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Prefabrication of houses

Image of prefab home

Prefab home image

Prefabrication of house or mobile home is a terminology used for the technique creating the house structure in a factory and then transporting it via a tractor-trailer to the desired place. This way, the square-foot work of the conventional kind is being improvised upon. It is cheaper and can also have great many additions like glass rooms porches, cabinets and so on, just when you require.

Mobile homes are based on futuristic designs giving it a post modernist shape and outlook. Today, prefabricated homes are considered costly and also not meeting the market preference because they bring the winds of change. Also, futuristic designs do not match the conventional psyche. People like brickwork and masonry. It gives them an idea that they are living in strong homes. Another issue that crops up is assuming a loan. Prefab houses are not seen leniently by the lenders and thus the interest rates are much higher for them.

New Homes Using Prefabricated Construction

Opting for prefab construction

choosing prefab construction

Nowadays properties have become extremely expensive and thus it is always not possible to afford for an entirely new construction. However, in such cases you can go for a prefabricated house which is surely going to cost you a less amount of money. Prefabricated buildings do have their list of guidelines to follow but they are not so stringent and complicated like conventional construction types. Thus in case of a prefabricated building you can just buy a plot of land and start constructing your home within weeks.

A prefabricated building is usually made of timber, but now due to innovative thoughts and attempts materials such as concrete and steel are also being used. Though prefabricated homes are considered to be alternatives of conventionally constructed homes but their inferior quality and faulty construction often discourage people to opt for one. Banks and lenders do not attach much importance to prefabricated assets and thus they cannot be used as collaterals in case of any transactions.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Prefabricated white Steel Building

Constructed Prefabricated Steel Building

Buildings in modern day constructions excessively use steel in various components e.g. sheets, welded beams, gutters, ridges, flashings and louvers. The prefabrication helps in bringing some important properties to steel and improve its overall structural strength too. The greatest advantage of steel which is pre-fabricated is that it is more economical compared to wood and stone. Exterior paneling and the usage of I-frames helps improve the overall quality of the steel structures.

It is also easier to design steel buildings and the final finish, ease and cost of adding accessories required on steel structures are good reasons to choose pre-fabricated steel over other materials. Prefabricated steel is easy to relocate and also incur less welding costs. These are also more resistant to rust and wear because of their protective alloy coatings. These coatings ensure that the steel doesn’t react to other chemicals in runaway water, neither does it corrode over a period of time.

What Are Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction preparation

Services rendered at the time of Pre-Construction

Pre-construction services are the extra services that some of the construction managers and builders provide to their clients before starting the actual construction process. These services assist the home owners to be a part of the project from the very beginning of the construction so that they can make the construction plan as per their expectations and budget limits. Some of these pre-construction services are:

Understanding the ultimate goal of the construction including the design ideas, budget, time line, personality concerns and location

• Review of the project site

• Recommendation of the construction team

• Preliminary estimates

• Scope reduction and value engineering

• Construction and material suggestions

• Scheduling

• Bidding

Whether you are getting a new home built or getting your house renovated, make sure to hire these pre-construction services also. Usually these services are not too expensive but they save a lot of money, time and effort on part of the home owner.

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