors to your deck

Colors are always a nice way to improve your deck. You can paint the railing of your ceiling some funky color or you can add colorful pots and add spice to your deck. The sitting chairs and coffee table placed can also be of some attractive and bright color that can improve your deck. You can also install a cool swing that can improve your deck and add more fun to your spare time.

  • Install a railing

Installing railing in your deck works two way round for improving your deck. One of the basic things which railing does is safety. If you have kids and pets in your home there is risk when they are on the deck. Having a railing ensures their safety. However with safety you can also beauty, choose a railing which complements with the style of deck. You can go for installing glass railing as it can really look classy and is totally safe. Glass railing will add contemporary styling to your home.

  • Create a mini garden

Well gardens always give relaxing and calming feel. Well you cannot go to garden everyday as you don’t have enough time for that, so why not create a mini garden in your deck only. Creating a mini garden on your deck is one of the most beautiful ways of improving your deck. Bring the pots and go for planting some basic plants. You can go for planting your favorite’s flowers also. Choose colorful flowering plants to make your deck more beautiful. You can also plant some vegetables so that you can use it in your regular cooking.

Tips on Cleaning Painted Walls

Lady cleaning the Painted Wall

Painted Walls cleaned by a girl

Want to know, how to maintain a fresh look on your painted walls by keeping them free from dirt, dust, spots and stains? There are many different ways of preventing your painted walls from getting dirty and stained. Preventive maintenance to the painted walls means less time spent scrubbing the dirt from the walls later on. The tips on cleaning the painted walls for attaining a fresh look are stated below.

Painted walls cleaning tips:

  • Dust and vacuum your painted walls regularly for making it look fresh again. A short process of getting rid of the accumulated dirt and dust from the surface of the painted walls is by using a microfiber dusting cloth attached with a long handed sweeper is the best.
  • Exercise it say for every month for making it clean as before. You’ll need to take off the furniture and the pictures from the walls. Areas that are more covered by the things won’t get dirty enough. Make sure you’re not forgetting the ceiling and the top most areas of your room.
  • Well, it would not take more than 15 to 20 minutes for cleaning them. When it comes for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen walls, don’t forget to remove the residues from the painted walls.
  • Remove the steamy vapors and the cooking residue from the painted walls of your kitchen and the bathroom by cleaning them at least once in a year. Start rubbing the painted walls from the bottom and head towards the upper section. It will help you in making the process of cleaning more effectively.
  • Prepare the solution by mixing water into a soft liquid detergent and make the use a natural sponge for rubbing and cleaning your painted walls. Don’t take whole of the wall at a time, take small section s of the walls and wait for the result.
  • Make the use of an old towel for drying off the walls. Don’t forget to wash off the wood works as well for making the whole space look freshen up again. Homemade soap mixture or the solutions works best for cleaning the painted walls in your home.
  • Like mix a cup of ammonia with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and mix water in it. Apply it on the surface of your painted walls. Rub and scrub it well for removing the dirt accumulated on the surface. Rinse it properly by making the use of clean and plain water and here you go with a shiny and fresh look of your painted walls again.
  • It’s advisable of testing the painted walls before you’re heading forwards of cleaning it. Certain cleaning solution might prove reactive to your walls. Take a small part of your walls which is not much observed and try the cleaning solution on that part.
  • Wait for the results before you apply the cleaning solution in the entire surface of the walls. Even most of the painted surface is washable but certain are not washable. Make sure you know your painted walls before you’re proceeding for cleaning them.

Tips on Selecting Right Furniture

Model of constructed Furniture

Image of furniture constructed

Selecting right furniture is more than just falling in love with the initial beauty of our home. We all know and want that our home should be ranked up in our eyes when it comes for beauty and charm. And selecting right furniture is the key for increasing the charm and beauty of our home. The construction and style of the furniture has to last for many upcoming years, so it’s advisable of considering distinctive and interesting designs and patterns while selecting right furniture for your home. Don’t forget to check out the quality of the furniture you’re selecting for your home. Here are the tips to consider while selecting right furniture for your home.

Right furniture selecting tips:

  • Decide which type of materials and construction you want to have in your home. You want your furniture price to feel extremely heavy and solid. If yes, it’s advisable of avoiding light aluminum frames and particle boards and stick it up with the wooden solid construction of your furniture.
  • It’s advisable of purchasing wooden framed furniture for your home. It helps in lasting for a longer period of time and is the standard product when it comes for selecting right furniture for your home.
  • But, make sure that the price is according to the product quality and the longer lasting feature. Make sure that it standards according to your expectations. When looking for right furniture, don’t forget to pay attention on the cushions because it is equally important to consider.
  • It’s advisable of giving it a sit test before you head forwards for purchasing it. No matter how beautiful your furniture would be, but if it’s not comfortable when seated, it’s of no use for the home owners to purchaser.
  • If you observe any stain or mess, or find any exposed part of wood, it’s important to consider these factors while selecting right furniture. It is possible that many furniture pieces are being altered dramatically by using colors for changing and enhancing the finish.
  • You can even simply add a glam to your chair by adding little amount of polish for removing the stains and here you go with readymade and nice looking furniture for your home. Likewise while selecting right furniture, any defect should be observed and avoided at the time of purchase. You’re not going to change the furniture every year, right? Than why to go for fake and bad piece of art for your home.
  • Select the fabric appropriate and in an accurate way. It’s advisable of looking your home interiors first and select the rest accordingly. Well, it’s advisable of having light colors fabrics for a formal living room or bedroom. Even light colors help in increasing the glow of your room.
  • But, if the furniture is going to be used on a frequent manner, it’s advisable of installing a little darker shade of fabrics in your home. Look something aesthetic and impressive in your furniture you’re selecting. It should depict your personality and the standard of living of your home.

Tips To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Tips of decorating small bedroom

Ways of decorating small bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom is a very tricky thing as wrong ideas can go really wrong and make your space look smaller. Bedroom is a personal space and while decorating a small bedroom, you have fewer things to put up. You have to be extra careful and choose the right things to put at right place. Make your bedroom is more personalized space for you and you must decorate it in a way which reflects your taste and your personality. Making some good changes and additions in your bedroom will make your bedroom to create magic. Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you decorate a small bedroom.

  • Keep a focal point

When you want to decorate a small bedroom, chances are there that you put up too many things and end up cluttering your bedroom. To avoid such situation, you must create a focal point in your bedroom which can divert the whole attention of your bedroom to that point and keep the focus out from the small space. This focal point can be anything; it can be the front part of your bed by throwing off some really cool cushions. It can be your mirror also. When you decorate your mirror with some really cute lighting then it will catch the attention of your small room and make it look big. One of the essential tips of decorating a small bedroom is placing your bed nearby the window. It will make your bedroom to look spacious.

  • Arrange smart storage

When you are decorating a small bedroom, you have to be very careful and cautious regarding storage. Store your stuff very smartly in a way that it doesn’t look messy in your small bedroom. Keep your bed storage type. Having such bed will store your things and will not take any added space also. You can also use the wall space to install shelves and organize your stuff there.

  • Put less things

While decorating a small bedroom, you need to ensure that you don’t stuff too many things. This will chock up your room and won’t allow you to have even enough space for walking. You might want to install a master size bed in your bedroom but you have to control your wish and settle down with an average size bed or else you will not be able to get space for any other thing in your room except bed.

  • Choose light color for paint

While decorating a small bedroom, you must consider light color for paint. Light color will help to enlighten the room and make it look more spacious. On a contrary if you choose dark color, it will make your space to look more small and cluttered. Go for white, yellow, off white, cream and such color for painting your small room. Also choose your bed sheet, carpet and such things of light color to make your room look big and spacious.


Tips To Wash Your Drywall

Tips of cleaning your drywall

Tools of cleaning your drywall

Washing up your dishes, your bathroom, your clothes, your floors and such other things would be like a normal thing for you. It would seem like a routine work and would be included in your common maintenance work. However these places are not the only places in your home which gets dirty. There are certain places also which gets dirty and needs washing and cleaning, like your drywall. On occasional basis, it is also very much important to wash your walls. Many homes have drywall and it can be bit complicated to know the process to wash your drywall. Majority of the drywall is covered up with paint or wallpaper. This helps to protect the bare drywall from getting dirty and dull. It can still get dirty and you need to wash your drywall in regular intervals. However washing your drywall should be done very carefully or else chances are there of it getting damaged and needing costly repairs. Here is simple and easy process to know how to wash your drywall to save your wall from damage and costly repairs.

  • Despite of the fact whether you have painted or protected your drywall, it is important to dust your drywall on a regular base by using a dry cloth or a feather duster for keeping the dust and dirt out of your drywall. This is only cleaning needed in regular basis for your drywall to keep it clean. Keeping the dust out of your drywall will improvise its overall appearance and will help you to keep your drywall in good condition.
  • For doing some deep cleaning, you can use a cellulose sponge. You can get this cellulose sponge easily at any of the home improvement stores or any of the stores which keeps cleaning materials of home. This is a rubbery sponge which soaks up light liquids. Washing your drywall with a wet sponge will leave the wall also wet which will make your wall damp and leave excess water on the wall leading to moisture issues? Thus using normal sponge or rags are not advisable and cellulose sponge is the best fit for washing your drywall.
  • Make the appropriate cleaning solution for getting rid of the stains and dirt. If you are having drywall which is not painted or you are going to paint your drywall very soon then it is advisable to use cleaning solution having one cup of white vinegar mixed with one gallon of water. If your drywall is having buildup of grease or any such stubborn dirt, then you might need mixture of ammonia. Mix up one cup of ammonia with one gallon of water will remove any stubborn dirt on your drywall.
  • Soak your cellulose sponge into the cleaning mixture made by you and then clean it properly. Make sure the sponge is not too much damp to avoid moisture issues on your drywall. Clean the drywall in bottom to low direction. Wipe the wall with damp cloth to get sparkling clean drywall.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Home

Bed Bugs on the edges of spring boxes

Edges of spring boxes with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the great hitchhikers. Bed bugs can easily move from an infested site to a new home simply by travelling on bedding, cloths, and boxes and also on the furniture. But unfortunately, there’s seen a rise in the quantity of bed bugs in Europe, North America and even in Australia. The suggested steps will help you for preventing bed bugs at your home. It helps in preventing the bed bugs entering your home premise and states different ways for preventing an infestation in the vent that some of the bed bugs do get in the home.



Identify the bed bugs:

Know how to identify bed bugs:

There are many different types of infectious insects that seem similar to bed bugs. It is very important to identify them carefully. Bed bugs are generally reddish brown in color with an oval and flat body that is approximately 7mm long in size.

They generally, hid near the beds but cannot easily get spread over the whole room. There are different shades of colors in bed bugs like from white to reddish brown, dark or deep brown, and even light tan.

Before starting with the process of pest control, make sure of identifying the pest for better outcomes.

Identify the ways of bed bugs to get in your room:

There are many possible ways for bed bugs to enter up your home premise and the most common one out of it is from hitching a ride on the computer, other belonging, clothing and your luggage after you’ve stayed to somewhere else. Birds and bats introduce more amounts of bed bugs.

Find out the place where the bed bugs can be found:

Mostly Bed bugs are found in the building construction where more number of occupants sleep. Even where you can observe frequent turnover like, college dormitory or hotel rooms. Bed bugs are generally gets accumulated where people sleep more than any other parts of your house.

Bed bugs love hiding in the bed frames, box springs and edges of the mattresses. As they have flatter body surface, they can easily hide in the crevices and cracks observed on the walls of your home.

Bed bugs like to stay in warmer areas. They can easily enter up in netbooks, laptops and different ports, which are generally portable objects that you can easily carry out in different rooms.

Prevent bed bugs entering your home:

If you’ve travelled to somewhere else, it’s advisable of checking the bed bugs before you unpack your stuffs. Inspect the headboard mounted behind your bed. There are more possibilities of bed bugs over there.

Look for the edges of the mattresses and spring box in the seams of the beds. Check and inspect your clothes. Because many a times it’s observed that bed bugs get hitched up with your clothes from the home exteriors.

Undress the floor by flipping up the carpet. There are chances that bed bugs might make their home in the carpet for growing more in numbers.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Laminate Flooring

Benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring

Pros and cons of laminate flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring is laminate flooring. Many people opt for laminate flooring in their homes and are quite happy with that. If you are thinking of installing a new floor in your home and considering laminate flooring as your option then you must know fully about it. You must make proper research about laminate flooring and then arrive to the conclusion whether to go for it or not. Sit is of course a good choice but you need to think whether it is suitable with your lifestyle or not and whether it goes with your interiors and furnishings or not. It has many advantages but also has certain drawbacks to it. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring which will help you to make your decision about installation of laminate flooring in your home.


  • Convenient packaging

Natural wood flooring will come in planks which are sized of 8 to 10 feet’s in length and in certain cases it is even longer. On a contrary situation, laminate planks which are similar to wood are available in 4 foot stripes. Laminate flooring is also available in the form of tiles and also in different sizes.

  • Versatility

Laminate flooring has the capacity to imitate wood flooring of many types. The printing process of laminate flooring is also able to produce the looks of plenty of natural stones and also ceramic flooring materials.

  • Cleaning

The wear and tear layer of laminate flooring will protect the material from spills and stains. This feature of laminate flooring will make the cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring very much easy.  The only need which these types of flooring have is regular sweeping or vacuuming the floor for removing any kind of grit or dirt which can gradually erode the wear and tear layer of floor over period of time.

  • Installation

The installation of such types of flooring is very much easy; in fact it is the easiest installation as compared to other types of flooring materials. New innovations and techniques have made it even easier to install it and even this does not need adhesive.


  • Refinishing

One of the biggest drawbacks of these types of flooring is that they cannot be refinished. They have only one wear layer and when it gets damaged, it cannot be finished or repaired, it has to be replaced compulsorily. After some time the wear layer will be degraded and there will be lots and lots of scratches on surface of the laminate flooring.  When such thing happens, it will have to be replaced.

  • Sound

When you are walking on laminate flooring, they will create a hollow sound which will make the material to feel fake. This sound is really irritating after some point of time, You can maintain it or lessen it by dampening the underlayment materials but this will also help till a certain extent only. There is no total solution to this.


Applying Tinting Films On Windows

Professional Tinting Films on windows

Applying Tinting Films on windows

It is very necessary that you become energy-efficient in today’s world because almost on a regular basis there is an increase in the energy prices. If you want to make your home energy-efficient then you should make it a point to apply tinting films on your home windows. Instead of getting rid of the old home windows and replacing them with new ones you can surely opt for window tinting.

Before you apply the tinting film on the windows, you will have to carry out a proper research in relation to the different tinting films that are accessible in the market. You will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each tinting film so that you can select the one that suits your personal requirements. Remember that you need to be very attentive and patient when you are applying the film on your home windows. Do not ever commit the mistake of applying the tinting film in a hurry.

Make sure that tools like squeegee, bone tool, hair dryer, knife, spray bottle, blade and so on are ready because you will need them while you are applying the film on your windows. In accordance with the measurements of your home windows, you will have to cut the tinting film. After that, ensure that you clean all the windows appropriately and see to it that the windows are absolutely spick and span.

Utilizing the hair dryer, you have to heat the windows so that the films can be applied on them. If you notice any bubbles while you are tinting the windows then you can use the squeegee to remove them as and when required.

At times, it is seen that applying tinting films on your own can be difficult. If you cannot tint the windows then take the help of a window tinting professional.

Simple Ways to Solve Plumbing Problems

Solving different Plumbing Problems

Fixing various plumbing problems

One of the most common issues of the households is plumbing problems. Mostly we call a plumber specialist to repair such problems but it can also be done by you in some simple ways. This will help you to be more informed and will definitely help when such situations want immediate attention.

The most common problem is of leaking pipes. First of all you will have to turn off the main so that there are no further leakages and hence there is no more flooding. You should be familiar with the location of the main valve in your house. The easiest way to solve the solution of leakages is by using the clamps. Clamps are found in large variety and are completely inexpensive. They are also easily available. They can help you to stop leakages temporarily. There are special tapes that you can apply to stop holes that will bond with the material of the pipes.

Another issue is that of a running toilet. It should be taken care of immediately because it leads to a lot of wastage of water. The working of the toilet must be known to you. If you live in cold regions then you should make sure that you loosen your faucets to prevent water from freezing. Freezing of pipes also leads to the damaging of pipes. You should also have all the basic tools that are required for the plumbing job such as plungers and snake. You can also get professional tools if the repair needs them.

These are the simple ways in which you can fix the common plumbing problems yourself. These can definitely be done by professionals in a very short time but the money that you will save will be of much more than the costs of these repairs.

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