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Cottage house for modern living

Modern look of Cottage house

Small look of Cottage house

Cottage house for modern living is an apt solution to the problem of dwelling and cost. Most of the people prefer to live in big houses forgetting that the cottages are better option for the recession hit society.

The cottage house is a simply constructed house with attractive design and a white fence with creepers on it. These houses are pretty small with average size of plot being 800 square feet.  The advantage of cottage houses:

The construction and maintenance overnight costs are very low with less property tax to be paid.

These houses heat up easily and remain cozy thus the utility bills are also less.

The cleaning of the cottages is easy which cut down the time spent on cleaning. This extra time can be spent with your loved ones.

Though some people may have a cramped feeling due to the smaller size, yet they also start loving their cottage after the initial hitch. Cottages are constructed as per the taste of the house owners therefore they have a distinct personal touch to them.

Mediterranean Home Plans

Constructed Mediterranean Home

Mediterranean Home idea

The Mediterranean home plans offer a classical aura of the bygone days. Today as more and more people prefer apartments and flats, the builders are trying to give Mediterranean home plans to the people who can afford them.

The Mediterranean home plans are mainly one storey houses with slanting roof. The slope of the roof make wide overhang to protect from summer heat. These home plans are better suited for warmer climate with more rainfall. The Mediterranean homes have tiled roof with stucco exterior. There are big windows all around the house which allow breeze to flow continuously. There are verandas on the upper floor which are used for sitting purposes. The rooms are big and airy with a lot of sunshine entering into them. There are open arches which give the houses a neo-classical look.

The modern Mediterranean home plans use the clever mixture of modernity and tradition to offer the best planned and designed homes. The Mediterranean home plans in the colder regions would require an extra layer of insulation.

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