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Alternative Construction Materials

Different materials for home construction

Materials for home construction

A lot of alternative construction materials are being used these days for various reasons such as structural strength, ease of design and cost. Structurally insulated panels are amongst the foremost in the list of alternative construction materials. These panels are made by sandwiching foam between two panels made of fiberglass. This is done with precise measurements and hence they are more likely to be air-tight. They are also very light and the turnaround time to bring up the walls is less. Light gauge steel studs are used instead of lumber framing.

This increases the longevity of the frames and the loads that they can take. Steel gives more dimensional stability to the structure too. Polyvinyl chloride is another synthetic material that is cheap and long lasting, requiring very less maintenance. It is used for gutters, sliding window frames and shutters. Bales of straw are also used as an infill for steel and wood frames.

Latest construction equipments

Different equipment for constructions

Eight types of Different construction equipments

A whole variety of equipment is used at a construction site for various functions. Some of them are heavy equipment that needs a specialist to operate them while some are simple utility equipment to make things easier. Concrete block making machines, graders with almost 8 feet long blades, and hydraulic jacks are among the most used heavy equipment. Pulverizers are commonly used to break down the material to a smaller size especially the soil. Lifting equipment such as cranes that use wire and rope slings or pick and lift mechanisms are also used extensively to transfer heavy material from one spot

In some places, sand blasting equipment is also used to clean up hard surfaces. Concrete cutters are very helpful to cut through concrete masonry and stone. Soil compactor, to even up the soil foundation, the broomer with powerful sweeping hydraulic machines to clean up a space are examples of sophisticated equipment used in modern constructions.

Water Supply and Various Types of Pipes

Different types of Water supply pipes

Six types of Water supply pipes

Water supply is generally the subsequent generation of water to various parts of a housing system. The supply is normally done with the help of pipes from a public water supply. Such a scheme requires an individual to familiarize themselves with the available types of pipes before settling on one type of pipe. This will ensure that you choose the ideal type which suits your needs to the maximum.

The available types of pipes include the likes of metallic, cement and plastic pipes. All these types are used for supplying water to various parts of the house. Their prices vary considerably depending with their life span. For the metallic pipes, you will certainly find the likes of CI pipes, GI and steel pipes.

Cement pipes includes the likes of asbestos cement pipes among others. They are ideal since they are corrosive resistance as opposed to other types of pipes. Cement pipes are normally bulky and thus heavy to carry around

Gray Cement Construction

Person applying Gray Cement

Gray Cement application by a constructor

Grey cement is the most common material used for concrete and mortar during construction. It is also used as a binder in various building materials. It is a very versatile material because it has been designed to meet various applications. Some of the products used to make grey cement include lime stone, flue ash, cinder, and pozzolana. These products are very essential because they determine how resistant, durable and amount of time it takes for the grey cement to harden.

Grey cement is used widely because it is long lasting and does not require regular repairs. With grey cement, it is very easy to maintain especially when used to make concrete floors and walls. This material is also decorative and can be stained or engraved to create various designs.

Another reason why grey cement construction is so common is because this material can be recycled. This prevents wastage and increase in costs.

Cold Weather Concreting


Three contractor working on Cold Weather Concreting

Cold Weather Concreting instruction by three workers

It is possible to place, finish and cure concrete when the weather is cold but you have to be very careful. The first thing you need to do to get concrete that will last long is to understand how the cold can affect the process.

During cold weather, concrete that has just been hardened will lose heat and moisture very quickly.  You have to prevent the concrete from freezing too fast before adequate strength has been achieved. This is very important because it will affect other construction projects that need to be carried out once the concrete has set and cured.

The concrete should not be placed on ground that has snow or ice. This can make the concrete crack or make it set slowly. To thaw the ground, use blankets or a hydronic heat pipe. Any snow or standing water that is on the ground should also be removed before the concrete is placed.

Installation Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

Different types of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles selection

Are you looking for the best tiles for your office? Then ceramic tiles are the perfect idea for your office as they have variety of benefits. The ceramic tiles do not require much maintenance as the marble or granite stones. You just need to clean them once in five years. Hence the ceramic tiles are very useful in cutting down your maintenance cost. The tiles are very adaptable and can be used for any design.

The ceramic tiles are considered as the best investment as they have a longer life. They are available at cheap work rates in the market. The ceramic tiles have easy installation methods which makes the process of construction easier. There are different kinds of installation methods and you can choose them according to your needs and requirement. The tiles can be used for flooring, mural and back splash. The ceramic tiles are highly durable and hence can be used in any part of the office.

How to Buy Cheap Construction Supplies

Popular Construction Supplies

Construction Supplies – Five most popular tools

Buy cheap construction supplies can be a real pain for many

people who are new to it. The stores selling the construction supplies are renowned in fleecing gullible people. Then there is a fear of purchasing the wrong or low grade supplies which will be hazardous after some time.

Thus to buy cheap construction supplies, internet can be a true friend. There are many websites of the suppliers online which you can choose from. The Craigslist can be a big help in finding the right construction generic prescription supplies at cheaper price. It is easy also as you can find the supplies that you are looking for near your residence.

• Few points to keep in mind:

• Buy the construction supplies from a reputed store

• Get reference from the people who have bought the supplies from that particular store

• Go online to find the average price of the supplies that you are looking for

• Find a store which supplies the best merchandise

• Try to buy construction supplies which are available locally to save on the transportation charges

Things to Consider in Buying Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Bamboo an Eco-Friendly material

Eco-Friendly construction material – Bamboo

The eco friendly construction materials are in vogue. As more and more people become aware of the harm that people have inflicted to get on the nature, they are trying to protect the environment in their own way. Constructing eco-friendly homes is one such endeavor.
When buying eco friendly construction materials, one must consider the following:

• Check how much eco-friendly the construction materials are.

• Buy local products as they save the nature from hazards due to transportation

• They should be easy to maintain and clean so that toxics or detergents are not used much

• They must be durable

• The use of aluminum or copper for the solar paneling can make your home more eco friendly.

• Terracotta tiles,glass tiles etc are the ideal for floors

• The bamboo and coco lumber are the best options for doors and walls

• The air monitoring should also be eco-friendly

• Be assured that the construction materials you are buying are genuinely eco-friendly.

Stainless Steel Vs Granite Composite Sinks

Installed Granite Sink

Granite Sink constructed in the kitchen

Stainless steel sinks have been in use for composite sinks of kitchen. Stainless steel sinks have many advantages like:

• Available in many shapes and designs

• Cost effective

• Scratch less and stain resistant

• Looks like new even after many years

• But the sinks have now got a new avatar in form of granite composite sinks. The granite composite sinks are made up of quartz and granite composite which make them extremely durable. The merits of granite composite sinks:

• Available in many colors like black, brown and grey to suit any interiors

• Though a bit expensive yet the running cost is very less

• Don’t get any scratches and heat resistant

• Maintenance free

Thus both the types of composite sinks have their own advantages and it depends on choice of the home owner what he likes. If the budget is less then the best option is stainless steel composite sinks but if trend and durability is taken in account then nothing better than the granite composite sinks.

Brown granite worktops are becoming popular

Brown colored Granite worktop

Granite worktop installed

Till sometimes back, granite was mainly used in the shades of black and grey. Black granite had been a leader since granite came into building scenario. But now people have started preferring brown granite worktops to make their homes look different and trendy.

The black granite is being replaced in many homes with brown. The brown worktops gel better with the overall wooden structure of the house thus it gives a blended look which is liked by the people.

There are different types of brown granite available in the market for effectiveness worktops. Some of the most popular brown granite includes Baltic brown which is medium brown in shade. The starlight brown has chips of silver stars and it is the second most favored brown granite. The antique brown and tropical brown granite are mainly used in the hotels for a rich ambience. The molten brown shade of café brown granite is seen in the office worktops and countertops.

Ubatuba brown has some scattered golden crystals and Labrador antique brown with blue crystals are used in the high-end apartments.

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