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Safety Tips To Practice While Cleaning Gutters

Safe tips of cleaning gutter

Homeowner cleaning gutter

Cleaning gutters is easy task but you just need to know what you are doing and how you want to do it. There are many people who take cleaning gutters job very lightly and meet up with something really bad. Gutter cleaning is not tough but involves certain things which can be quite dangerous. It has been heard many times that some or the other person gets hurt while cleaning gutters and this is really heart breaking to hear. Any such injuries would never happen if they have practised proper safety tips before doing the actual work. The very first thing you should be doing is to select appropriate time for cleaning gutters. Avoid rainy season as the roof can be quite slippery during this time and chances of accidents is lot more during this time. Choose dry day for cleaning gutter with someone accompanying you at the job. Here are some of the other safety tips which you should be trying while gutter cleaning job.

  • Cover your eyes

Protecting your eyes is one of the basic thing you should be doing while gutter cleaning. You never what can go into your eye when and make your imbalanced leading to any fall. Avoiding eye safety is not the thing you should be doing while gutter cleaning. Many people have experienced frogs, bees, wasps and rats coming out very rapidly once they start gutter cleaning and the last thing they want them to happen are eye injury.

  • Wear rubber shoes

You have to walk on the roof while gutter cleaning, this thing is mandatory and you can’t avoid it. Rubber shoes are such which can avail you with nice grip while you are on roof and avoid slipping on roof. Roofs are generally moist in the morning time and hence it is to climb the roof in the noon time when sun is up and after it has dried the entire moisture. Early afternoon or late morning are probably the perfect time for gutter cleaning and roof climbing.

  • Cover up your hands

You will have to clean your gutter with your hands only and you would probably be using the hard cleaning solutions for that. This cleaning solution can harm your hands. Hence put on the gloves while gutter cleaning for protecting your hands from any harm. Gloves can also protect your hands from the dirt and debris and also the droppings of birds and squirrels which can have bacteria to harm your hands. Gloves can also protect your hand from getting scratched by any torn metal surface. Hence make sure to put on one while gutter cleaning.

  • Try ladder safety

While doing the task of gutter safety, you must practice ladder safety as you cannot climb the roof without making use of ladder. Make sure you bring a steady and sturdy ladder which has good balance while climbing it. Avoid using any defective ladder for your own safety. Try to pick a ladder having one or two shelves so that you can hang your cleaning supplies there.

How to Replace Rain Gutters

Rain Gutter installed by contractor

Person installing Rain Gutter

Planning o replacing your rain gutter, I know right, it would not be at the tops of your list of fun things to do in your home. But trust me, it’s amongst the important task if your rain gutters are damaged in some of the other way. It’s advisable of taking plenty some of time for replacing the rain gutters and make sure that you comprise of all the necessary tools and materials with the safety precautions for starting the process of replacing the rain gutters. Here are the steps of replacing rain gutters.

Rain gutter replacing process:

Take necessary measurements:

Start the process by estimating and taking measurement for buying materials for replacing the rain gutters. Measure the length of fascia board, which is the rain gutters are attached to from outer edges of the shingles and from end to end. Measurements are important because it helps in knowing how much materials you’ll be needed while performing the process.

It figures the exact length of the rain gutters you’ll need. Also determine the height of the downspout from the ground level to the roof line.

Remove the old installed rain gutters:

Make the use of a pry bar or a screw driver for removing the rain gutters and the downspout. Don’t forget to look for any damages occurred to the fascia board. If you observe any defected or rotted area in your fascia, you can replace the board and seal the area with a metal strip. Make the use of chalk for marking a line where the downspout is to be placed.

Draw the layout lines:

Layout lines are very important because it will help you guide where the rain gutters are to be placed. Mark it up with the help of chalk by quarter inch for getting an accurate slope for downspout. At the end of the fascia, pull of the chalk line in a taut manner and snap it up for creating a guiding line. The chalk line will help you in knowing that where the top section of the rain gutters to be placed.

Start assembling the parts of rain gutters:

Start the process by spreading the parts of new gutters on the ground and estimate that how it’s going to be placed on your home. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves for preventing injury. Make the use of tin snap and cut the length of the rain gutters. And for preventing water leaks, add another section on the fascia. Determine the outlet of the downspout.

Hang the rain gutter:

Follow the chalk line marked as a guiding way for you, and screw the gutters on place.   Also insert hidden hangers for supporting the rain gutters installed.

Attach the outlets and downspout:

Attach the outlets and the downspout on the market position. Secure it up by using screws. Make the use of elbow pieces at the bottom and the top surface of the rain gutters. It helps in running the water to down the home. Attach the end caps at the bottom and here you go with brand new rain gutters at your home.

How to Repair Sagging Roof Gutters

Roof Gutters

Damaged Roof Gutters

Sagging roof gutters not only affect the appearance of your home but it also to water damage over a period of time. Roof gutters are one of the essential sections of your drainage system but there are chances of them to swag or wrap over time. Roof gutter sag can cause serious damage and you might also require replacing your roof gutter entirely. But, fortunately, now you can easily fix the sagging roof gutters by using certain simple tools with some basic skills. Below are certain things you should know while repairing sagging roof gutters in your home.


Sagging roof gutters repairing tips:

  • You should know the reason of why roof gutters sag. There are number of culprits that might be the cause of sagging roof gutters. But the most common causes that are liable for sagging roof gutters are stated as:
  • Placing a ladder against them for doing some work or for hanging Christmas lights. Identification of large build ups of debris like dirt and leaves from neglecting for cleaning the roof gutters.
  • Heavy rainfall is one the cause of sagging roof gutters. Accumulated snow of the roof that partially melts, then freezes in the roof gutters and forms a heavy chunk of ice dam.
  • If you find that your roof gutters are sagging enough, trust me you won’t need downspout then because the water will come off like a waterfall from your roof.
  • For fixing a sagging roof gutter, it is very important for identifying the cause of roof damage. In some of the cases, the roof gutters bends themselves while in some cases the parts of the gutters gets loose or breaks.
  • If you find the parts or section of the roof gutters are bending or torn, it is advisable of replacing immediately with the new one. Start your process by inspecting your roof gutters carefully.
  • Find out is the sagging effect are because of broken or missing hangers, or it is low at places where there are no hangers installed. Fixing this roof gutter issues are easy as compared of replacing the whole of the unit.
  • And if your find that damaged hangers are the problem, it is advisable of replacing it with the new ones. Remove it from the roof gutters by using a hammer or locking pliers.
  • And install new hardware in the place. If you’re putting up new spikes or hangers where none of them previously existed, look for the nail heads along with the roof lines that helps in indicating the rafters are underneath because screwing into the rafters provides a perfect hold.
  • It is advisable not tackling this type of repair of roof gutters all alone because removing and unfolding the entire length of old roof gutters is unwieldy at best and pretty much dangerous at work. It is always recommended for taking helps and take a supporter with you while performing the process of repairing a sagging roof gutter at your home.

Tips on Cleaning Rain Gutters


Person cleaning the Rain Gutters

The thought of cleaning the rain gutters is among those thoughts you rarely think about unless and until it is not functioning accurately. For home owners, spring is the great weather to perform the task of annual maintenance and checkups on the rain gutters. Because it is the most suitable period when the rain gutters are most in use. Protecting yourself from the drops of rain rolling off from the roof as well as the water runoff problems, that might otherwise damage the interiors or the structural integrity of your home. One of the most important tips for the home owners while cleaning the rain gutters is to keep them free from accumulated leaves, nests, debris and other build ups. The simple guide on tips of cleaning the rain gutters is mentioned below.

Rain gutter cleaning tips:

  • It is advisable of checking your rain gutters seasonally to scoop off the worst offenders which are obstructing or damaging it. Most of the time, heading up to the rain gutters with a bucket and pair of gloves is all what you need for cleaning the rain gutters.
  • Deep cleaning once in a year is recommended. At least once a year, deeper cleaning of rain gutters than just to scoop out the accumulated debris. After cleaning the visible dirt and obstructions away, carry a hose up the ladder and run water to the entire length of the rain gutters installed.
  • While in some cases, you might need to run a length of wire up the rain gutter from the bottom section in order to clear out the blockages observed. Many a times, it is observed that few rain gutters are a complete length of pipe unbroken by seams.
  • In order to clean and maintain the accurate angles and move along your home, it’s most likely composed of several minute pieces caulked together at the seams. These seams should be regularly touched up and reinforced. Especially if you are noticing any drips or leaks in the rain gutters.
  • As the constant flow of water is such a powerful thing, it might affect the angles of the rain gutters over the time. In order to maintain an accurate flow, the rain gutters should be descending at a quarter of an inch along every nine feet of pipe. Check the descends and angles of the rain gutters. If found necessary adjust the rain gutters so the water can make its way easily.
  • All that accumulated water from the roof has to go somewhere. Make sure that you know where the water gets eliminated and is it collecting somewhere or not. In regions of high rain fall, you might require to install a dig, drain or a dry well for avoiding the collection of dangerous water that can easily sweep into the foundation of your home.
  • If you are planning for updating the rain gutters to sell your home, it is advisable of buying the decorative gutters. These pieces of artwork allows the water to flow from the roof to the bottom similar to general rain gutters but it also provides a lovely outdoor decor that increases the value of your home.

Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Gutter

Cleaning your Roof gutter

Roof gutter cleaning

If most of the owners of home or building owners knew the importance of cleaning gutters and right way of cleaning your gutter then there would be much less property damage or much less injuries or deaths. Some of you just totally ignore cleaning your gutter, while some of you do it but with wrong methods and instead of cleaning your gutter, make a bigger mess. The right time of cleaning your gutter is fall. In this season most of the tress shed their leaves and branches and after that there will be rain. Hence fall is the best time to clean your gutter and make it ready for rain and snow.  If rainwater doesn’t flow properly through your downspouts or your gutter then you have to spend a lot on costly repairs and it can also endanger your life. Thus here are some of the tips for cleaning your gutter safely and effectively.

  • Practice ladder safety

For cleaning your gutter, you have to use ladder and there is no alternative to it. But while using ladder you must make sure that there is someone who is around you while you are using ladder. Make sure to use a safe and sturdy ladder while cleaning your gutter as this will enable you to have good balance while cleaning your gutter and also ensures your safety. Make sure the ladder has strong and small shelf which can carry at least five gallon of bucket so that you can carry all the debris which you get while cleaning your gutter.  If you want to clean a gutter with single story structure then a four legged ladder is quite preferable and if you are cleaning your gutter for two story building then an extension ladder is more preferable. Don’t opt for a wooden ladder as they are usually wobbly and balancing them is quite tricky. If you are going for fiberglass ladder then they are the most sturdiest but also too much heavy. Hence be careful while choosing the type of ladder while cleaning your gutter.

  • Use a garden hose

While cleaning your gutter, try and use a garden hose as it is much more effective and use a pistol grip trigger spray nozzle. Using this type of spray nozzle allows you to adjust the pressure of water with just one hand and it becomes really helpful while cleaning your gutter. This type of hose can be easily hung over the edge of the gutter and use a scoop to clean all the dirt and debris.

  • Clean off the roof

While you are cleaning your gutter, you should also focus on cleaning your roof and take all the debris away from your roof. When rain comes the water will take all the debris from your roof to your gutter and it will again block your gutter and can create much trouble for you. Hence it is advisable to clean off the roof along with cleaning your gutter.


Pipeline Constructions

Use of bulldozer for constructing pipeline

Construction of pipeline

Pipeline constructions involve various tasks prior to, during and after the construction. It starts with surveying and staking the area, creating the right-of-way and trenching the path where the pipeline will be constructed. Stringing of pipes which involves putting the pipes end to end is the next step. Once this is done the actual construction of pipelines begins. This involves, bending the pipes and joining them. The ends of the pipes are welded together, using epoxy resins as sealants.

Once this is done, a protective coating is applied on them to ensure they don’t corrode and are resistant to natural corroding factors. The pipelines are then lowered into the trenches that have been dug out using bulldozers and special cranes. After installing proper fittings and tightening the valves etc. the trenches are recovered. Pressure testing is done for some time with the pipes using air, water and methanol. After this the right-of-way is brought back to its original contour by replacing the top soil.

Copper Rain Gutters

Copper Rain Gutter constructed

Constructed Copper Rain Gutter

Copper rain gutters can add beauty and elegance to your home. It is sad that most  of the people are unaware about the benefits of copper rain gutters. Copper rain gutters are generally used to drain rain water away from the house. They prevent soil erosion and leaks in the basements. They have a wide range of uses. The copper rain gutters are generally either U shaped or K shaped. The size of the gutters ranges from five to six inches.

The copper rain gutters are stylish and can last for a longer period of time. They are highly resistant to pollutant and other acids. Copper has the ability to oxidize naturally and hence many copper gutters may develop a patina look after a few years. You can install the copper rain gutters all by yourself. You just need to buy and solder it in your house. It is essential to clean and maintain the copper rain gutters regularly to prevent clogs.

How to Clean Your Rain Gutters

Gutter cleaning process by a home owner

Home owner cleaning rain gutters

The cleaning of rain gutters is an important step n keeping your rain gutter performs better. It is necessary to clean it twice a year in normal circumstances but more often if there are more trees in your vicinity or there has been a storm. The leaves and debris that get accumulated choke the gutter and it become more harmful for the building.

• Use a ladder or the roof to reach the rain gutter.

• Wear heavy gloves and goggles to protect you.

• Clean all the debris and leaves using your hands or small trowel.

• Use a hose to clean the entire rain gutter.

• Clean the drain pipe with water hose.

• Clean the gutter cover before putting it back.

• The downspouts should also be cleaned for any blockage.

If your building id more than one storey, it is better that you hire a professional rain gutter cleaner or better result and safety.

Rain Gutter Choices

Types of Rain gutters

Rain gutter types

There are many rain gutter choices available in the market. The rain gutters come in different sizes, colors and material. It is one’s personal choice to go for the rain gutter that suits them.

The main choice that you ought to make while installing a rain gutter is the material it is made of. Aluminum, vinyl, wood, cement, copper can be the choices. The aluminum rain gutters are the most favored> as they are light, easy to install and cheap. They fit all budget and come in various shapes and sizes. The vinyl rain gutters are the most durable and cost effective but they can develop cracks if ice is deposited. They don’t need any repainting or maintenance. The copper rain gutters are the most expensive but they provide beauty of unmatched quality.

Then there are choices of shape also available. The shapes that are generally preferred are rectangular and square but if you wish you can get round and oval shaped rain gutters also.

Translucent Aluminum Rain Gutters

Brown colored Aluminum Rain Gutter

Aluminum Rain Gutter installed

Translucent aluminum rain gutters will soon become a reality. The traditional aluminum rain gutters are not very trendy to look at. They don’t match with the overall architecture of the house and thus stand apart. Some of them look downright ugly and out of place.

The translucent aluminum rain gutters will be soon available in the market. The scientists at Oxford have been able to create translucent aluminum that will match any type of architecture and it will be see through. These gutters will be easy to maintain and any internal blockage can be easily seen. This will save a lot of maintenance cost.

The translucent aluminum rain gutters will be little expensive when it first hit the market as the supply would be less than the demand. But once the supply is maintained and more suppliers come in business, the price will decrease.

The translucent aluminum gutters will be in great demand due to their durability, beauty and ease of maintenance. They will gel with all types of architecture and color schemes.

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