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Reasons To Install Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels in  home

Installation of solar panels

If you have ever thought whether the benefits of solar panels can overcome its costing drawback then you are not the only one thinking this. Many other people think about this. The installation of solar panels in today’s time has gradually increased as compared with the first time when it was installed. In fact installation of solar panels has increased by 70% in the year 2017 as compared with the previous year whereas the costing of installation has dropped. This means that the trend of solar panel is increasing which is definitely extremely beneficial. If you are not pretty much convinced about installing solar panels on your roof then see these reasons and decide yourself why you should install solar panels on your roof.

  • Save some of your bucks

The average solar array will be costing in between $10000 to $35000. If you find this very much expensive then have a look at this recent study which shows that the users of solar panels can save up to an average of $44 to $187 per month starting from the very first month of installing solar panels on your roof. This means you would be saving $528 to $2244 in a year and this clearly shows that the cost of installing solar panels can be recovered by itself in a period of 5 years. Not only this can you be saving up a lot on your energy utility bills for plenty of years to come. Hence on an average you would be able to save more than $20000 in a period of 20 years. In certain areas this amount can reach to $64000.

  • Environment friendly

Installation of just single solar system can save up 178 tons of carbon dioxide in a period of 30 years and this would be equal to plantation of tress in 10 football field. Usage of solar energy by installing solar panel is of the greatest ecofriendly thing you can do for saving the environment. It is based only on sunlight and hence you can save many nonrenewable resources from getting exhausted. You can also reduce the global warming effect by installing solar panels on your roof. Instead of burning up the fossil fuels which gradually destroys the ozone layer of earth and melts the ice caps, it’s better to go for installing solar panels and reduce tis effect  at least a bit.

  • Earn tax credit

If you are not convinced with all the above reasons of installing solar panels, then this one of the major reasons for installing solar panels. One of the major economic benefits of installing solar panels is that it offers 30% of the federal tax credit of the both commercial and residential properties and even several state governments also offer additional tax credit for installing solar panels. Make sure that the tax credit will get expired on 31st December and after that time period, this tax credit will drop by 10% for commercial properties and will get totally eliminated for residential properties.




Process of Sealing Rubber Roofing

Person performing the process of sealing Rubber roof

Sealing rubber roof process

Many of the home owners find rubber roofing as one of the best option of roofing system. Even, there are many of the benefits that can be availed to the home owners like it is helpful in not letting the water accumulated of the surface and also helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. The rubber tiles or shingles which are used in the roof are environmental friendly in nature as compared to other roofing materials. It also requires less amount of maintenance and care as it is highly durable and sustainable in nature.

Even the rubber shingles are sturdy and strong enough that can be stable for a longer period of time on the surface of your floor. It is even a great option of roofing for stormy and rainy areas. As compared to other roofing shingles like metal and asphalt, rubber roofing shingles are less heavy so the cost of transporting from other place is minimal to the home owners. Even the chances of breaking is very less as it is the material that is highly flexible in nature and protects the interiors of the home from unwanted water. If you’re worried about the colors and designs, well, there’s nothing to worry about as there are varied choices of colors and patterns are available. You can select your color according to the exteriors and the color of your home. This will help you in placing a matching concept of your home. But, let me tell you, rubber roofing shingles are more expensive as compared to those of other roofing shingles. If you’ve installed rubber roofing in your home, make sure that you seal it completely so that the water doesn’t transport to the interiors of the home. Here are certain steps on sealing your rubber roof that might prove to be helpful for you! Make sure iof following them for the best results.

Sealing rubber roofing shingles:

  • Begin the process by cleaning the seams of the roof. Make the use of a broom for cleaning the seams where you observe the overlapping tiles of the rubber roof. You might find accumulated dirt in these joints. Removing it is important so that you can enjoy a clean roof.
  • Don’t forget to clean the underneath sections of the tiles. It’s advisable of cleaning all the exposed portion of your lower rubber by using cleaning pads and solvent. After cleaning the lower lapping section, don’t forget to clean the upper overlapping layer too.
  • Make the use of rubber tape primer on the surface of the rubber roof. Apply it on the cleaned surface. It’s advisable of using stiff bristle for applying it on the surface. Let it be dry and leave unless and until the entire area of patch is dry.
  • Make sure you fix the rubber shingles firmly with the rubber tape. Open the ends and press it gently and push it a little so that it can seal completely on the surface. Nail it of you think it is important for your rubber roof.


Comparison Of Hip Roof And Gable Roof

Hip Roof vs gable roof

Comparison of hip roof and gable roof

Hip roof and gable roof are both great types of roofing and whichever you install both will be a good choice, if you are thinking of reroofing your home and confused as to which one to opt, you will need a comparative study of both of them. However you cannot go for installing both in one home. You can probably g for checking their pros and cons for better understanding of both and will also help you to decide which one is better and suitable to your home, its exterior decor and outer surroundings. Read this article and see a comparative study of hip roof and gable roof with their pros and cons and decide by yourself what your final call is.

  • Hip roof

Hip roof is the roof having slopes on all the four sides. The lengths of these sides are equal and they will be coming together on the top part for forming a ridge.


As compared to that with gable roof, hip roof has more stability. It has inward slope on all the four sides and this makes hip roof more durable and sturdy. These are considered best for both high wind areas and also snowy areas. The roof has slant and it allows snow to slide off very easily and has no standing water on the roof. One of the another benefits of hip roofs is that it allows you with more living space if there is vaulted ceiling or an attic space. These are also good in giving proper ventilation and offer you with the flexibility of making extra additions.


Building hip roof is quite an expensive project. The design of hip roof is more complex as compared to gable roof and so is its cost. It will also need more materials for building. Hip roof will have additional seams which increases the chances of water leaks if the roof is not installed efficiently. Maintenance is also necessary if you don’t want to turn the minor issues in to major ones.

  • Gable roof

It is also known as the peaked roof or the pitched roof and is considered as one of the most popular roof in US. They can be easily picked by as it has triangular shape which none other roofing has.


One of the major benefits of having gable roof installed is that it can shed snow and water very easily. Gable roofs are also very popular for availing additional space for vaulted ceiling or attic space. Gable roof has a simple design and this makes the construction very simple and easy. It does not have much complex designs and this makes its cost very less.


Gable roofs are not appropriate choice if you are residing in an area with high winds and hurricanes. If you fail to construct the frame properly with proper support, chances are there of roof collapse. Heavy winds can also result in peeling off the materials from the gable roof.


Merits And Demerits Of Gambrel Roof

Pros and cons of Gambrel roof

Merits and demerits of Gambrel roof

You might know about metal roof, gable roof, hip roof as the popular choice for types of roofing. But there are several others also which are not that much popular but still a good choice for your roof. Gambrel roof is one of such choice for your homes roofing. A gambrel roof is basically a roof having two slopes. One of the slopes of gambrel roof is steep and another one is shallow. The name of this roof is originated from the back part leg of the horse or from the ankle of a horse. Gambrel roof is majorly seen in large farm buildings and homes. The framing of gambrel roof is very easy and it possesses fantastic drainage capacity. If you are considering gambrel roof as a choice for your home, you must make some research on it get some knowledge about it and then decide whether it is a good choice for your home and can be installed in your home or not. To help you with this, here are some of the merits and demerits of installing gambrel roof in your home. Check them out and see whether you can opt for it or not.

Merits of gambrel roof

  • Cost

Gambrel roofs are quite easy to build and this is one of the major factors which deduct its cost. Hence if you are tight on your budget and you are searching for an affordable roofing option then gambrel roof is perfect choice for you. The installation of gambrel roof is also les time consuming and you get easily finished up with this. This will also deduct cost of labor as it will take less time.

  • Style

These types of roof have two curved li9nes which presents a very simple yet stylish look. The look of gambrel roof is very much fashionable and satisfying. Hence even with low cost, you will be getting a good looking roof.

  • Ease in construction

One of the major benefits of having gambrel roof installed is that the construction process of such roofing is very easy. It does not need highly skilled professional. These types of roofing will also allow more space on the upper flooring. The framing of this roof is also very simple. If you are intending to build conventional gambrel roof then you will need to use two roof beams but will need to employ simple gusset joints.

  • Past legacy

Gambrel roof has been the standard roof since the era of colonial America and was used by the Dutch and Georgian styled homes. This means people who are opting for these roofs is associated with any of them.

Demerits of gambrel roof

  • Weather

Gambrel roofs are not a good choice in the area having extreme weather conditions. This roof cannot bear heavy winds, snowfall and breezy weather as these are not that strong to bear such conditions.

  • Durable

This type of roofing will need high maintenance for making it long lasting. They need painting and protection from time to time which is one of the major cons.



Introduction To Butterfly Roof

Basic knowledge of Butterfly roof

Introduction to Butterfly roof

Now this is exactly what its name suggests. The type of roof which has the shape of a butterfly is known as butterfly roof. This is also called as inverted pitch roof as it has V shaped roof. This design in roof is very unique and uncommon. This type of roof is very much popular and sees widely in Hawaii. The reason being that, even though it is an island, it has a tendency and need to collect, what falls. Rainwater is very essential and has to be collected which butterfly roof does very well. The sides of butterfly roof have inward sloping towards each other instead of rising at one common point in the center like gable roof. These types of roofs were introduces in the year 1950 when the architects of those time started making some bold choices and designs and started to think something else except hip roofs and gable roofs. To help you know more about butterfly roof, here is some extra detailed knowledge about butterfly roof.

Roofing materials to be used

It is always extremely essential that the roof you have is waterproof and this is even more essential in case of a butterfly roof. It’s more appropriate to make use of the material which have large sheets and hence while building butterfly roof, it is advisable to use modified bitumen, metal sheet roofing and thermoplastic membrane.

Roofing materials forbidden to use

Butterfly roof’s main concern is waterproofing. Hence the worst materials you can use for building butterfly roof is the one which has plenty of seams like clay tile roofs, slate roofs where every individual piece is laid separately. Using asphalt shingles and wood shakes should also be avoided.

Merits of butterfly roof

Collection of water is very important that too in the arid climates. Now if you are living in an area facing drought, water would be one of the major concerns and butterfly roof is the best roof one can ever install in those areas. Butterfly roof has shape of butterfly and hence rain water can easily get collected on your roof and if proper preparation have been made, it can stored and used for various activities. For collecting and utilizing the rain water, you have to make sure that the roof is strong enough to bear the weight of the rain water and does not create any issues due to standing water. Another merit of having butterfly roof installed in your home is that, you are availed with the option of installing huge windows on the structure of your home and have good ventilation and save up on your energy bills.

Demerits of butterfly roof

One of the major demerits of having butterfly roof installed is its costing. The design of butterfly roof is complex and not simple and easy to install. This will need good and expertise professional for getting it installed which would charge high and you cannot also save bucks by opting for DIY installation. If the roof is not waterproofed properly, chances are also there of leaks.

Tips on Cleaning Metal Roof

Person cleaning Metal roof

Metal roof cleaning process by a person

Are you interested in getting the longest life out of your metal roof installed? Maintaining and cleaning your metal roof is must. It’s advisable to maintain a strict schedule for cleaning and maintaining a regular checkup of the metal roof installed. Well, home owners there’s nothing to worry about as there are different means of cleaning metal roofs are available in the market. Make the use of wire brush and pressure washer for cleaning thou. But make sure you know each and every instruction as you don’t end up damaging the surface of your roof.

And mainly the process of cleaning metal roofs becomes more important for those of the region which is highly affected by mold and mildew. Here is the list of tips that might end up using helpful for the home owners out there. It will help you in approaching towards cleaning your metal roofs in an accurate way that helps you in not ending up damaging the surface of your roof.

Metal roof cleaning tips:

  • Start the process by accessing the entire area and the condition of your metal roof. Well, home owners, trust me folks, it might require a lot more cleaning and maintaining process when it comes for cleaning an old metal roof.
  • As you might find a huge buildup of corrosion on the layer of old metal roof and even many layers of paints. But if any old metal roof is maintained properly, it simply needs less help and efforts in preparation and the cleaning process too!
  • On the other hand we can say, cleaning a new metal roof is not much stressful and is comparatively easy than the old one. Don’t forget your safety while climbing up high on the roof. Make sure you’re wearing your safety measures for protecting yourself from any injury or harmful accidents.
  • If possible, it’s advisable of using a harness or a rope for tying yourself while performing the process. Start scrapping the corrosion or the accumulate paint from the surface of your roof. You can simply peel of the extra paint by using a peeler or your hands. Wire brush is the best tool used for scrubbing off the paint and removing it off from the surface of your metal roof.
  • Don’t forget to clean the accumulated mold and mildew if observed on the surface. As it might result in ending up and damaging the interiors of your home. Make the use of Tri Sodium Phosphate and mix it well in a bucket of water. You can easily get TSP in any of the paint shop. Apply it and scrub it well unless and until the surface is cleaned properly.
  • Repeat this step again if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning process. Bit this process requires lots of patience that home owners to grasp while cleaning the metal roof. Don’t forget to clean the accumulated debris and dirt from the surface of your metal roof. Make the use of pressure washer but be sure to use it. Many a times it might turn difficult for the home owners to perform the task by using pressure washer and end up damaging the surface.

Tips on Cleaning Asphalt shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles cleaning process

Cleaning Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles, one of the traditional and longer lasting roofing material that benefits the home owners in different ways. Asphalt shingles helps in offering secure, safe and longer lasting roof coverage. But, this carefree asphalt shingles might also get damaged if proper care is not shown towards its maintenance and material. It can easily get susceptible to accumulation and the growth of mold and mildew. Staining from moss, algae and other moisture related organisms leads in damaging the look as well as reduces the life of your asphalt shingles installed.

It not only leaves unattractive or bad dark moss stains but the growth of moss or lichens on the roof also leads in damaging or loosening the adhesive applied on the edges of the shingles for keeping them intact on its place. It simply results in creating potential areas for inviting water leakages through the roof to the interiors of your home. Well, according to me, both the activities like DIT project or hiring professional roofing contractors are suitable. But, it’s advisable of taking good initiative before you head ahead for performing the job of cleaning your asphalt shingles on the roof. It’s advisable of knowing the product carefully before you use it on the shingles as, the solutions might turn harming to your roofing shingles.

Asphalt shingles cleaning tips:

  • Start the process of cleaning the asphalt shingles by wearing all the safety means and precautions before you step ahead on the roof. Put on some protective clothing on the shrubs or other plants surrounding your home. It helps in protecting them from the harmful effects of chemicals and the solutions used for cleaning the asphalt shingles.
  • It’s advisable of using large covering cloths, specifically waterproofed in nature. Waterproof drop cloths are easily available in the market. Purchase it and place it on the plants and large establishment in your home. It’s important to soak the plants throughout the process of cleaning asphalt shingles.
  • You can also prepare your DIY solution on your own by simply mixing diluted Trisodium Phosphate and water in a bucket. Mix it well by using bleaching ingredient for spraying on the asphalt shingles.
  • Before applying it on the shingles, it’s advisable to follow the instructions, so that you don’t end up getting even worst. If you want, it’s recommended some amount of dishwashing liquid to the prepared mixture for increasing the capacity of cutting off the greasing effect from the shingles.
  • After preparing the solution, start spraying the solution on the entire surface of the roof and let it rest unless and until the stains gets completely off from the surface. You can easily notice the change as the solution will start working on by fading the stains present on the shingles.
  • Make the use of a garden hose for removing off the solution from the surface of your roof. Pressure washer can also be used but it’s advisable of taking the recommendation of professionals or take their help because it can lead in damaging the shingles installed on your roof.

How To Start A Roof Garden

Initiating a roof garden

Staring a roof garden

Starting a roof garden is somewhat more complicated than starting a garden on the ground. There are varied steps included in starting a roof garden as to setting it up, what things to grow and the maintenance tips at last. Starting a roof garden can compared to that with carpeting on the floor. It’s like carpeting of plants in your roof.  Starting a roof garden will improve the energy efficiency of building and it will also decrease the water runoff during storm. There are many homeowners who have flower pots and small plants on their roof but they will not provide energy efficiency as roof garden does. Well you can start a roof garden having vegetables which can give you fresh vegetables and healthy eating’s along with savings on energy bills and helping environment. If you also like starting a roof garden then you can consider these steps and go on. It’s not that difficult to start a roof garden and with right tips and tricks, you will be able to do it very easily and efficiently.

  • Heaviness

When you start a roof garden, you will have to bring soil on the roof and do planting and it will need to be watered. Now wet soil will have more weight. Hence before starting a roof garden, you will need to do proper research about the appropriate level of weight load that your roof can manage. You can hire a structural engineer for knowing this. Extreme weight in the wrong place on your roof can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. In majority of the cases, you will have to use planting medium in place of soil.

  • Security

One of the basic things about starting a roof garden is to be safe. This safety is of both the sides, one is you cannot afford to let your roof collapse due to extreme pressure and you cannot risk the life of the passerby also. You cannot afford to get someone injured due to your roof collapse. Your roof is exposed to high winds and snow and rain and hence you have to install fence and tie all the equipment’s very securely. You should contact the local department for knowing the necessary regulations and should also know whether any permit is needed or not. Know properly about the appropriate height of the fencing.

  • Giving water to roof garden

When you are starting a roof garden, it’s not only in the hot months that you need to water them. You should water your roof garden daily. You have to take the garden hose to the roof and attach a drip line and a timer system. This will save you from watering daily and you will also not be worried about the plants dying on the roof.

  • Type of plants

While starting a roof garden, you should make proper research as to which type of plants should be grown on your roof garden. The type of plants to be grown is also based on the weight taking capacity of your roof.

How to Paint Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated Metal Roof painted by a person

Person painting Corrugated Metal Roof

There are varied choices when it comes for installing metal roofs. Among different metal roofing options, corrugated metal roof is a hard wearing and excellent style of roofing. It is among the best choice for DIY project similar to building sheds and outhouses in your home. Corrugated metal roofing style has a typical lifespan say for more than hundred years. But, if properly taken care of, it might be able to live for even more upcoming years. And for protecting the corrugated metal roof, its condition and integrity, it’s advisable of applying paint on the surface of corrugated metal roofs. Applying proper paint by using proper techniques helps in protecting your corrugated metal roof up to ten to fifteen years. Here are the steps of painting a corrugated metal roof.

Corrugated metal roof painting tips:

Clean your corrugated metal roof:

First tip of painting your corrugated metal roof is not applying the paint on the dirty surface of the roof. Before you step ahead of applying new coat of paint, it’s advisable of cleaning the surface of the roof installed. Get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris that has already buildup on your existing metal roof.

Make the use of power washer for cleaning the stubborn debris and stains. Power wash is used with bleach. Take precautionary steps while working with bleach on your roof. Wear up your safety gears like safety gloves, boots and breather masks. Also make sure that your ladder that you’re using is in a good condition for use.

Climb up on the roof by using the ladder and make the use of power wash for cleaning any mold or rust observed. Wire brushing is advisable of removing stubborn patches of rust. Don’t forget to periodically cleaning the roof for getting rid of accumulated stains, debris and dirt.

Purchase suitable primer or corrugated metal roof:

Next thing is to find a galvanized primer for preparing and making the surface of your metal roof ready for painting. This type of primer is usually solvent based. If you want other materials in the form of primer, acrylic based primers are also available. You can easily get it from the local store nearby your home premise.

Start applying the primer:

Once you have your primer in your hands, what are you waiting for? Start applying the primer following the instructions of manufacturer’s manual. It’s advisable of allowing the primer to dry completely before you apply paint on it.

Apply the paint on your corrugated metal roof:

The type of paint you should purchase depends upon the weather and the climate condition of the place you’re living. A roof that will be often exposed more towards the sun will perform in a different manner as compared to the paint applied in the shaded or dampened area.

Before you start applying the paint, it’s advisable of reading the manufacturer’s manual for knowing the thickness of paint to be applied. It’s advisable of assessing the weather before you start. Don’t start painting the metal roof, if it’s expected to rain. It might lead delay in the drying process of the paint.

Questions to Ask a Roofer before Hiring

Lady talking with a Roofer

Roofer discussing with a lady

Before hiring a roofer, there are many questions to ask to the roofing contractor. A poor installation of roof means inviting roof leaks and repairs in future. It simply means spending more money and time on your roof. Better it’s advisable of asking certain question at the time of hiring a roofer for your home. It will help you in making correct hiring decision of the roofer selected for installing roofs.



Questions to be asked:

Do you have insurance?

It’s advisable for asking insurance before hiring a roofer. There are different insurance that should be taken by your roofer like liability insurance and workmen compensation insurance for protecting the home owners if any of the workers in the roofing company gets injured.

If the roofer is working without workmen compensation fund, the home owner is responsible for cost and medical bills of the worker injured. And for home owner’s insurance, it might not cover this type of insurance, so your cost is to be paid off by you.

Company’s full name and registered address:

Don’t forget to ask for roofing company’s full name and registered address before hiring a roofer. If they use a post office box, it’s advisable of asking for the physical situation of that place. If the selecting roofing company doesn’t possess a registered physical location for any cause or concern, it’s advisable of moving on and select any other roofer for constructed roof at your home.

Search it online or nearby your home premise for finding a reliable roofing company for replacing or placing a new roof.

Sub roofing contractors:

It’s important to ask for the clause of sub roofing contractor before hiring a roofer for your home. Ask for the roofing contractor that whether any part of the roofing job will be performed by any sub-contractor or not? If yes, then make sure of asking the same questions to the sub roofing contractor to be hired. Particularly ask for their insurance status too.

Roofing contractor license:

One of the most important documents of a roofing contractor is its license. It’s advisable of asking for license before hiring a roofer. The policy of licensing differs from state to state and city to city. Some of the countries and cities also require the roofing contractor to be licensed.

It’s advisable of verifying that the license is required in your area or not. If yes, check for the local licensing offices for making sure that your roofer’s license is up to the mark and date. Also validate that the roofing contractor doesn’t consist of any outstanding violation that might affect your jib of installing a roof.

Different references:

Ask the roofing contractor that he or she has any working reference to which you can talk and discuss. It’s advisable of asking for his past experience records and you can call or meet the home owners for knowing his efforts and efficiency towards his work. Take the help of your neighbors for kneeing the work done by your selected roofer.

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