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Benefits of Buying Prefab Homes

Prefab Home constructed by a professional

Contractor constructing prefab home

With the help and availability of so many options today, it’s very difficult to identity, which this is right and which one if wrong for us. But, we all have the knowledge for prefab homes. Prefab homes and its different variations seem to be making headway in the sector of housing market. Basically, a brief look as what is prefab homes. Prefab homes are basically those types of homes that are constructed off site whether it’s mobile, panel or a modular home. They are constructed to a total off set space where you’re future home is not located. Well, another name that suggests its perfect picture is modern energy efficient home. With all sorts of benefits, home owners can enjoy their dream home coming on their way. But with lots of benefits there are certain disadvantages that are supported with it. Here is the list of benefits ad non benefits of buying prefab homes.

Pros of buying prefab homes:

  • Biggest benefit of buying prefab home is a modernized look with more amount of energy efficient features. Historically, prefab homes were called and associated with lower quality and cost but the terms and scenarios have changed. It is not the similar case in today’s time.
  • Well, in most of the areas, prefab homes are one of the greatest attractions for the home owners. And in order to maintain the growth rate, builders come up with different energy efficient techniques for constructing the prefab homes.
  • Installing solar panels, making the use of LED lights and using recycling materials are some of its benefits that are helpful for the home owners. This attracts most of the home owners towards buying prefab homes. It helps in ensuring that you can easily save on your energy consumption bills and helps in producing clean energy that is beneficial for you as well as your family.
  • Another benefits of buying prefab homes is, there are minimal chances for interference of negative schedule while the construction process. This is possible because the construction parts and sections of the prefab homes are controlled by the indoor environment that can’t blame the weather for any delays.
  • And without any weather issues, an average construction period for home is not more than four to five months. It also helps in putting the workers to work in a safe environment because it is constructed in a site with all the supplements and materials and the safety measures too.
  • Materials used for the construction of prefab homes are mostly eco-friendly in nature. It helps in increasing the energy efficient at your home without harming the surrounding environment around your home.
  • The possibilities of waste are zero while constructing the prefab homes. As you already know how many materials you’ll need in the construction of prefab homes. So there are less chances of it getting wasted. There are separate pieces, which are made and are brought altogether for attaching it on its place. This helps in ease and simple process of constructing prefab homes of your own.

Benefits of Prefab Homes

Image of constructed Prefab Home

Prefab Home constructed model

When it comes for prefab homes, many people have different misconceptions. Even the opinions of the people are tending to take on two or three extremes like the impossibly expensive custom houses or mass, low ended produced manufactured home. But, in actual situation, prefab homes are becoming more and more common for the people. Even, it more easily accessible in many different budgets suitable to the home owners. Well, there are many benefits of selecting a prefab home over a home made on the base of traditional construction process. The list of different benefits of selecting prefab homes in the place of your dream home is as below.

Prefab homes advantages:

Energy efficient in nature:

Prefab homes are many a time applauded for its sustainability and energy efficient performance. Whereas, in traditional construction process, consumption of an extra material lead to wasting of extra money. As the prefab homes are prepared and constructed in the factory, it’s easy to recycle any material used in its construction.

This strategy is among the huge improvement over the traditional construction process of sending the wastage to the landfill. As the environment is controlled, in here the prefab homes are fabricated and also helps in making it easier for assuring that the construction is accurate, the escape is minimized, proper air filtration is available and also assuring that the joints are tight enough. It results in higher insulating element for the home owners and hence it makes it more energy efficient for the home owners.

Control over quality:

As the prefab home construction is build up in a controlled environment, according to the standards decided, it’s easy for you to be confident that your home will be built with a uniform standard of quality. The site build homes are subject matters to the schedules decided and often different skilled contractors are working on. This is for not mentioning the effects of inclement weather effects.

Whereas in prefab homes, specialized crew come together and built it up in a protected and safe factory. Even the prefab homes are inspected for many times throughout the construction process.

Fast construction of prefab homes:

Prefab homes are prepared for simply situating it on your place for living. Prefab homes are built with less time as compared to the site building process of homes. In fact we can say, most of the prefab homes take even less than half of the time required for building a traditional constructed home.

Most of the time saving techniques come from faster fabrications, upfront planning, and also elimination of onsite weather and the queries of sub-contractors too.

Beneficial for cost factor:

Some people immediately make their perception when they hear the word “prefab” that it would be really expensive. But prefab homes actually serve with different benefits over traditional construction process. It will help you in saving on the energy consumption bills in your homes because prefab homes are cost and energy efficient. As time is money, it will help you in saving your time with many benefits coming your way.

Clarification of Modular homes, Mobile Homes And Site Built Homes

categories of home

Types of home

When you are going to buy new home, you will hear different terms like on site built or traditional homes, modular homes and mobile homes. Buying a new home is an important decision and you don’t want to invest in something you don’t know about. If you are confused between modular homes, mobile homes and traditional homes, then you must get some clarification as it will affect the price of your home, its resale value and the matter that whether it can be constructed on the land or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to construct a new home or you are buying an existing home, you need to understand what is traditional home, modular home and mobile home is all about. Here are some of the facts about on site homes, modular homes and mobile homes.

On site homes

On site homes are purely built on the building site only. All the materials are brought to the site and it is constructed on the site only. On site homes are also known as traditional homes or site built homes. Common materials used for constructing on site homes are precut wood, trusses and framing. On site homes will confirm local, regional or state building code wherever your home is located. These are also called stick build home and it is one of the most favorable options to build homes these days. Having an on site home will increase the value of your home in future despite of the fact where it is located.

Modular homes

Modular homes are building in a factory set up and not in the actual site. You need to check whether there are local, regional or state codes to be complied with or any permission is to be taken for having modular homes. If yes then you need to follow with them before you go for building modular homes. All the parts of the modular homes are transported to the actual site on the trucks and then they are fixed by the builder on the site. As compared with site build home, modular homes are less expensive. Both on site homes and modular homes have the same level of longevity.  There is also increase in value of modular homes over period of time.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes and trailers. Previously there were very limited options with mobile homes but now it has evolved a lot and you are available with plenty of choices of designs and patterns in case of mobile homes. Mobile homes are also building in a factory. Mobile homes need to follow a special building code which is called as HUD code or the federal building code. Mobile homes are constructed on a non-removable steel chassis.  Parts of mobile homes are shifted to the actual site on their own wheels. The units of mobile homes are assembled on the actual site. Mobile homes are not placed on some permanent foundation which makes refinancing them very much difficult. Mobile homes are less expensive as compared to both modular homes and traditional homes.

How to Clean Mobile Home Exteriors

Mobile Home exteriors

Image of before and after of Mobile Home exteriors

Most of the mobile home exteriors consist of metal or vinyl siding. Washing and cleaning the mobile home exteriors on a regular basis helps in making it look clean and fresh. Occasionally, the time flies by and it attaches with a major cleaning and washing job to be called for. Here are the steps of cleaning the mobile home exteriors that will help in maintaining the freshness and charm of your modular home.

Process of cleaning mobile home exterior:

Step 1: It is very important to examine the mobile home exteriors before you start with your project. Check the exterior areas that might need more of attention for betterment. Sometimes, you might find that areas under windows or frames are to be treated well because of accumulated streaks of dust and dirt. It might be possible that you may observe different sections of walls to be treated with little more of efforts.

Step 2: Before you head forward, make sure to have a clear path during your process. Remove any obstacle you observe is interrupting your work. Remove anything that you observe near like something growing up the walls or leaning the mobile home exterior walls.

Step 3: Now make the use of scrubber for scrubbing the worst are in your home exterior walls. It’s advisable of using a scrub brush attached to a prolonged pole for scrubbing on all over the walls, most preferably the dirty ones. You can also make the use of bleaching solution for cleaning and loosening the dirt off from the walls.

Step 4: One of the easiest way of thoroughly cleaning the walls of mobile home is by using pressure spray. It’s a pressure wand that is used for constantly spraying over the small region might be okay for concrete walls but for mobile home exterior walls you’ll require a less extreme as compared to pressure water. It’s advisable of selecting a broad fan sprayer for cleaning the widest coverage with each and every sweep.

Step 5: Start the process of cleaning the mobile home exterior walls from the top surface. Start by using a sprayer at least at the distance of 19 inches from the surface of the walls. Spray from side to side and walk your way of cleaning towards down. Follow a simple and continuous pattern for spraying the walls; it will help in getting rid of tedious work. Pay proper attention to the areas which you have scrubbed.

Step 6: Don’t stop your work around your mobile home exteriors unless and until it is completely done. Working it around will help in cleaning and drying the walls perfectly.

Step 7: If there are steps in the front side of your mobile home exteriors, and if they are drying, it’s advisable of paying proper attention for making it fresh and lives again. Pressure washer it correctly and make sure the pressure washer is not getting splashed over the walls. It might be possible that it can damage the cleaning project of the walls that you’ve performed.

A Compact Overview On Modular Homes

Opting for modular Homes

Concept of modular homes

Modular homes are the latest trend in the contemporary building sector that has been embraced widely by many smart homeowners. So what are these modular homes exactly? Well to put it simply, a modular house is the one which is constructed indoors in some factory-like setting and then the finished home is delivered to the customer’s lot. The delivered home is further assembled as it reaches to the lot by the builder. These are also known as prefab homes or factory-built homes. Unlike the manufactured homes that aren’t placed on permanent lots, modular homes are actually positioned on permanent land owned by the homeowner.

Benefits of modular homes

The benefits regarding modular homes are manifold. First of all, these are pretty affordable in comparison to traditionally built homes. As the prefab homes are constructed within factory, these homes get built without the weather-related delays such as rain or snow- the problems that are usual with traditionally built homes. It’s to note here that while conventionally built homes take months to come in proper shape, the modular homes get built within weeks only , saving lots of time.

Then, there is no question of further home inspection in the modular home after it is settled in the chosen lot. All the necessary inspections get carried on in the factory setting only. A 3rd party inspector is consulted to inspect the modular at each level of construction within the factory.

different design of modular home

Unique shape of modular home

Moreover, the modular homes tend to be energy efficient. This energy-efficient quotient would not only reduce your monthly electricity bills but would ensure a safe environment.

Then, contrary to popular misconception, modular homes can be actually personalized. Yes, modular constructions enable you to pick from a number of personalization aspects such as varied cabinet styles, ceramic floors, different exterior finishes, diverse plumbing fixtures, solid-surface countertops etc.

Some basic facts about modular homes

• Modular homes carry the same appraisal value as is usual with the on-site traditionally built counterparts. A different construction setting does not hurt the value of a home.

• The prefab homes can be actually customized

• Most of the modular home construction companies are equipped with their in-house personal engineering departments which utilize CAD facility. It helps the home-owner to get a preview of the home before assembly.

• Modular homes aren’t all alike and the designs tend to vary both in size and style.

• Modular construction could also be utilized for the commercial applications such as office buildings.

• Contrary to common misconception, modular houses are actually permanent structures and the homeowner can count on it as a “real property”.

• Thanks to the energy-efficient quotient of modular homes, these prefab homes are revered as “Green Buildings”.

• The prefab homes are way faster in terms of construction in comparison to conventional 100 percent on-site built homes.

• The modular homes are able to stand straight against 175 mph capacity wind.

• Finally, the prefab homes allow for accessible living & could be designed for the future conveniences.

Traditional home construction versus Modular home construction

Two working on a Modular home construction

Modular home construction benefits

The traditional home construction has been going on since the first man settled in a house. There has been drastic change in the construction business and modular home construction has taken over the traditional home construction.

The modular homes are comparatively cheaper than the traditional homes. The reason being the modular homes are manufactured in the factory where they purchase all the items in bulk.

The modular houses are pre-fabricated in different colors, shapes and sizes. This gives the house owner an option to choose what he likes.

The modular houses are more stable and safe as there is more amount of lumber used in them. The screws and glue used are also of quite high quality.

The modular houses are built without the adverse effect of weather and other external adversities.

These houses can be constructed earlier than the traditional homes.

The traditional homes are constructed absolutely according to the house owner’s choice but the homeowner has to choose from the modular construction material. This sometimes may not be absolutely to his liking.

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