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Pros And Cons Of Mobile Homes

Benefits and drawbacks of mobile homes

Pros and cons of mobile homes

Mobile homes are some different concept in the field of home. Many people have accepted it while others still don’t know much about mobile homes. You have used the common method of traditional building since many years. Now it’s the time, you have some change in the building process. Mobile homes have on a whole a totally different concept which have many perks on its side and must be tried. Let’s have an in depth study of mobile home for knowing it better.

Features of mobile homes

Mobile homes are also very much popular as manufactured homes and they are also known as trailers. Mobile homes are built in a factory setting and it is transported to the actual site on the trailer chassis.  Mobile homes have their own wheels and they are brought to the actual site on their own wheels only. Mobile homes can be placed in a leased land or in the mobile home park. When owner has a mobile home, he will rent a space or he will lease a place to park his mobile home on. If you have land of your own then you can also put your mobile home on that land.

Pros of mobile homes

One of the major pros of mobile homes is that they are cost effective. As compared to all other types of homes, mobile homes are least expensive option. Hence owning a mobile home is very easy. Mobile homes have a less per square feet price and hence you can get more space at fewer prices. One of the advantages which mobile homes offer is that they are extremely flexible. If you have shifting of place now and again then mobile homes are perfect for your need. You can take mobile homes from one place to another very easily. Whether you are moving to a different city or to a different state or even a different country, you can take your mobile home you wherever you want. Mobile homes are building indoors and hence it is built very fast as compared with traditional homes, they don’t even have to face any delay due to weather conditions or lack of materials or any such thing. Mobile homes are also considered eco-friendly option.

Cons of mobile homes

One of the greatest cons of mobile homes is that instead of increase in its value; they have a decrease in their value. Mobile homes will depreciate eventually and even very speedily. Just like new car or let’s say new cell phone, once these home leaves the factory there will be a decrease in the value. If you are having land and mobile home both and you see increase the value of property and this is because of the land and not due to home. Another con of mobile homes is that they are not the real property or the actual property. Real property is land or anything which is attached to land, which mobile homes are definitely not.  You also have to pay higher interest if you have taken loan of such property.


Tips on Renovating on Tight Budget

Home Renovation

DIY home renovation project

You might have made big dreams for you renovating and remodeling project- the dreams beyond your decided budget. But a bit of Do It Yourself and some of the shopping around, you can easily save money on your renovating project. Here are certain tips that will help you on your renovating project on a tight budget.

Before start the renovating project, make a list of things you need to perform during the process like:

  • Start by figuring out, what you should and what you shouldn’t do on yourself.
  • Having and adhering certain Do It Yourself knowledge will help you in saving great on your pockets.
  • But it is advisable on paying professional for the huge jobs can help you save more in long runs.
  • Mange your expectation regarding your budget and review the scope of the renovating project carefully before you start the process.

Renovating project on tight budget:

  • You might be thinking that you are saving your money by performing certain things yourself, but botched, The Do It Yourself efforts might cost you dearly. When you’re planning for Do It Yourself process, it is very important for the home owners to know your limitation.
  • It is advisable of involving the professionals in plumbing, structural work and electrical work unless you’ve trained in the trades yourself. Always remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean the best. It is also important for getting recommendation from the previous client and make sure that the amount of budget or money you spend is totally worth of it.
  • Trust me, there is a good news for the home owners because there are plenty of Do It Yourself renovating projects that you and your family can perfume yourselves. Get a working bee going for the small price for few drinks and a barbeque. A nice quote says, put the slaves to work!
  • Here is a list of things you can easily perfume while proceeding with your renovating project:



Polishing and stripping the floorboards

Simple tiling jobs


Assembling a flat-pack kitchen stuffs, etc.

  • The basics of Do It Yourself plans require a bit of practical knowledge and tools. You can get all the things from a hardware store. Even they will help you in designing your renovating project and works as a guide for performing the task.
  • You will be surprise in knowing that hoe much money you can save on supplies, labor, and materials by shopping around or online. Start by polishing your negotiation skills, seek the bargains and ask for the trade prices through dents and scratch. Even you can ask for discounted prices of the things you are required in your renovating project.
  • When planning of a renovating project, it is advisable of looking into a long term saving. Because when you budget I tight, we many times overlook the longer term savings of energy efficient materials and technologies. You can include some of the basic energy saving techs like solar panels, rainwater tanks, LED lights and a good and better quality of insulation in your home.

Comparison Of Metal Shed And Wood Shed

If there is this idea of installing a new shed in your home, then there might be plenty of questions in your mind. Let’s say for example the first and foremost question encircling your mind would be which type of shed to go for? What are the benefits and drawbacks of different sheds? The popular choice in today’s time and what most of the people are opting for are either metal shed or wood shed. Hence now your confusion is limited to metal shed and wood shed. Well both the types of sheds are amazing and can be installed in your home without any worry and that’s the reason why it is preferred so much by people. But you need to make adequate and appropriate research before you rush into making any decision. Here is a detailed comparison between metal shed and wood shed along with their pros and cons. Study them and decide yourself which one is better and which one will suit with your homes surrounding and weather conditions.

  • Metal sheds

Metal shed for storage

Metal shed in home

One of the best things about having metal shed I installed in your home is its durability. Metal sheds are designed in such a way that they can give shelter to your lawn equipment’s, tools and also garden supplies from the elements like snow, rain and wind. One of other benefits of metal sheds is that it is available in plenty of styles and also plenty of sizes. Hence you can accommodate any single which you want to keep in the store. You can even install a lean to metal shed for creating any extra added space. Metal sheds are also very much affordable and you can also have a garage door installed for ease in opening and closing. One of the drawbacks which you generally face with metal sheds is that they are not quite good looking and they have these dull and colorless structures. However with time there are also colors available in metal sheds.


  • Wood sheds

Wood shed installation

Wood shed in home

One of the major benefits of having a wood shed installed in the home is its good looks. Wood sheds are on their own very attractive and people also decorate it with many elements like potted plants, flower boxes or even flags over the doors. This decoration of wood sheds makes it even more beautiful. You can also have shutters and doors and even windows on wood sheds which gives a look like an extension for the main property. One of the another pros of wood shed is that you can also go for two story building if you want more added storage space. Wood sheds are also quite durable and can protect your belongings very well. You can also have wood sheds with plenty of roof styles. With all these pros it also has certain negative points to be considered. Wood sheds will generally attract termites, wood eating pests or carpenter ants which can damage the wood shed. It is also prone to water damage.

Tips To Choose A Residential Architect

Choosing proper architect

Selecting the right architect

Building a home is not just a home, it’s your dream or your life long desire and of course you would not want to take any risk with that. Just like for getting the right cure, you need a good and trustworthy doctor, for making a home you need a good and trustworthy architect. Architect is the one who works on making your dream home come to real world. Thus choosing a right residential architect is really an important job. Choosing a right residential architect is not as easy as you think, you need to be very alert and have a good inspection of the architect you want to hire. Be sure while choosing a residential architect and don’t forget to make proper research before finalizing your architect. You can take your time while choosing a residential architect and also be satisfied with your research and then only come to the final conclusion. Here are some of the tips to choose a residential architect.

  • Think whether you really need an architect

The question of choosing a residential architect arises when there is actual need of architecture. If you want to build a new home then you would defini9tely be in need of choosing a residential architect. But if your home is just in need of minor remodeling or repairing then there is no need of architect and you can simply go for a normal contractor and your work will be easily done without higher charges and extra research. However if your project is like changing the façade or adding up an extra wing then choosing a residential architect would be a better choice.

  • Ask family and friends for reference

If you are in connection with someone who has undergone construction work then you must consider taking reference from that person. You can also visit his home and get ideas about of the work of the architect. Thus this can be right way of choosing a residential architect. Check out the construction quality and ask the owner about the durability of the materials and also cleaning and maintenance need of those materials. Also ask the owner about the reviews of the architect as he was easy to work and punctual with time. Also check whether the architect worked within the budget and also completed the project within the time or not. If you get the positive reviews then you can consider him as choosing a residential architect. If that architect Was not within the budget and timeline then ask the reasons as sometimes it’s not the wrong decisions of the architect which caused the delays its actually some uncontrollable conditions which worked against.

  • Check at least three architects

While choosing a residential architect, seeing one and thinking everything is good and finalizing him is not the thing which you should do while choosing a residential architect. You should minimum meet three architects while choosing a residential architect then decide the one you find most suitable giving you with higher benefits and facilities.

Things To Consider While Building Your House

Things to keep in mind while building a home

Points to consider while building a home

Building your house is not a small thing. Building your house can be a lifelong dream of yours and thus you have many expectations from it. While building your house, if something goes wrong it can break your heart and you have to be extra careful while you are building your house. Before building your house only you have lot of things in your mind as to what you want to have in it and which things you want to avoid, how will it look and how the décor will. But your thinking can not be same as the reality. You must think whether your thinking would be applicable in reality while building your house. There might be many things which are actually important while building your house you must have slipped them out of your mind but which can affect you baldy if known afterwards. Hence are some of the important things which should be considered while building your house.

  • Consider your hvac system

One of the very essential which has many chances to be slipped off your mind while building your house is hvac system. Poor havc planning while building your house can lead to moisture issues in the later stage and also encourage mold growth to extreme level. This is not only dangerous to your house but it can also affect your health in adverse manner. More focus should also be given to the size of the unit to be installed while building your house.     Installing models which are very small will not be appropriate as it will not cool o0r heat your house in appropriate manner. While building your house and installing these units, you will not brelaise3 this but you will get to know this when your house will be too cold in winters and it will be too hot in summers. Thus instead of regretting at last, it is advisable to take precaution at the time of building your house.

  • Space planning

Unless you are not planning to build a large house, space planning is very important while building you house. When you are going to build a small house, space planning plays a very crucial role. You did not want to end up in a house where you don’t get enough space to even move after setting up your furniture. Pay focus on how much space is assigned to your storage room and does your master bedroom really needs a jumbo sized walk in closet. Also consider does your bedroom need a master bathroom and a big bathtub in it. By considering these things you save on space.

  • Underutilized rooms

While building your house, make sure the rooms you decide to build are going to be utilized in a fair and just manner. If the room stys empty then there is no need to build such room and block up extra space. Unused rooms become like dumping ground for the things we don’t use anymore and it also creates clutter.

Eco-Friendly Household Appliances

Eco-Friendly Household Appliances

Options for eco-friendly household appliances

It is not an obligation, but just a moral duty to make some effort to make our planet greener. And nothing can be better than buying some environmental friendly appliances, since this is one of the very few ways through which common people can reduce the growing threat called global warming.

Below are few latest technologically advanced consumer products which are functioned to provide you with a healthier home and ensuring a greener atmosphere.

Environment friendly light bulbs:

This is the easiest way to make your house greener. Traditional light bulbs consume a lot of electricity. So buy the CFL bulbs which are effective in saving energy. You might not want to believe it, but CFLs save almost 75% of energy.

Green filters:

Green air filters remove almost all kinds of indoor air pollutants. Air inside your home is more polluted than outer air because of the deadly gases emitted by toxic elements. There are added pollutants like dust mites and allergens inside a house. Green air filters have a mechanical filtration which curbs these pollutants.

Green electronics:

TVs, CD players, home theatre systems consume a large amount of electronic energy, which also adds up on your electricity bills. To free yourself from the extra expenses and to save some much needed energy, invest in electronic appliances that take energy from solar power.

Eco-friendly kitchen appliances:

Refrigerators are massive energy consumers. Try to get rid of your old model and look for a smaller greener model. Even this would help you save money on the bills. Look for one which has a top or bottom freezer.

Green computing:

Some parts of a traditional computer carry toxic elements that result in a lot of hazardous waste. Go for personal computers and laptops that have been built from recycled products. Green computers run on solar energy, thus saving more energy.

These are your energy saving home appliances. Always look for the “ENERGY STAR” sign on them before buying. This sign is given by the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) of the USA and guarantees that the appliances are eco-friendly.

Repairing Bathroom Showers Appropriately

Repairing Bathroom Showers

Bathroom shower repairing

Bathroom showers are very essential components of your bathroom and these have to be maintained efficiently. But at times it might happen that the bathroom shower needs some minor repair. You can handle such minor repairs on your own. In case you notice that the small problem with the bathroom shower has escalated into a major one then you should make it a point to approach a professional plumber who has years and years of experience in the field of plumbing and plumbing related issues.

The shower heads might be showing signs of leakage because the condition of the seals and gaskets must have deteriorated. You must immediately replace these two components of the bathroom shower with the new seals and gaskets using a screwdriver, crescent wrench and caulking. It is not a very expensive or time consuming procedure so you can try to take care of the shower head leakage on your own.
Washer is the only component of bathroom shower that gets worn out quite quickly. Thus you should change the washer on a monthly basis or so with the help of tools such as screwdriver (flat head), rubber washers, channel locks and pipe wrench. If you have glass doors incorporated with your bathroom showers then you must ensure that both the doors are aligned suitably. In case one glass door blocks the other door in anyway then you have to slide the doors back into their tracks again or tap the doors back into their original positions.

Whenever you are repairing your bathroom shower, you have to ensure that the water supply to your bathroom is closed. After any minor or major repair of your bathroom shower, you must clean the entire shower properly so that it functions accurately, looks good and can last for longer periods of time.

Building a multi functional garage

Building multi functional garage

Constructing a multi functional garage

A garage is a very interesting place that can be used in many so many more ways than just a place to keep your car. You can do all that stuff in the garage that you cannot do inside the house. It is very common in the United States of America to use garages as a space to practice music and many a famous bands have come with practicing from garages.

As a matter of fact there is a particular genre called “garage rock”. The garage may also be used as a gym room. If there is enough space in the garage after keeping the car, you can easily use the space for keeping a gym console. The garage is can also be a great place to store your belongings that is not possible indoors. You can build shelves and racks on the walls of your garage so that you can keep your stuff inside the garage.

How to get construction material at cheap rates

Construction material at cheaper rates

Materials used for construction

Building a new home involves a huge cost and this is precisely why you need to curtail costs in areas possible. One of the areas in which you can reduce cost is building materials. Therefore, you need to know how you can get building materials at cheap rates. Here is some help.

It will be great if you can find some free building material items. If you are fortunate to find them, they will be in small quantities. However, you can use them if they fit into your building plan. You can also get in touch with a few building material chain stores and ask about the availability of overstocked or discontinued products. You might be able to get some mixed paints, linoleum sections and carpet remnants in these stores. There are some railroad salvage outlets from where you can get building materials at cheaper rates. You can find lumber, nails and plain tiles here.

Does your house need a cavity closure?

Installation of a cavity closure

Cavity closure for a house

If it is investigated closely then your house doesn’t need a cavity closure urgently. But if installed then it can ease the process of building. The cavity closure is nothing but an integral part of the construction process which allows the installation of doors and windows. If you have a cavity closure in your house then you can create the create the openings of your house much easily and in accordance with the norms. Building the doors and windows using the traditional means is quite hectic and time consuming as well expensive.

If you have a cavity closure then you can construct the windows and doors much easily in less time and saving money too. The cavity closure can fit into any type of buildings. Wooden, iron and steel frame doors and windows can be easily fitted at a later stage without much difficulty if you have a cavity closure. Otherwise constructing windows at a later stage after building the house is cost consuming and may even lead to some constructional problems in your house.

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