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Clarification of Modular homes, Mobile Homes And Site Built Homes

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When you are going to buy new home, you will hear different terms like on site built or traditional homes, modular homes and mobile homes. Buying a new home is an important decision and you don’t want to invest in something you don’t know about. If you are confused between modular homes, mobile homes and traditional homes, then you must get some clarification as it will affect the price of your home, its resale value and the matter that whether it can be constructed on the land or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to construct a new home or you are buying an existing home, you need to understand what is traditional home, modular home and mobile home is all about. Here are some of the facts about on site homes, modular homes and mobile homes.

On site homes

On site homes are purely built on the building site only. All the materials are brought to the site and it is constructed on the site only. On site homes are also known as traditional homes or site built homes. Common materials used for constructing on site homes are precut wood, trusses and framing. On site homes will confirm local, regional or state building code wherever your home is located. These are also called stick build home and it is one of the most favorable options to build homes these days. Having an on site home will increase the value of your home in future despite of the fact where it is located.

Modular homes

Modular homes are building in a factory set up and not in the actual site. You need to check whether there are local, regional or state codes to be complied with or any permission is to be taken for having modular homes. If yes then you need to follow with them before you go for building modular homes. All the parts of the modular homes are transported to the actual site on the trucks and then they are fixed by the builder on the site. As compared with site build home, modular homes are less expensive. Both on site homes and modular homes have the same level of longevity.  There is also increase in value of modular homes over period of time.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes and trailers. Previously there were very limited options with mobile homes but now it has evolved a lot and you are available with plenty of choices of designs and patterns in case of mobile homes. Mobile homes are also building in a factory. Mobile homes need to follow a special building code which is called as HUD code or the federal building code. Mobile homes are constructed on a non-removable steel chassis.  Parts of mobile homes are shifted to the actual site on their own wheels. The units of mobile homes are assembled on the actual site. Mobile homes are not placed on some permanent foundation which makes refinancing them very much difficult. Mobile homes are less expensive as compared to both modular homes and traditional homes.

Beautifying home with wall papers

Home decor with wallpaper

Decorating home with wallpaper

Home decoration is one of the keen interests in people nowadays. They are more curiousin keeping their house beautiful and perfect. There are many simple and affordable ideas through which they can decorate their sweet home. Use of wall papers is one of them.

Advantage of using wall papers is it not only serves the purpose of making your house beautiful but it also protects the walls from getting damaged. Wall coverings are available in varied varieties. These come with a number of colors, styles, textures and patterns.It generic depends on the person what effect they would like to create to turn an ordinary living space into a beautiful house by the use of  wall papers. One can use wallpaper with horizontal or vertical pattern to make a small space look bigger. Use of wall papers in no doubt less expensive as compared to painting a wall as these are very easily manageable as well as durable.

Modular Office Buildings

Image of Modular Office Building

Modular Office Building construction

Building an office from scratch is a very big task. Thanks to the modular office buildings which have replaced the conventionally constructed office building. This can reduce your frustration and help you save a lot of money. Modular office buildings are also called as the prefabricated buildings which are considered as the fastest and the most cost effective method of putting up an Office. Generally the modular office buildings are built with the same materials which were utilized for conventional buildings.

The entire office is separated into different modules in the factory and then transported into the location. Around 85% of the office are generally built in the factory and then later assembled together. The length of each module is around 40 feet long. Modular design offices have several designs and sizes. A modular office can be constructed within two weeks. The construction generally costs around 100’4 per square feet.

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