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Benefits of Metal Garage Over Wood Garage

Advantages of metal garage

Benefits of Metal garage

There is a misconception in the minds of various people that wood is the best material in any construction whether it be flooring, roofing or even garage. Undoubtedly wood is an excellent material but there can be something better than wood also. Metal garage are highly strong, durable and can last for a very long amount of time. Metal garage is also low maintenance and quite cost effective. Hence if any homeowner is tight on budget yet wants a protection for their vehicle then metal garage is best choice for them. Metal garage can be constructed very easily and they are so versatile that they can be constructed at any place like your homes or even at your office premises. If you are not able to believe that metal garage is better than wood garage and have an overrated opinion about wood in your mind then you must check out this article and know for you benefits of metal garage over wood garage.

  • Cost advantage

One of the major benefits that metal garage have over wood garage is the cost benefit. Wood is always high rated and extremely expensive which is not the case with metal garage. The structure of metal garage minim um level of construction and this is one of the major factors on its low cost. The less complexity in construction will also save you much time. On the other hand wood garage needs a perfect plan including plenty of materials. This will increase the cost of wood and also take more time in construction and implementation of the plan. If you go for installation of metal garage over wood garage then you can save up to 50% of the total cost.

  • Less time for construction

As compared with that of wood garage, metal garage will take lesser time for getting constructed. Hence if you are in any kind of hurry for getting your garage constructed then you must opt for metal garage. Lesser time for construction means lesser charges for labor which in turn leads to savings.

  • Durability

If you are opting for wood garage then it can get damaged if any instance of fire occurs. However these are not the case with metal garage as metal is not a material that will get affected by fire. Metal garages are constructed from very strong and durable materials and it will last for many years to come without having the need of repair and replacement if maintained properly.

  • Low maintenance

If you have installed wood garage then it would need very high level of maintenance as it would be having moisture issues, rotting issues, issue of getting damaged from insects. However on other hand if you are having metal garage installed then there would be no such issues of high level maintenance needed. Wood will need painting and staining over p-period of time whereas giving good wash will be enough for maintaining metal garage. Metal garage will be giving proper level of protection to your vehicle at low cost, low maintenance and great durability.

Positives And Negatives Of Metal Siding

Benefits and drawbacks of metal siding

Positives and negatives of metal siding

There will be varied range of siding options available to you when you go for finding one. However this can be a good thing and also a bad one. Now good thing is that you have so many choices and hence you don’t have to stick to one. Whereas the bad thing is that when you don’t have adequate knowledge about the types of siding you will be confused and choosing the one would be very difficult. To help you out, here is one siding type which is considerable and a reliable choice for any home. While seeing the siding choices, check out metal siding and see whether it can fit your needs properly or not. However you cannot just opt for metal siding just like that. You need to evaluate it properly, make proper research on metal siding and then decide whether to go for it or not. Here are some of the positives and negatives of metal siding which will help you to check this option more deeply and help you in your decision making process.


  • Better comfort and energy efficiency

One of the biggest positives of choosing metal siding is that you will get better energy efficiency in your home along with good comfort.             When it comes about energy efficiency, it will always refer to savings. The cooling cost of your home will be through your roof only. Reflective coatings will divert the UV rays of sun away from the house which will help in keeping the interior of your home cool and will result in reducing the amount of time your AC needs to run. On the other hand if you are residing in a cool climate, you can pick dark shades for your metal siding which will help in absorbing the sun rays and will be helpful in keeping your home warm. The manufacturer of your metal siding will help you in choosing which the best options suitable to your climate are.

  • Sustainable material

Metal siding and even steel siding are sustainable products when it comes to being ecofriendly. Metal siding will help the homeowners to meet up with the requirement of green building codes. Metal siding is not only built from the reused or recycled products but these can also be recycled on the end of life. Hence it will be leaving the minimum level of carbon footprint.


  • High upfront costing

One of the major negatives which stop the homeowners from installing metal siding is its upfront cost. As compared with that of other siding options, metal siding and that too steel siding costs high outset cost. However it is going to be covered in the lifetime of this siding. If you buy high qualitative metal siding now, you will have to pay less for the repairs and avoid replacement costs meanwhile. You will also need very minute amount of maintenance which is not the case with other siding options. Down the line, ultimately you will end up saving only.

Process of Installing Plantation Shutters

Building Plantation shutters

Installing Plantation shutters

Plantation window shutters are one of the most popular window treatments in trend nowadays. These are really a great addition when you see its price, the beauty it adds and the convenience it offers. Despite of the fact that it beautifies your home and is a great value addition to your home, one of the issues with plantation shutters is that they are not DIY installation types. You need to hire a professional for installing plantation shutters in your home. However, if you are little bit handy and experienced, you can avoid this expenditure and try to install plantation shutters yourself if you follow the right steps in the right way. Firstly you need to gather all the supplies for installing plantation shutters before starting the job. You want to get disturbed in the middle of the process due to lack of certain material or tool. Here is a list of tools you will need for installing plantation shutters.

  • Pencil
  • Tin snips
  • Dap chalking
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Small or resin hammer
  • Carpenters level
  • Dap chalking

Process of installing plantation shutters

  • Mark up the walls

The installation of standard plantation shutters is done by adding the hanging stripes which are connected with them. Here both the hanging strip and shutters are connected by two basic hinges by which the shutter and hanging strips are attached. If you want to install shutter in even manner, you will have to mark up the place on the wall where you are going to attach the hanging strip. Hold up the hanging strip against the wall where you want to install your plantation shutter.  When you get the right position, make two marks there. One mark should be at the outside edge of the hanging strip and another one should be at the top edge.

  • Attach the panels

After you are done with attaching the hanging strips, you need to attach the panels. While attaching the panels you have to make sure that two panels are at the same level. If they are not in even manner, you need to adjust them to that level. You can use the hinges for making such adjustments. For attaching the panels and keeping the hinges at their place, you can make use of screws. Ensure to tighten the screws properly.

  • Install hardware and plugs

You need to attach the magnetic catches which will help in keeping the shutters closed when the magnet and metal piece are touching each other.  When there is surety that the panels are adjusted properly, it’s time to insert the bottom hole plugs which will cover the screw heads.

  • Adjust the tension

When you are done with all the steps of installing plantation shutters, it’s time to adjust the tension properly. Tighten or loosen the screws on each and every side of the panels as per the adjustment you want to make. Make sure you are not over tightening or over losing it as it will be hindrance in adjusting the tension.

Tips Of Building Rain Proof Awnings

Rain proof awnings in home

Installed rain proof awnings

There are plenty of uses of awnings and it is an outdoor attachment of your home. You can use awnings to giving shade in the garden or protecting your home from excessive sunlight and saving up on your energy bills and also for availing protective barriers against the rain. However when you are installing any outdoor attachment to your home, you need to be very careful regarding its quality and durability. Hence while you are installing awnings, you need to make sure it is strong enough and can bear all weather circumstances or else it will be of no use to install them. However awnings are also not that cheap and when you go for installing them it can move your budget very heavily. Hence it’s advisable to go for installing your awnings yourself as it is a DIY project. It’s highly recommendable that you have to go for building rain proof awnings. If you are not opting to build rain proof awnings then it will corrode and damage in no time and you have to go for replacing it in no time making all your effort and money go in vain. Here is a list of things you will need for building a rain proof awnings.

Things for building rain proof awnings

  • Metal loops
  • Metal poles
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Needle and thread
  • Hooks and grommets
  • Scissors
  • Water proof fabric

Process of building rain proof awnings

  • Make the fabric ready

For building rain proof awnings, you need the make the materials used for awnings rain proof. You need to choose that material for building rain proof awnings which are water proof. You can use plastic canvas or PVC for building rain proof awnings. You can also visit craft shops as they also sell those materials which are water proof and can be used here. One you buy the right material for this, cut the material in the right size and then cut the window where you would like the awnings to place. While cutting the fabric, ensure to cut it in some large size. Ensure to put the gourmets on each of the corners of the canvas and also add yup the metal ring to them.

  • Prepare the wall

You need to decide the height at which you want to install rain proof awnings. Ensure that there are no climbers or vines attached with the wall and also check that the masonry is not cracked or crumbling. You need to install the awnings poles or you can also go for installing PVC pipes if you are not intending to damage your lawn area.

  • Install rain proof awnings

Hang the metal rings over the hooks which were installed and then let your rain proof awning hang down. After few minutes of the hanging of the awnings hang two metal rings which fit over the poles and then attach ropes or PVC cable string to each of the gourmets. Use the ropes for making the awnings stable and not letting them get affected by the high winds.

Tips To Build Exterior Window Shutters

Constructing exterior window shutters

Building exterior window shutters

Window shutters play a very important role in protecting your windows from high winds and such other damage. However this is not the only function of exterior window shutters. These are also very helpful in enhancing the visual appeal of your home. It also adds up to the value of your home. Building exterior window shutters is quite easy job and you can do it yourself of you are a handy person. To help you out with this, here are some of the tips for building exterior window shutters without the need of professional.

  • Collect the needed tools

Before you start to build exterior window shutter, it’s very essential to collect all the tools and materials needed. You need to measure the windows and get approximate size for getting the coverings. You will need wood planks or pieces of wood which would be long enough to cover up the distance between pane and siding which are above the siding. This will not be enough for building exterior window shutters. Here are some of the extra things needed for building exterior window shutters. You can easily the below mentioned things at any of the home improvement stores or hardware stores. You can also go for some of the other decorative items for exterior window shutters if you have creative frame of mind.

  • Hammer and nails
  • Putty
  • Saw
  • Drills and screws
  • Surface mounts
  • Primer
  • Shutter hinges
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Paint brush
  • Cut the wood planks

Measure the width of the window for making the window shutters. This will show you how many vertical length of wood will be needed by you and also see how many horizontal pieces will be needed by you. After taking the measurement, cut the wood planks in the appropriate sizes.

  • Build the shutter on flat surface

Put the cutted planks on the flat surface and align them properly so that they are in exact level. Make sure that the planks are closely pressed with each other and there are no existing gaps in between them. Screw the horizontal and vertical pieces for securing the shutter.

  • Stain and paint the shutters

Staining and painting the exterior window shutter is quite easy before installation. It can also be done after installation but it would be bit difficult. Hence consider doing it at this stage only. You can use roller or brush for painting the surface. Choose the color of your choice and start to paint. Make sure you give proper time for letting the surface dry before you install it. After the paint is dry, you can put a layer of primer on the paint. This will make the shutter look more beautiful. You can also decorate it in any other way as you wish.

  • Attach the hinges

There is specific spot for installing hinges. You need to install it few inches above the bottom and few inches below the top of the window frame. You can also attach a third hinges in the middle if you wish.

Tips To Paint Your Fence

Tips of painting your fence

Homeowner painting your fence

Fence provides protection to your home but fence also needs protection. Fence is an outdoor structure which is exposed to high winds, extreme sun, rain and such other weather elements and hence it also needs care and protection at some point of time. One of the ideas for protecting your fence is painting it. For maintain your fence you need to paint your fence every 2 to 3 years. If it is metal fence, you need to paint it to save it from corrosion. If it is wood fence, you need to paint it to save it from rotting. Hence whichever type of fence you have, you need to paint your fence for giving it protection. Painting your fence is a time consuming process but yet it is extremely important if you want your fence to last for a long time. If you want to avoid expensive repairs and replacement then you need to paint your fence. Without fail paint your fence at regular intervals and you will be able to enhance the durability of your fencing. Here are some of the tips to paint your fence if you want to do it by your own.

  • Prepare area around fence

One of the most critical phases of painting your fence is preparation. Now you would definitely be having plants around the fence and you have grown them with so much effort and don’t want to hurt them for sure. Start with protecting the vegetation around your fence before painting your fence. This is definitely a time taking process but it will surely make your work easier. Start with edging and mowing the grass you see on the fence line. Also trim the shrubs and bushes back which are touching the fence.

  • Choose the right type of paint

One of the essential parts of painting your fence is to choose the right paint type for your fence. Pick the outdoor paint for painting your fence. Indoor paints will not be such to combat with the external forces like sun and wind, whereas on a contrary, outdoor paint will definitely be able to combat with these forces easily and will not get off so quickly. You can try acrylic paint as it is very much durable and provide adequate protection to your fence. You can also try for oil based paint but it will need several coats and not much protective as compared to that with acrylic paint. If you have iron fencing then for painting it you can try out enamel paint. For using this paint you will have treat the iron surface with rust inhibiting primer. The easiest type of paint is epoxy paint as it is very much durable and it is only one step process.

  • Choose the right day for painting

You must check out the weather conditions while painting your fence. It’s an outdoor paint project and you must be sure that there will be no rain or snow. The project of painting your fence must be undertaken only when the weather is dry and there is adequate amount of sunlight.

Pros And Cons Of Wood Carport

Benefits and drawbacks of wood carport

Pros and cons of wood carport

If you are not having a carport already and parking your car outside your home then you must consider having a carport in your home. Of course installing carport is a big investment and an expensive process but protection of your car is equally important. You cannot risk your car by parking it anywhere and exposing it to heat, wind, rain and snow. There are plenty of materials for carport metal, steel, aluminum, wood and many more. However the best type and the most popular one is wood carport. Hence if you are considering installing carport in your home, you must take wood carport in consideration. To get to the conclusion whether you want to install wood carport, you must evaluate wood carport in detail. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you out whether you should be installing it in your home or not.


  • Versatile

Wood carports frame can be build up in almost size you want and this makes wood carport a very much versatile materials. Wood carport offers you with freedom to protect vehicle of any size you wish. If you are having a small car or any other small vehicle then you can go for building wood carport of small size. On a contrary if you having a truck or RV, you can go fir building wood carport of big size. You can go for installing wood carport which are freestanding or also go for that wood carport which are attached to building or home.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic appeal of wood carport is far good as compared with that of other materials for carport. These carports can easily blend in with any houses and mixes up naturally with any types of homes. You are also open with the option of painting or staining wood carport to match it up with the exterior of the home. Steel carport, aluminum carport and metal carport can give more of an industrial look to your home which is not the case with wood carport.


  • Needs maintenance

Wood is a material which always need good keep up to maintain its life and beauty. If you are ready to devote your time and attention towards its maintenance then you should definitely go for installing wood carport in your home. As compared to that with other material choices for carport, wood carport needs more maintenance. This type of carport needs to seal every few years to save it from damage which can be caused by wind, sun and insects. If you want your wood carport to look at its best, you need to paint and stain your wood carport every few years. If you don’t do, the beauty will be faded and it won’t look much beautiful. Wood carport has a good life and don’t needs to be replaced very often but only when it is maintained properly and taken care of in timely manner.


Tips Of Designing A Carport

Tips of designing a carport

Ways of designing a carport

If you are not having carport in your home and you are thinking to install one, you must be in need of carport types and designs. Designing a carport is the basic step before you go for its installation. Before you finish off designing a carport, you will have to figure out, exactly how you are going to use it for. Designing a carport for parking a car will be different from designing a carport for parking a RV. While designing a carport, you also have think about later stage when you don’t need for parking a car, you can convert it for any other use also. You also need to check out whether you want to design a single carport or a double carport. To help you out with this, here are some of the tips for designing your carport.

  • Available materials

There are plenty of material choices for building a carport. Designing a carport will be depending upon the type of material you choose. If you are considering metal then it is highly durable material and also the cheapest one. You have to make use of brackets for connecting pieces with each other and making the structure very solid. Another material used for carport is alumiwood. This is basically aluminum product which is manufactured to give the look of wood for matching up the designs with the already existing structure. Another very popular choice is wood and it is one of the most expensive materials for designing a carport. Wood will also need more maintenance for keeping it in proper condition.

  • Adequate measurements

Before you start to design a carport, you will need to know what the exact use of it is or what you are going to store in there. If you are going to park a boat in your carport then you will need to have extra length as compared to that with standard carport. This is also applicable with the height also. If you are going to park a RV in your carport then it would be taller as compared with that of truck and car and hence you need to have that adequate height of your carport for that.

  • Conversion of carport

You never know when you will convert your carport into what. Your needs and wants can change at any time and you can easily transform your carport from a car parking space to a total store room. While you are designing a carport, you must think about such conversion. This will save you from extra expense in future for fulfilling all this demands. If you design a carport in proper manner in the initial stage, making minor changes will be much easy and affordable. There are many cases where your open carport will be converted into closed patios.

  • Skill requirements

While you are designing a carport, take into consideration the skill level of the person you are going to hire for installation. If you are hiring a professional, make sure he is eligible for doing all the work by complying with the local codes.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fencing

Pros and cons of fencing

Advantages and disadvantages of fencing

Fencing is a great addition for your home. Seen from the privacy and security point of view, fencing is the best thing you can have in your home. Fencing can be quite expensive to build and also to install. However it is a big investment and hence if you are consider installing one in your home, you must be aware of both its positive and negative side. Evaluate them and see whether positives are more beneficial or negatives are more problematic. Check out your needs and see whether it is worth to put up your cost and energy in fencing or not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having fencing in your home.


  • Safety and security

One of the biggest reasons why people want fencing in their home is safety and security. Having a good fencing installed in your home will keep your home and your belongings safe from intruders who enter up your place with wrong intentions. If you are having swimming pool in your home or having any playground and equipment’s then it will stop the trespassers from using it. It will also keep stray animals out of your house from damaging your belongings. It will also keep your pets and your kids inside your home and keep them safe.

  • Privacy

It’s really very annoying when you have peeping neighbors who would have nothing to do except seeing where you are going, whom you are talking to, what you are eating and so on. If you also have such neighbor then you will definitely be annoyed a lot by them and want some privacy in your home. Having a fencing installed is the best way to get rid of such annoying neighbors and be able to do all the things in your home without any kind of interference. Keep the height of your fencing tall and you will easily be able to avoid your neighbors to the extent that you want to.


  • Maintenance

Undoubtedly fencing is a great source of adding beauty and protection to your property but they do need care and maintenance. They can really look bad if you are not cared and properly maintained. If you have chosen wood fencing in your home then they will need occasional cleaning, painting, staining or sealing or else they can either warp or even get rot over period of time. If you are okay with the maintenance then you can go for installing fencing in your home.

  • Costly

The basic cost of fencing depends upon the material you choose for fencing. It also depends upon the height, area of fencing, number of gates, and cost of labor according to your area and so on. But however on a whole, fencing installation is a costly activity.

  • Consent issues

Fencing is a mutual decision between you and your neighbor. Hence if you want to go for installing fencing, you need to have con sent of your neighbor also. It can be a big issue when your neighbors don’t allow you to do so and you want to do it.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Corrugated Steel Siding

Benefits and drawbacks of Corrugated steel siding

Pros and cons of corrugated steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is great choice for siding. There are many materials for siding but you will find many homes having similar wave like pattern of corrugated steel. There are plenty of materials which are placed in the market for siding like wood, plastic, asphalt, brick, asbestos and steel. Steel is one of the widely chosen siding choices among all metals. If you are interested in installation of corrugated steel siding in your home, then you must be aware about pros and cons of it. Check out whether corrugated steel siding suits up with your area and your whether needs or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of corrugated steel siding for better understanding and letting you know the right choice.

Benefits of corrugated steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is such a material which is extremely resilient and it’s not that easy to damage it. Corrugated steel is also extremely durable and it has been in the market since thousands of years and passed the test of time. The waves which are there on the corrugated siding will help to boost up the durability of siding even more. Corrugated steel siding fortifies your home in such a manner that only few of the materials will match it up with corrugated steel siding. If you are residing in bad weather then corrugated steel siding can be appropriate choice as it can match up bad weather situations. Corrugated steel siding is also resistant to fire, bugs, rot and bad weather. Corrugated steel siding doesn’t get affected by storms or hail. In comparison of all metal options steel is the best one for siding. Corrugated steel siding is also highly dent resistant. Corrugated steel siding is best you are residing in an area with frequent hail storms. The maintenance need of corrugated steel siding is also very low and it can maintain its appearance intact for several years and is also very much cost effective. As compared to other siding types like concrete, fiber cement and brick. You are also available with varied color options here.

Drawbacks of steel siding

Corrugated steel siding is a heavy material and hence it can be very much problematic to work with it. This can reduce the speed and pace of work. You will need more labor for installation of corrugated steel siding due to its heavy weight which will in turn increase the overall costing of its installation. There is lots of need of energy for manufacturing of steel siding. This siding is not eco-friendly even though it can be easily recycled.  Insulation of corrugated steel siding is not that good. Lower insulation will lead to higher energy bills. You need to coat this material with zinc or any such other material or else chances are there of this getting depleted. Coating it with zinc will also save it from rust and corrosion. If this coating of zinc wears with time, it can also be repainted or restained again.



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