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Tips on Cleaning Asphalt shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles cleaning process

Cleaning Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles, one of the traditional and longer lasting roofing material that benefits the home owners in different ways. Asphalt shingles helps in offering secure, safe and longer lasting roof coverage. But, this carefree asphalt shingles might also get damaged if proper care is not shown towards its maintenance and material. It can easily get susceptible to accumulation and the growth of mold and mildew. Staining from moss, algae and other moisture related organisms leads in damaging the look as well as reduces the life of your asphalt shingles installed.

It not only leaves unattractive or bad dark moss stains but the growth of moss or lichens on the roof also leads in damaging or loosening the adhesive applied on the edges of the shingles for keeping them intact on its place. It simply results in creating potential areas for inviting water leakages through the roof to the interiors of your home. Well, according to me, both the activities like DIT project or hiring professional roofing contractors are suitable. But, it’s advisable of taking good initiative before you head ahead for performing the job of cleaning your asphalt shingles on the roof. It’s advisable of knowing the product carefully before you use it on the shingles as, the solutions might turn harming to your roofing shingles.

Asphalt shingles cleaning tips:

  • Start the process of cleaning the asphalt shingles by wearing all the safety means and precautions before you step ahead on the roof. Put on some protective clothing on the shrubs or other plants surrounding your home. It helps in protecting them from the harmful effects of chemicals and the solutions used for cleaning the asphalt shingles.
  • It’s advisable of using large covering cloths, specifically waterproofed in nature. Waterproof drop cloths are easily available in the market. Purchase it and place it on the plants and large establishment in your home. It’s important to soak the plants throughout the process of cleaning asphalt shingles.
  • You can also prepare your DIY solution on your own by simply mixing diluted Trisodium Phosphate and water in a bucket. Mix it well by using bleaching ingredient for spraying on the asphalt shingles.
  • Before applying it on the shingles, it’s advisable to follow the instructions, so that you don’t end up getting even worst. If you want, it’s recommended some amount of dishwashing liquid to the prepared mixture for increasing the capacity of cutting off the greasing effect from the shingles.
  • After preparing the solution, start spraying the solution on the entire surface of the roof and let it rest unless and until the stains gets completely off from the surface. You can easily notice the change as the solution will start working on by fading the stains present on the shingles.
  • Make the use of a garden hose for removing off the solution from the surface of your roof. Pressure washer can also be used but it’s advisable of taking the recommendation of professionals or take their help because it can lead in damaging the shingles installed on your roof.

How To Start A Roof Garden

Initiating a roof garden

Staring a roof garden

Starting a roof garden is somewhat more complicated than starting a garden on the ground. There are varied steps included in starting a roof garden as to setting it up, what things to grow and the maintenance tips at last. Starting a roof garden can compared to that with carpeting on the floor. It’s like carpeting of plants in your roof.  Starting a roof garden will improve the energy efficiency of building and it will also decrease the water runoff during storm. There are many homeowners who have flower pots and small plants on their roof but they will not provide energy efficiency as roof garden does. Well you can start a roof garden having vegetables which can give you fresh vegetables and healthy eating’s along with savings on energy bills and helping environment. If you also like starting a roof garden then you can consider these steps and go on. It’s not that difficult to start a roof garden and with right tips and tricks, you will be able to do it very easily and efficiently.

  • Heaviness

When you start a roof garden, you will have to bring soil on the roof and do planting and it will need to be watered. Now wet soil will have more weight. Hence before starting a roof garden, you will need to do proper research about the appropriate level of weight load that your roof can manage. You can hire a structural engineer for knowing this. Extreme weight in the wrong place on your roof can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. In majority of the cases, you will have to use planting medium in place of soil.

  • Security

One of the basic things about starting a roof garden is to be safe. This safety is of both the sides, one is you cannot afford to let your roof collapse due to extreme pressure and you cannot risk the life of the passerby also. You cannot afford to get someone injured due to your roof collapse. Your roof is exposed to high winds and snow and rain and hence you have to install fence and tie all the equipment’s very securely. You should contact the local department for knowing the necessary regulations and should also know whether any permit is needed or not. Know properly about the appropriate height of the fencing.

  • Giving water to roof garden

When you are starting a roof garden, it’s not only in the hot months that you need to water them. You should water your roof garden daily. You have to take the garden hose to the roof and attach a drip line and a timer system. This will save you from watering daily and you will also not be worried about the plants dying on the roof.

  • Type of plants

While starting a roof garden, you should make proper research as to which type of plants should be grown on your roof garden. The type of plants to be grown is also based on the weight taking capacity of your roof.

How to Paint Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated Metal Roof painted by a person

Person painting Corrugated Metal Roof

There are varied choices when it comes for installing metal roofs. Among different metal roofing options, corrugated metal roof is a hard wearing and excellent style of roofing. It is among the best choice for DIY project similar to building sheds and outhouses in your home. Corrugated metal roofing style has a typical lifespan say for more than hundred years. But, if properly taken care of, it might be able to live for even more upcoming years. And for protecting the corrugated metal roof, its condition and integrity, it’s advisable of applying paint on the surface of corrugated metal roofs. Applying proper paint by using proper techniques helps in protecting your corrugated metal roof up to ten to fifteen years. Here are the steps of painting a corrugated metal roof.

Corrugated metal roof painting tips:

Clean your corrugated metal roof:

First tip of painting your corrugated metal roof is not applying the paint on the dirty surface of the roof. Before you step ahead of applying new coat of paint, it’s advisable of cleaning the surface of the roof installed. Get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris that has already buildup on your existing metal roof.

Make the use of power washer for cleaning the stubborn debris and stains. Power wash is used with bleach. Take precautionary steps while working with bleach on your roof. Wear up your safety gears like safety gloves, boots and breather masks. Also make sure that your ladder that you’re using is in a good condition for use.

Climb up on the roof by using the ladder and make the use of power wash for cleaning any mold or rust observed. Wire brushing is advisable of removing stubborn patches of rust. Don’t forget to periodically cleaning the roof for getting rid of accumulated stains, debris and dirt.

Purchase suitable primer or corrugated metal roof:

Next thing is to find a galvanized primer for preparing and making the surface of your metal roof ready for painting. This type of primer is usually solvent based. If you want other materials in the form of primer, acrylic based primers are also available. You can easily get it from the local store nearby your home premise.

Start applying the primer:

Once you have your primer in your hands, what are you waiting for? Start applying the primer following the instructions of manufacturer’s manual. It’s advisable of allowing the primer to dry completely before you apply paint on it.

Apply the paint on your corrugated metal roof:

The type of paint you should purchase depends upon the weather and the climate condition of the place you’re living. A roof that will be often exposed more towards the sun will perform in a different manner as compared to the paint applied in the shaded or dampened area.

Before you start applying the paint, it’s advisable of reading the manufacturer’s manual for knowing the thickness of paint to be applied. It’s advisable of assessing the weather before you start. Don’t start painting the metal roof, if it’s expected to rain. It might lead delay in the drying process of the paint.

Questions to Ask a Roofer before Hiring

Lady talking with a Roofer

Roofer discussing with a lady

Before hiring a roofer, there are many questions to ask to the roofing contractor. A poor installation of roof means inviting roof leaks and repairs in future. It simply means spending more money and time on your roof. Better it’s advisable of asking certain question at the time of hiring a roofer for your home. It will help you in making correct hiring decision of the roofer selected for installing roofs.



Questions to be asked:

Do you have insurance?

It’s advisable for asking insurance before hiring a roofer. There are different insurance that should be taken by your roofer like liability insurance and workmen compensation insurance for protecting the home owners if any of the workers in the roofing company gets injured.

If the roofer is working without workmen compensation fund, the home owner is responsible for cost and medical bills of the worker injured. And for home owner’s insurance, it might not cover this type of insurance, so your cost is to be paid off by you.

Company’s full name and registered address:

Don’t forget to ask for roofing company’s full name and registered address before hiring a roofer. If they use a post office box, it’s advisable of asking for the physical situation of that place. If the selecting roofing company doesn’t possess a registered physical location for any cause or concern, it’s advisable of moving on and select any other roofer for constructed roof at your home.

Search it online or nearby your home premise for finding a reliable roofing company for replacing or placing a new roof.

Sub roofing contractors:

It’s important to ask for the clause of sub roofing contractor before hiring a roofer for your home. Ask for the roofing contractor that whether any part of the roofing job will be performed by any sub-contractor or not? If yes, then make sure of asking the same questions to the sub roofing contractor to be hired. Particularly ask for their insurance status too.

Roofing contractor license:

One of the most important documents of a roofing contractor is its license. It’s advisable of asking for license before hiring a roofer. The policy of licensing differs from state to state and city to city. Some of the countries and cities also require the roofing contractor to be licensed.

It’s advisable of verifying that the license is required in your area or not. If yes, check for the local licensing offices for making sure that your roofer’s license is up to the mark and date. Also validate that the roofing contractor doesn’t consist of any outstanding violation that might affect your jib of installing a roof.

Different references:

Ask the roofing contractor that he or she has any working reference to which you can talk and discuss. It’s advisable of asking for his past experience records and you can call or meet the home owners for knowing his efforts and efficiency towards his work. Take the help of your neighbors for kneeing the work done by your selected roofer.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mansard Roof

Mansard roof pros and cons

Pros and cons of mansard roof

You might have heard about metal roof, asphalt roof, shingles roof, flat roof as these are very common and popular choice for roofing. Well it’s not always compulsory that only the common and popular roofing are the best ones. There are many roofs which are not much popular but can be great choice for installation just like mansard roof. Mansard roof are those roof having two slopes. The first slope is very much steep and it is almost vertical. The other slope of mansard roof is quite flat and it is in such location that it cannot be seen from the ground level. Basically mansard roof were developed in France and then its popularity spread across the globe. However if you are thinking of installing mansard roof in your home then you must be aware of both the sides of this roof. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of mansard roof which you should take note of.


  • Extra space availability

Even if you are not willing to build any kind of addition on the top, you will be already availed with the extra space on your roof if you are opting for mansard roof. This advantage is not available in other roofing types. You can create an extra bedroom in that space or you can turn out that room into a store room or guest room as per your need. All the four sides of this roof is steeply sloped and hence this addition can easily be made.

  • Further addition

The first slope of mansard roof is very much steep and thus it can act as a wall if you are wishing to build any new floor on your existing roofing. Hence this makes mansard roof very much flexible with changes. If you take a home right now but don’t have enough money for extensions then you can go for mansard roof and then go for any such additions on later date. It is also quite cost effective as you can add up new floor in lower cost as the cost of one wall is deducted.


  • Maintenance issues

As compared with that of traditional gable roofs, mansard roof needs quite a lot of maintenance. Mansard roof has one flatter portion and due that it has lots of accumulation of debris on that. The maintenance needed in mansard roof is not much expensive but it is constant. These roofs are more prone to getting damaged and needs more repair.

  • Cost

Mansard roof takes more time for installation as compared to other types of roof and in turn it will also need more labor leading to more cost. The method of mansard roof building is very much complex and it also need more material and more labor as compared to that with other gable roofs. This can be a big drawback for those homeowners who have to work with tight budget situation. It also has some of the weather issues as it cannot cope with high winds and storms very well.

Things to Consider while Replacing your Roof

Roof replacing tips

Tips on replacing your Roof

One of the largest monetary investments that can even extend for some more span of time is replacing your roof. There are many symptoms that show you the value of your roof. Basically, there are many different quality aspects that come with the roof. But most of them are unknown to the home owners because of less knowledge. The stated information will help you in knowing the important things to be considered while replacing your roof. Ask right questions to yourself of what things you need to have in your roof and go for it.

Replacing your roof tips:

  • Start by examining the current roof installed in your home. Everyone have that knowledge that the cost of roofing varies from the sizes. Not all the roofing style has similar sizes. The materials that are used are not known to the home owners. In fact we can say that you should consider the cost factor of your current roof for the new roof you’re constructing.
  • Examine the size of your roof and materials to be needed, it will help you in knowing and understanding the need perfectly. Seeing the actual condition of your roof, make the budget of replacing project. Make sure you’re taking right estimates that will help you in proceeding with the budget which is decided.
  • If confused about how to get things done, it’s advisable of taking multiple advices from contractors. Take the advice from various other roofing contractors of knowing which type of roof will be suitable to your home. And go for it.
  • Make sure you’re acting upon the budget decided by you because it might increase the charm to even crossing the borders you decided for your project. Even make negotiating process with the contractors you’ve decided. It helps in reducing the actual cost of replacing the roof at your home.
  • Replacing the roof process might be loud, so it’s advisable of taking prior permission of your neighbors for any such circumstances. It might also take into consider the noise from the roofing process. As the roofing process might be loud.
  • It’s advisable of wrong outside the home premise because it will reduce the possibilities of noise and helps in noise cancellation too.
  • While thinking of replacing your roof, make sure to understand that which material you want to have in your roof. There are many different materials available in the market for roofs. Also make sure the materials should be such that is suitable to the climate where you live.
  • Most of the common type of material is asphalt roofing shingles. They are commonly noticed as the materials used by the home owners. It’s water resistant, helps in reducing the heat in the interiors and reflects the sun rays, and relatedly less costly as compared to other materials of roof.
  • Before getting and signing of the roofing contractor for your home, it’s advisable taking a written consent and making an agreement for future uncertainty. It will help you in acting and binding on the law.

Things To Know Before Re-Roofing Your Home


Things to consider while re-roofing-your-home

Any homeowner will want his home to be extremely safe and secure. When you want your home to be safe, you need to make it strong which can stand against any circumstances. All these safety things start from your roof. Even though materials for roofing have a life span of 20 to 30 years, if they wear out at sooner or later stage getting it fixed can cost you plenty of dollars. However with right tips, precautions and proper application of the materials, you can re-roof your home very easily. Not just easily when you know the right things, you can also re-roof your home very cheaply. Here are some of the things to know before you re-roof your home.

  • Know local building codes about roofs

Several building codes will be regulating number of layers of shingles on a specific roof and also have certain codes about acceptable shingle materials. Hence, before you re-roof your home, it’s advisable to know any such code prevailing in your area. If you are living in coastal area having hurricanes and high winds then there will be some different needs structural designs and load. If you are residing on the coast and you want to re-roof your home, you have to take extra care for getting appropriate permits to make sure about the safety of the project.

  • Obtain required permits

Check out with your local government body as to whether there is any need of building permit before you reroof your home. Permits are generally given by the building service department of the city where you live in. basically you are able to your project over the counter if you give.

  • Proof of the ownership of the property
  • Worksheet of permit application
  • Drawings of construction
  • Drawings of elevation
  • Statement of the repair where you are clarifying you will replace the roof and will re-roof your home up to the code
  • Choose proper kind of shingles

Shingles can be getting in many kinds of varieties; some of them are more suitable for specific climates and specific roof styles. Grab something which works well with your area and is better option to re-roof your home.

  • Asphalt shingles

These are considered to be most common types of shingles for roofing. They are very much durable and can last for 20 to 30 years if the conditions are suitable. They are reinforced with fiber glass and usually have dabs for roofing agent or tar which can stick with the shingles placed above it.

  • Slate shingles

These are the heaviest and most durable types of shingles which you can buy as they have tendency to break very easily. They will need special types of cutter to cut them and they are approximately three times heavier as compared to that with other types of shingles. For installation of these types of roofing shingles, you need an experienced roofer or else things can go wrong.

  • Laminated shingles

These looks similar to slate tiles but they are very much similar to layered asphalt shingles. And hence working with them is quite similar.

Guidelines For Choosing Right Roofing Contractor

Selecting right roofing contractor

Choosing right roofing contractor

The most problematic issue which homeowners face while installing, fixing or replacing their roof is finding the right roofing contractor. If you give your roof in the wrong hands, chances are there instead of repairing it you might get it more damaged risking you and your family member’s life. Hence when the things come about your roof, it’s advisable to make proper research and find the right roofing contractor. If there has been any storm then you need to get into action very quickly and get your roof repaired as soon as possible. But make sure that you don’t fall for the first contractor who knocks your door. For choosing the right roofing contractor, you need to find someone who is honest, trustworthy, professional and good at his work. If you are new to finding right roofing contractor then you can some tips and tricks to help you out through the process.

  • Get local referrals

The chances of issues and potential scams are comparatively less when you are choosing the contractor from your local. Basically local contractors are more aware with the code regulations and the local rules. Local contractors also have a good contact and relations with the crews and suppliers of the nearby area. Hence there will be no delays in the supply of materials and you will be able to get your roof up to date in lesser period of time.

  • Look for two to three roofing contractors

When you are searching the right roofing contractor you should not be satisfied when you just see one and hand over your roof to him. You should meet up two to three roofing contractors and even more than that if you think so. By meeting them you will get to know what the prevailing price in the market is and you will not be cheated. Apart from the price, you will also see what facilities are provided by various contractors. Meeting two to three will help you to choose the right roofing contractor.

  • Check for license and insurance

Contractor must have insurance for all his employees and also his subcontractors. This will be a kind of assured on the part of the customers.  If the customers want, you should also give them a copy of the license and insurance not having proper certificate can cause many issues between the contractor and the client in case of the injury of the worker. When searching for the right roofing contractor, always see his license and insurance for your own safety and benefit.

  • Know the time of completion

When you choose the right roofing contractor and you enter into contract with him to repair, replace or install your roof, make sure to get each and every detail. The most important one is to know the time of completion of the project. Many of the times when you don’t take such detail, they will take more time for completion and in turn take more money for the more time but same work.

Benefits of Hiring Roofing Contractors


Roofing Contractor working on a roof

There are many people out there who are in love with Do It Yourself projects. The projects are related to the home improvement. Whereas there are some great ways to get your hands dirty and improve the home at the same time. But trust me, Roof repair is not an appropriate option of Do It Yourself project which you are thinking of. Basically, the roof over the head is the last line of defense between the most prized possession and the weather outside the home premise. So it is important to make sure that you have the highest quality of roofing option installed by an experience roofing contractors. Here are some tips and benefits that offer the reason of why you should hire a roofing contractor rather than going it all alone.

Roofing contractor hiring benefits:

  • It might seem counter intuitive to your but, most of the home owners undertake the Do It Yourself because they basically want to save the money from their pockets. But when it comes to roofing, Hiring roofing contractors often have an industrial connection that helps the home owners to get the best price on the materials and the roofing style.
  • Surplus to that, hiring a roofing contractor is beneficial because they have the expertise and experience to do the job right from the first time. But if you are planning of a Do It Yourself project and end up doing a mess, Trust me it will charge you twice more of hiring a roofing contractor then after.
  • Not all the type of roofing materials are same, neither not all of them have the same high quality standards. The things which you can purchase from any local home improvement store might not be to the same level of standard as professional roofing contractors can buy. This makes a difference while hiring a roofing contractor for your home.
  • The roof installed on your home, is protecting all sorts of valuable things and stuffs underneath. And like any of the DO It Yourself project, it might take several days, may be few weeks or months to complete the project of installing roof once you begin. And just image, during that time, you are leaving your home premise and the roof deck vulnerable to damage from wind, rain, fire or weather.
  • Hiring a roofing contractor is important because they can act fast and are able to perform their job more quickly. Sometime they even complete it in a day. So it helps you in not letting yourself and your home essentials exposed.
  • Working on a roof is immensely a dangerous process. Rather I would say, it is one of the most dangerous places to work on. It is assumed that more than 130000 people get injured from ladder related injuries. Hiring a roofing contractor is beneficial because they work keeping mind the safety measure important while working.
  • Not only that, but professionals also offers guarantees and warranties on their workmanships that offers you with added peace of mind in the case of something goes wrong.

Factors that affect Cost of Roof Repair

Roof repair of a home

Professionals doing roof repair

Roof repairing is not as easy as you think. It can be very expensive if not done on time and it can also be very much time consuming depending upon the degree of the repair needed. Don’t allow the roofing contractor to give a quote without checking out the roof damage from inside and outside of your home. Contact two to three roofing contractor and hear the quote given by them and also see as to what things are they considering for their price. Analyze everything and then compare it with your expected costing. Here are some of the factors which are generally considered while determining the cost of the roof repair.

  • Roof type

The cost of roof repair is decided by the type of roof which you have installed on your house. There can be flat roofs, sloped roofs, low or high pitched roofs, metal roofs or wood roofs or it can even be something very different then all this type of roofs. The costing of roof repair greatly depends upon the roof types; there is difference in the various roofing types and their repair. Some roofing material needs more labor to get repaired while some needs less, some need more material while some of them need less. The material whose repair cost is lowest is asphalt shingles while on the other hand most expensive repair of type of roofing is metal roofing.

  • Roof repair permits

Roofing repair cost depends upon the place you live in. the city or town also decided the roof repairing cost. The roofer may need to have a permit for the repairs he needs to do. The cost of the permit can be flat and fixed or it can be fluctuation according to the size of the home or its value.  In some of the coastal area, a separate permit is required to protect your home from the storms and hurricanes. In those areas where there is high winds and hurricanes, hurricane straps and bracing are to be added which can added up a little bit more to your repair cost of roof.

  • Scope of roof repairs

Cost of roof repair is also determined on the basis of the size of the roof. The cost of roof repair is determined on the basis of the square footage of the roof. It is decided by the roofing contractors. In terms of roofing, a sq2uare is equal to the ten foot square of the area. Shingles are such which are sold by the square. Thus its costing depends upon the square so even if your area is smaller than ten feet then also you will be charged for a whole square. However the roofing contractor should hand you over the left over of the material in case if your roof needs to rerepaired.

  • Existing water damage

Water is such an element which speedily and easily damages the roof structure. It cannot be identified until and unless roofer inspects the decking underneath from the shingles. Repairing water damage can be quite expensive and add a lot to your costing.


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