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Easy Ways To Secure Your Home

Keeping your home secure

Ways of keeping your home secure

The risk of theft, robbery, burglary have increased a lot and the fact that 73 percent of these happens with the residential properties only have brought homeowners in tension. Hence Home safety and security has taken a peak place in the minds of homeowners and they always seek for some tips and tricks to keep their home safe and secure.  Being a homeowner, you also need to be alert and be active to secure your home. There are many easy and simple ways by which you can secure your home and keep it safe. If you are not aware of ways to secure your home then take a look below to guide yourself.

  • Secure the door of your home

On an average 33 percent of the robbers and thieves enter into the door from the front door only. Hence to secure your home, you must inspect your front door properly. Along with that also look at all the doors of the house to safer side. Check whether all the frames are strong enough only and the hinges are also protected properly. Also see that the wood is not hollow and check your door does not have mall slot through which someone can reach there for unlocking it. Don’t compromise the safety of your home for getting pretty view. If your door is not having a deadbolt or peephole then you must be installing them as soon as possible to secure your home more efficiently.

  • Lock up the windows properly

The latches which are placed on your window are not enough to secure your home always effectively and in certain cases they can also be flimsy.  If your window is such, make sure to get it replaced with key operated levers or locks to help you secure your home. You can also think of inserting tempered glass or laminated glass for getting more strong hold.

  • Install some security system

All homes must have some or the other form of security system even though it is of very basic level. Try installing camera or any smart system which can be fully monitored. See which kind of needs your area have and choose a system accordingly to secure your home. You can also try installing alarm system or motion sensors for windows and doors or smoke detectors or carbon monoxide.

  • Light up your landscape

According to some research, most of the robberies take place during day time when everyone is at work. But this does not indicate that you need to secure your home at night time. Keep your home lighted even during the night time. Put up the lights in the front of your home and also in the backyard. Make use of the lights which are having motion sensors for more protection and security. Any robber will not be comfortable making robbery with a spotlight on him.

These simple and small tricks will definitely help to secure your home from robbery and burglary.

Tips To keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Tips of keeping home safe and secure

Ways of keeping home safe and secure

Theft and robbery are too much prevalent crimes across the globe. One of the precautionary measures you need to take is to be aware. You want any such thing to happen in your home. You might lose many of your important possessions if any such incident takes place in your home. This can leave a major impact on your home and on your family. Your safety is at stake if you don’t take any of the precautionary measure against all such things. There are several tips and tricks with which you can keep your home safe and secure. In today’s time it’s not an option to keep your home and secure instead it is a necessity. Taking measures to keep your home safe and secure will indeed keep you and your family members also secure. Here are some of the essential and advisable tips to keep your home safe and secure.

  • Robbers will always look out for those homes where the residents are away from the house for some period of time. So when you keep your home always active, it will keep the robbers away and keep your home safe and secure. Try to make your home look active even when you’re away.
  • Make use of automatic light timers all over your home and turn them on and off like pattern which you always do in your home. Find those light timers which have battery backup. This will not stop the timer even when there is power failure. Making use of those timers which have more than one on off ability will avail you to use light in more than one rooms making outsiders think that there are people residing in the home.
  • Use same kind of timers for radio and TV. On TV and radio when you are away from your home, which will definitely make outside people believe that people are residing in the home.
  • You can also make use of timing scheduled drape and curtains which will open and close in timely manner decreasing the chances of anyone to think that no one is at home
  • Use call forwarding for your home phone. Many times robbers call at home to check whether anyone is receiving it or not. If you have your call forwarded this chance will also reduce. This is one of the most essential tips to keep your home safe and secure.
  • One of the major tips to keep your home safe and secure is to keep your car parked in garage and closing its door. By doing so if someone is observing your pattern then he won’t be able to know when you are not in the city and it will keep your home safe and secure.
  • Another tip to keep your home safe and secure is to not to stop your newspaper delivery boy and instead tell your neighbor to pick it up for you. This will make the robber think that you are still at home.
  • One of the another essential tip for keeping your home safe and secure is to not to leave ladder outside of your house which can be used to climb your home and give a way to the robber.

Tips for Proper Alarm Installation

Person performing Alarm Installation

Alarm Installation by a professional

With the increase in the rate of crime and thefts every year alarm signals have been introduced to safeguard your office or home. They are very helpful to prevent the thieves from breaking into the office. This security system can help you cope up with any adverse situations. There are different types of alarm installations. The most famous type of alarm installation is the ear piercing alarm system which creates a strange noise whenever a strange enters into the office.

The Camera is also considered as one of the types of alarm installation systems. It helps you to record the image of the strangers who enter the area and this would be of great use to the cops to catch the thieves quickly. All you need to do is to just buy the best alarm available in the market and install them in your work area to ensure that your office is safe.

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