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How to Install Window Frames

Person Installing window frame

Process of Installing window frame

For home owners installing window frames for the first time might be an intimidating process, but by following the steps, the process of installing window frames would relatively feel easy. While the exact installation process will definitely vary according to the window installation. There are different frames for different windows. But, following the stated information will definitely offer you with adequate knowledge of things you must need and the materials. It is advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturers that come with the materials you’re to be used for the process.

Things needed:

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Bundle of shims
  • Insulation taper
  • Loose insulation and in several quantities
  • Penny nails approximately 12 to 13

Window frame installation:

  • Start the process of installing window frames by preparing the window openings. It is important to make sure that the window is clear for any accumulated debris and any of the dirt. It is advisable to know that there are no nails, excessive amount of putty or glue that might become interference to the process of installing window frames.
  • It is advisable of removing any glass or sashes that are mounted to the window frames. As the windows are heavy in weight, removing them is more beneficial because it will ease up the process thou.
  • Next is to take the window frame and slowly tilt it into the place where the window opening is situated. Make the use of shims for packing it up into the spacing around the window frame. It will help to hold the window frame on its place without giving it the chance of moving. Now make the use of level so that the level of the window frame is appropriate and plumbed up on its four sides.
  • After fixing the window frames on its place, reinstall the sashes and the glasses back to its place. This actually helps in squaring up the frame and helps in preventing the window frames from tilting while nailing it to the openings.
  • After installing the window sashes and the glass to its place, it is advisable to have a visual look and inspection on the borders of the window so that there is no gap observed on the edges of the window frames.
  • Next is to determine the security of the window frames installed. Make the use of hammer and drive some amount of penny finishing nails to the window frames so that the opening of the window frames attach firmly to the window. It is advisable to place the nails evenly and keeping safe distance in between two nails along with the length of the side jam.
  • Don’t forget to insulate your window while installing the window frames. Make the use of shim and some of the pack pieces of the loose insulation into the gaps and the cracks in between the window openings and also the window frames. It is important to add enough amount of insulation in the crevices and gaps. This will help in allowing the air to freely pass through the home.

How To Replace Your Shower Head

Ways of replacing shower head

Tips of replacing shower head

There can be varied reasons for replacing your shower head, one of them can be overflowing of water or leakage of water. Well any of the reasons is, if you are not opting for replacing your shower head, you will have higher consumption of water leading to wastage of water and increase in your water bills. Now of course you don’t want any of these situations to happen and whenever you find leaking shower head or overflow in the shower head, you must instantly go for replacing your shower head. Replacing your shower head is an easy job to do and it is clearly a DIY project. Hence you can go for replacing your shower head by yourself and save some bucks which you have to usually give to your professional. If you are new to this, you will need some guidance for it. Here are some of the tips which will help you to replace your shower head by yourself. First thing for replacing your shower head is to gather all the tools used for replacing your shower head and then go ahead with the work. This will help you to do your work in continuity.

List of tools

  • Masking tape
  • New shower head
  • Drop clothes
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape

Steps for replacing your shower head

  • Prepare the work area

Before you start with the job of replacing your shower head, you need to prepare your area first. Place some old towel on your bathroom floor. This will help the porcelain or fiberglass floor from getting damaged or scratched while you are working. After that take the adaptor kit which will come up with a diverter device which should be attached with that of shower stem and it will direct the flow of water in either of the two directions. This will allow you to use two shower heads from one water source.

  • Remove the old shower head

Make use of adjustable pliers and remove the old faucet. You might want to wrap up the jaws of the pliers by using the tape for preventing them from marring the chrome. Get rid of the old plumbers putty or the Teflon tape by using a rag which is placed on the left side of the threads of the shower stem. When you remove the old shower head, you can install the diverter. It’s very essential to ensure that you place the supplied washer in the neck of the diverter as per the direction issued on the kit.

  • Apply Teflon tape and install hose extender

The last step of replacing your shower head is to attach the Teflon tape to avoid water leak. Make sure that the direction of wrapping the tape is proper as if it is installed in opposite direction it will damage your shower head. After you are done with applying Teflon tape, attach the hose extender to it. Tighten it properly and make sure it is not loose or else there will be water dripping out of your shower head and there will be no point in installing the new one.

How to Detect Air Leaks in Home

Detecting air leak by candle

Lady holding a candle for detecting air leak

In most of the old homes as well in new homes you’re almost certain to observe some air leaks. You need to investigate about the air leaks in your home. By investigating you’ll find the air leaks through certain small openings you might even not know that exist. Well, these types of air leaks are not a big issue of problem in moderate climate, but in weather when the outside temperature varies from 20 degree from the interior temperature of the home, it will be your benefits of finding and detecting these air leaks. Unless and until you have stronger breeze blowing through your home, you may find the process of fixing the air leaks to be more easy and simple. Well, there are many tips and tricks for detecting air leaks in your home. Find it by yourself by following these tips for detecting air leaks.

Detecting air leaks tips:

  • There are many such places in your home that can simply lead in air leaks like windows, doors and cracks. Window is a common place where you can find most of the air leaks. Even, the windows installed on the separation of two rooms and other might also end up creating the air leak issues.
  • Make the use of candle. Flame the candle up and keep it near the frames of the windows. If you observe the flame of the candles flicking, this will simply result in air leak. Even there are chances that the movement of candle flame might also be due to the ceiling fan or any vent of HVAC.
  • You can also detect by placing a bath towel on the frames of the windows for blocking any of the air flow. Now make the use of lighted candle and hold it near the part of the window frame. If you don’t observe any candle flame flicking, it simply results further into a window air leak in your home.
  • Check your doors installed in your home. Many a times we don’t pay much attention to the doors but they result in the detection of air leaks. The most frequently found leaks are from the door frames and the cracks. Even the bottom edges of the door are the result for increasing the air leaks. You can detect the air leak in night.
  • Shut off the lights of the home, get a helper for turning on a torch light and go outside of the home. Shut the door and hold the flashlight on the bottom section of the door. Tell him or her to point the flash light towards the inner side of the home. If you observe the light of the flashlight coming towards the interiors of the home, it simply indicates in air leaks. Even you can make the use of this method for checking the top section and the side cracks of the door.
  • Don’t forget to check the fireplace and the dryer vents in your home. Dry vents are considered as most frequent place for air leaks that you should identify as fast as possible.

How to Deep Clean the Carpet

Person Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Process of Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Are you aiming at deep cleaning process of your carpet? Vacuuming is not enough for the process. Vacuuming is no doubt helpful for the home owners for removing the accumulated dirt and debris but it is not useful in cleaning it completely. What about the stubborn stains that are affecting your carpet? These stains are unable to get clean by using vacuum. For this you’ll definitely need certainly some of the cleaning solution that are helpful for getting rid of it. What about the smell and discoloration that doesn’t get rid of simply by using vacuuming it. Here are certain tips and techniques that can help you deep cleaning the carpet. You can easily use these techniques at your home for enjoying a streak free carpet with beautiful smell.

Things you’ll need for the process:

  • Vinegar
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Hot water
  • Carpet cleaning machine
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Enzyme Cleaner

Tips on deep cleaning the carpet:

  • Start the process of deep cleaning the carpet by preparing the surface. But before you head ahead, make sure to remove each and everything that is placed in the carpet. Remove any of the furniture that may be on the top or close to the carpet. After removing them, it’s advisable of removing any thing by using your hand from the surface of the carpet.
  • Finally, make the use of vacuum cleaner for trapping each and every particle of dirt off the surface of the carpet. This will also help you in removing any debris from the inner fibers of the carpet too.
  • It is advisable of buying or renting a carpet cleaning machine from the market. This cleaning machine helps in offering wet cleaning solution that are most effectively used for the deep cleaning of carpet. You can easily rent it from any of the carpet cleaning store. Don’t forget to purchase any stated carpet cleaning materials and products important to the process.
  • Make the use of carpet shampoo and enzyme cleaners that is helpful in removing any bad odor from the carpet. For the stained areas in your carpet, it is advisable to pre spray the surface before you start cleaning them.
  • Add up the cleaning solution in the stained surface. Wait for certainly 20 to 30 minutes so that it can effectively affect the stains fir removing it off the surface of your carpet. This will help in loosening the stains. The cleaner will work in cleaning the stains and it will remove easily when the machine is working on it.
  • It’s advisable for reading the manual’s instructions before you start using the cleaning machine. Many a times hot water or cold water is used so that you can deep clean the surface of the carpet.
  • After running the cleaning machine on the carpet, it is advisable of checking the moisture presence in the carpet. This will help in perfectly cleaning the surface as well as the fibers present in the carpet. Let it dry completely for enjoying a clean and streak free carpet in your home.

Different Types Of Curtains

Plenty of types of curtain

varied types of curtain

When the thing comes about choosing the right types of curtains for your window, you are available with plenty of options for it. There is varied choice in finishes, fabrics, colors and also in curtain rods. Now choosing so many things from so many options is quite overwhelming. Now if you are thinking its fine if you don’t get the right types of curtains in the first time as these are not much costly thing then you are totally wrong. Types of curtains are also very costly based upon the quality, design and material and you don’t want to make the same investment again. Replacing the types of curtains when you make a wrong choice is quite a head ache and hence you have to be sure as to which types of curtains will go with which type of room décor. If you are not pretty much aware about the types of curtains in the market then to make you aware, here are some of them so that you can educate yourself before actually buying them.

  • Pinch pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving decorative look at the top of it whereas it will give a formal finish at the rod pocket. These types of curtains will work with any types of fabric. There are total five types of pinch pleated curtain one of them is two finger pinch pleat, other one is three finger pinch pleat then its four finger pinch pleat and then it is five finger pinch pleat. If you go for more pleats, the fullness and size of the pleat will go on increasing along with the amount of fabric needed and also the cost.

  • Box pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving more of a tailored look and they will be draped into deep folds along the total length of the curtains. The box shape will be lining up next to one another which will make a formal pleated look. Box pleated curtains are more suitable in the areas like dining room, study room or lounge.

  • Rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtains are basically used for lightweight fabrics and net which are not used much and not opened and closed on frequent manner. Such types of curtains have to be hanging on the slender curtain rod which will thread through the channel and it will fit in the sockets or on hooks at sides of your window. The gap of curtain rod has a tight fit and hence these are suitable for those rooms which are like a formal sitting room.

  • Goblet pleat curtains

If you are searching for an extremely formal type of curtains which would cover up a large area into a traditional house with high and royal ceilings then goblet pleat curtains would be best suited for your need. The top pleat will resemble a wine glass. If you want to keep your goblet pleat curtains look rounded and full, you will have to shape them with interlining and wadding.

Benefits of Damp Proofing a Home

Person Damp proofing home

Damp proofing process performed by a home owner

Safety of our residential home is very important not only from the burglars but also from weather wear and tear. There are many types of adverse effects that might end up damaging your home like damp. They often occur on the sections of the home that are not maintained properly and thus results in putting our belonging and our health to hazards.

It is important to discourage the growth of damp by taking suitable and appropriate steps for damp proofing the home. There are many companies that perform the task of damp proofing. It is among the latest treatment that is rising with a speed in different homes. You might come across many homes with the treatment of damp proofing. This will not only protect your home from weather wear and tear but also acts as a good friend for your home interiors.

We totally understand that often the process of damp proofing the home is a process of trust that you need to keep on the experts and applying it is also considered to be an investment. It is important to know the correct installation of damp proofing that is suitable to your home construction and foundation. Investing in right type of materials and tools will surely help in saving on your money and your investment too!

Damp proofing benefits:


Are you tired of the accumulate smell of the mould from your home? Moisture and damp are considered to accumulate such type of smell that simply results in bad looking of your home. If the dampness in the home lets untreated, it simply results in damaging the interiors of the entire home. It will turn up the problem for spreading in the entire home. You’ll come across tan unpleasant smell that is coming around your home. For removing this smell, make the use of right type of ventilation and damp proof your home. Using damp proofing materials work in carrying off the small out of the home premise.


If you observe more amount of accumulate mold and mildew in your home, it simply will affect the look and the appearance of the home interiors. If you’re applying damp roofing treatment in your home, the appearance of your home is differently going to improve a lot. It is important to select the right areas for applying the damp proofing treatment. If you want to paint or decorate the patches affected by damp, it is advisable to applying the damp proofing process first as t will enable you in decorating the display properly.

Preventing health issues:

Applying damp proofing process helps in dealing with the health issues that might occur due to accumulate mold and mildew in your home. The growth of mold and mildew is observed simply because of the dampness that is present and observed in the home premise. It might turn up even worst and result into the health issues of respiratory system. These symbols aren’t good for the life of the home owner as well as the members of the home. Damp proofing helps in dealing with the situation in an effective manner.

How to Clean Wood Sidings Using Pressure Washer

Cleaning wood sidings using pressure washer

Pressure washer used for Cleaning wood sidings

With the help of pressure washer you can easily remove the accumulate debris in the grimes of the wooden sidings. The grit might turn up causing damaging effects as the wood installed moves with the wind and also expands and contracts according to the temperature out there! Even, pressure washer is helpful in removing any accumulated stains on the surface of the wooden sidings. Burt you might need to use it with care as it might also turn up damaging the wooden sidings too. Here is the process of cleaning wooden sidings by using pressure washer as your tool for cleaning.

Pressure washer used for cleaning wooden sidings:

Preparation of the process:

Before you start up with the process of cleaning your wood sidings, it is important to prepare for the process. Before you start with the process, it is important to ensure that you can work through without stopping for even once while the entire process. Remove the plants and furniture that are placed near your wood sidings so that you can perform the process in a better way.

Anything that might turn up damaging by the spray should be either removed or covered properly. If you have hanged any decorations on the sidings, it is advisable of removing it off. Don’t forget to turn off any of the main supply to the exterior lights installed, so that spraying doesn’t end up damaging it. If you observe any of the siding board is damaged, it is advisable of not to spray it or clean it for the obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to carefully close the doors and windows of your home. I guess you don’t want to let any dirt or the spraying enter up the home interiors. If there is some of the members present in your home, it is advisable to inform them before you start up with the process.

Start spraying:

It is important to you to know that wood siding is not a strong material, so be careful while performing the process ahead. Don’t use a higher setting in your pressure washer for cleaning it. You should always know that a wood can get damaged if the flow of pressure washer is constantly sprayed in the same direction. So, it is important to keep moving the sprayer while cleaning it. Make the use of a fan tip for spraying the water.

Process of spraying:

The process of spraying should be carefully performed. Start with spraying the wood siding from the top most section of the sidings. This will offer you with no risk of you covering those of the areas that you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget to spray it by keeping it in a downward angle. This will not damage or harm up the wooden surface. Spray a section at a time. Don’t be in a hurry for finishing your cleaning process. Finish up the process further. make sure you’re wearing properly safety measures so that you can don’t harm or injure yourself while performing the process.

Tips on Cleaning Sidings by Using Pressure Washer

Person Cleaning sidings using pressure washer

Pressure washer used for cleaning siding

If you’re intending of cleaning something neatly, pressure washer cleaning is the only best alternative that helps in cleaning it deeply. But using pressure washer cleaning is important as it helps in performing a deep cleaning process that you’re in need of. Sidings are delicate in stricture, so be careful while using pressure washer treatment on the sidings installed. The material directly effects that how a pressure washer treatment can be used on the sidings. There’s nothing to worry about as there are many things and tips that will help you in cleaning the sidings by sing pressure washer. Follow them but be careful that you don’t end up damaging the sidings installed.

Pressure washer using tips:

  • It is advisable of not using the highest settings of the pressure washer while cleaning your sidings. On many of the pressure washers, the stated highest settings are considered to be way more powerful that can be used on any of the sidings. Basically, a pressure washer works in shooting out a constant speed jet of water which strikes up the sidings in a powerful flow.
  • Even, there are chances that the force of the water from the pressure washer can shoot out and damage many of the angles of the sidings if not concentrated accurately. It might simply result in loosening the fasteners attached and soon it might result in flying off the siding installed.
  • And, trust me folks! Replacing sidings turns up to be an expensive process which includes lots of time and money. Well, in order to avoid and prevent the damaging of your siding, it is advisable of using a medium forced setting that can help you in cleaning the siding in a better way.
  • The stream of the water will simply clean the surface elf the sidings and not damage it. Whenever we start cleaning the sidings, we want the job to be completed as quickly as possible. We often want to get off the dirt and debris from the siding by applying minimal amount of efforts. And this results in considering pressure washer to be the cure for all the process.
  • Doing this will definitely save your time but will result in damaging the surface of your sidings installed. One of the ways of using pressure washer is by spraying the water from the bottom part of the siding. As the pressure from the pressure washer is very high this can even result in dislodging the sidings parts which are installed.
  • There are many ways of using pressure washer but using it by following downward direction is among the most efficient one that will not damage or harm your sidings installed. It is important to keep the materials in mind while performing the process of cleaning the sidings by using pressure washer. Metal siding is easy to clean as it is not going to be affected by the water from the pressure washer but when it comes for vinyl sidings and wood sidings, you need to be more cautious while performing it.

Ways of Detecting Gas Leaks

Detecting gas leak by using soap

Spray soap is used for detecting gas leak

It is very important to detect gas leaks in your home for the matters of safety use of propane gas in your home. Well, in many of the home, we have observed the use of propane gas for many purposes like for heating water for the shower, for cooking food stuffs and also for cleaning certain areas in home.  The importance of propane gas is more preferred in the terms of electric since using the propane tank is far more efficient and cheaper for the home owners. But, if these propane tanks are not stored properly, it will simply result in exploding. Well, you can call detecting a gas leak as a first line of defense against the danger you placed in your home, the propane tank.

There are many preventive measures that can help you in detecting gas leak. You can perform an active prevention measure for checking the propane tanks and the tubing fixed to it. But, it is important to confirm that there is no leak observed before you’re placing the propane tank in your home. Secondly is performed by constantly monitoring the signs of leakage from the gas. Well, propane gas is basically a gas that is odorless and a bit hard to detect. But still an odorant that smells like a rotten egg is added to the propane tank that can immediately identified in the form of gas leak. Here are certain tips on detecting gas leaks in your home. Don’t forget to pay proper attention as it is the question of your life and your loved ones.

Gas leak detection ways:

  • There are different types of detecting solutions available in the store but you can also try out homemade solution of detecting a gas leak in your home. Make the use of a spray bottle and fill it with the mixture of water and dish washing soap. Start spraying the solution on the connection of tubing of the propane tank and the appliance to which it is attached.
  • Even cover the entire tubing area with the soap spray and also to the connection where it meets with the propane tank. If you observe any bubble formation on the surface of the tube, it is advisable of changing and replacing it with the new one.
  • If you don’t detect any bubble formation, it simply means that your gas tubing is working in a good condition. You can also make the use of an electrical gas leak detector. It is a device that is specially used for detecting any odd concentration on the surface of the propane gas in the air.
  • Once the electric device senses the leak of gas, it automatically triggers an alarm that will indicate a leak in the gas. The electric gas detector ranges from 50 to 100$ that can easily be afforded by any of the home owner. It is considered to be a one-time investment for the home owners that are beneficial for the home owners. Make a note of identifying it so that you can be safe at your home.

Process of Painting Stair Runner

Painting stair runner

Image of Painting stair runner

Are you having a bare wood stair case in your home? Well, home owners have now a varied choice of opportunity of designing it, patterning it and coloring it the way they want to have. A painted stain runner is the best thing that you can try. If the process of painting a stair runner if performed in a correct manner, it will depict the impact of carpet runner on its surface. Trust me folks, be ready for enjoying a brand new look of your wooden stairs. In fact a look that offers enduring effects to the home. Well, forgot to mention, it is way easier to clean and maintain it as compared to those of the carpet runner. Here are certainly some of the easy steps of painting stair runner installed in your home.

Things you’ll need for the process of painting the stair runner:

  • Primer
  • Vacuum
  • Cardboard
  • Measuring tape
  • painter’s tape
  • Floor paint
  • Paint brush and roller
  • Pencil
  • Neutral colored base paint

Painting stair runner process:

  • Begin the process by checking the surface of the stairs. If your stairs are not painted any time before, you will need to apply the primer on the surface. Primer works in sealing the wooden surface and helps in preventing the paint into the pores.
  • Before you start painting or applying the primer on the surface of the wooden stairs, it is advisable of cleaning it thoroughly. Make the use of vacuum for cleaning the entire surface of the stairs. This will help you in accumulating the dust particles present on the surface of the stairs.
  • Even there are different types and brands available in primer. But make sure the finish paint should be applied in the floor. Keep that in mind while painting or priming the surface of the stairs; don’t forget that those stairs are used for heading up back to the top.
  • If the home owners are having long stride, it is advisable of painting each of the other step of the stairs. When you think that the first step is dried, start painting the other steps installed in the stairs.
  • This will help you in getting back to the top without getting your feet dipped in primer. It is advisable of painting only the left hand side of the stirs. This will allow you to travel and climbs up the stains whenever you want to from the other side of the stairs.
  • Prepare the base coat after applying the primer. This will help in spreading and affecting the paint in a better manner on the surface of the stairs. After applying the base coat, let it rest for some while so that it can completely seal the surface of the primer. Select your design and pattern that you want to use for your stairs.
  • Select which color you want to have in your stairs. And follow the further process of painting the stairs. Don’t forget that you have recently applied paint on the surface. Let it rest for some while for enjoying the perfect finish.
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