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Important Safety Gears for Construction Workers

Different Safety gears

Gloves, jacket, cap – Safety gears

When it comes for working on a construction site, safety gears are the most essential criteria for the construction workers. Safety is of paramount essential for the construction workers for preventing the degree of damaging, injury and hazardous risk that they are exposed to. As their working condition consist of heavy duty stuffs and projects that are likely to get attracted more towards injuries on a daily basis.

Even you might end up with the loss in productivity due to such accidents and injuries. So many of the companies have started focusing on the safety measures of construction workers for preventing the chances of getting injured from the hazardous work on the construction sites. Even the safety measures of every construction companies are different from the other. As the projects and the working situations are different from that of other, many of them select different safety gears for their construction workers. Here is the list of safety gears to be acquired by the construction workers while working on any construction site.

Construction workers safety gears list:

  • Safety clothing is must while working on a construction site. And for the hazardous construction sites, constriction workers should be more careful for certain safety measures. The types of safety cloths can be selected on the terms of construction site and the work performed in the site.
  • Specially manufactured T-shirts that are simply design for the constructions workers. There are different trousers, jackets, and different kinds of footwear that are needed to be wore by the constructions workers.
  • The use of safety clothes is to protect the construction workers for getting damaged or from meeting with an accident. One of the important parts of safety gear is the clothing. Clothing helps in preventing many of the damaging effects that might result in saving yourself from any huge injury or accidents.
  • WE all know, the floor of construction site is always unpredictable as they are not building up in conformity. There are cements, hot chemicals, and many of the sharp components that are likely to cause more of burning and cutting effects to the construction workers. Well, here comes the exact use of safety shoes.
  • It helps in preventing from slippage and helps in offering a stagnant grip to the ground surface. It simply results in encouraging the safety measures of the construction works for performing each and every activity on the construction site.
  • Don’t forget to put on the safety vest while working on the construction sites. It is among the most common types of safety gear that are necessary to put on while working or performing for the same. Even there are wide range of types that are available to the construction workers.
  • Even safety jacket is in the list of safety gears that you should not forget while working on the construction site. Make sure you’re using and buying right types of material that is suitable and is according to the construction site you’re working in. Don’t forget to wear is correctly for making yourself feel safer.

Safety Rules while Working with Electric Appliances

Animated image of person removing an Electric plug

Electric plug removed from the circuit

A safe working environment is not only enough for controlling all the potential electrical hazards. You should be working safely and must be cautious about the work place. There are certain safety rules that help in preventing dangerous risk like death or injury from the electrical appliance you’re using. If you’re working on electric appliances of using electrical equips, it’s advisable of following the golden safety rules. Here is the list of safety rules while working with electric appliances at your home.





Electric appliances safety rules:

Rule 1: Don’t think that working with the electric appliances is easy, it’s advisable of avoiding the contact with the energized electrical circuit installed in your home. It’s not funny, if something bad occurs, it might even cause damaging injury to you!

Rule 2: If you’re thinking that the electric appliances won’t harm you at all, then you never know. Don’t treat each and every electrical appliance as one and the same. Each has its different functioning and uses. Think that as if all the electric appliances are energized and living for all.

Rule 3: it’s advisable of shutting off the power supply as you’re changing the electric equip with the other one. It will help you in being the last way of being sure that you won’t get shocked or injured due to the electric current.

Rule 4: When you’re dealing with the electric appliances, it’s always recommended of wearing the safety glasses, gloves, jacket, shoes and many other things for keeping yourself safe. It helps in preventing the chances of getting injured.

When it’s necessary for handing equips that are plugged in, make sure your hands are completely dry. It’s advisable of wearing nonconductive gloves and wear shoes highly insulated for protecting yourself.

Rule 5: If you observe any chemical or water spilled on the electric equips, it’s advisable of shutting it off right away. Unplug equips as soon as possible. If not performed, it might increase the chance of getting the electric current.

It’s very logical, never try to remove the water or any chemical when your electric appliance is energized. Well, I can say, it would be the most stupid thing has ever seen in my life.

Rule 6: If you find anyone in contact with the electric appliance, it’s advisable of not touching him or her and not even touching the cord or the equip. First of all disconnect the power source right away from the circuit breaker and pull off the plug or the wire by using a leather belt.

Rule 7: Never take the control over the electric equips when having wet feet, hands and body. Even don’t use it when standing on a wet floor. It might result in offering damage effects to the person using them.

Rule 8: It’s not advisable of wearing any loose clothes when working with the electric equipment. It’s advisable of acting like a professional electric engineer. Understand it clearly, that you’re not working on a beach, you’re working in the field where electric circuits are dealt with.


Safety Measures for Every Construction Worker


Construction Worker wearing safety clothes

Construction work is considered among the most dangerous occupations. Construction work can be considered anything but fully safe. Large and mobile equipment, heights, deep holes, harmful edges and wobbling stairs are a reality in many of the construction sites. No matter how carful and modern the contractors claim to be, it is advisable of considering the safety measures. It is obvious that the employers have to take care of the security and safety of the workers working under him. But it is advisable to the construction workers to keep in mind a lot of precautionary steps by themselves while working in such a hazardous situation or place. Here are some tips or safety, measures for the construction workers to keep in mind while working in any construction sites.


Construction workers safety measures:

  • Double check the area where you are working. Scaffolds are an integral section of the construction sites that are ranked in the list of high number of injuries. So while you are planning to work on them, it is advisable of ensuring the safety first.
  • Check with the superiors to find out that that whether the scaffold has been inspected by a professional or not? It is advisable of not to work on an incomplete scaffold which doesn’t have a strong foundation or a platform.
  • Ladders are another important tool that supplied with a high potential of danger. It is advisable of checking the ladder thoroughly before stepping up. If you find that any of the part of the ladder is wobbly, don’t use it. A ladder should always be of proper height and strength that always keep at least one meter above the foundation if the home.
  • It is obvious that construction sites require lots of electrical installation. Lifting equipment oif one of the major electrical appliance that involves weights and electricity. While working with such type of equipment, you need to extra cautious to see there is no tear and wear in the machinery and also to follow the safety measures listed for the machinery.
  • If you don’t know the safety measures, it is advisable of seeking help from the site supervisors or the coworkers, who has worked on the equipment before. It is recommended, not to work or stand immediately below a heavy suspended load. And always have an eye, that you are not exceeding the permissible levels of carrying the load.
  • Observe and notice the number of fatal incidents and injury ratio in the are where you are planning fort the work. Dangerous areas where you see without fencing or with any broken or damaged fencing, should be avoided unless it is completely repaired or new fencing is not installed.
  • The workers are supposed to wear the safety gloves, boots and uniform that is srtiputed for their job. Even the employees are supposed to provide them with proper protective gears and cloths. If you as a worker do not have them, demand it right away from your employees and wear them in a correct manner for your safety.

Importance of maintain safety at construction places

Maintaining safety at construction place

Constructors working safely at construction place

Are you planning to start the construction of your dream home soon? Well, that is great news indeed. Everyone wants to give shape to their dreams in the form of their dream abode and taking care of the minute details of the construction of your dream home will truly be one of the best experiences of your life. However, you also need to keep in mind that construction, no matter on whatever scale it is, is a massive task and the construction site will consist of laborers, huge quantity of building materials and a lot of heavy machinery. Therefore, it is important that you take a few precautionary measures at the construction site.

One of the best ways to ensure that your home is constructed safely sans any accident you will have to make sure that you hire a builder who is properly licensed and registered. A licensed and established building firm offers proper training to its laborers to ensure that they are well equipped to handle all the heavy machineries and are also aware of the basic safety tips. Make sure that the firm strictly follows the OSHA rules during the installation of protective screens or guard rails. While the workers need to climb heights for the purpose of construction, it is always advisable to have a bet beneath.

A lot of building materials are toxic and therefore it is very important to make sure that these materials are safeguarded properly. In fact, not only does the improper safeguarding of materials weaken the base of the construction it also endangers the life of the people who are working at the site and are in its close proximity. While constructing a building, workers might need to enter a tunnel where at times they might be exposed to lead. It is important to check the blood levels of the workers before they are allowed to enter such places.

Ensuring Safety at Construction Sites

Safety gears for construction

Safety measures for construction

Construction sites could often prove dangerous to workers and non-workers. For the same reason various regulations are in place to ensure that safety norms are practices at construction sites. The lives of workers are often at risk at construction sites, and a single slip-up could be fatal. Most construction sites have a temporary fencing that prevents non-workers to approach risky construction area due to dangerous equipment being operated or transfer of materials, excavations etc.

There are many rules in place to ensure workers are safeguarded from dust, dangerous fumes and other construction material in the air that could cause harm to the workers and people in the nearby area. Excavations are usually covered when no work is going on and there should be clear sign boards to prevent people fast delivery to go anywhere near them. Also roof edge protection is done to ensure that workers don’t fall of the edges of roofs and ceilings of commercial buildings under construction.

Construction Safety

Safety gears for Construction Safety

Construction Safety gears

Construction Safety can be in the form manuals which offer guidance to any contractor out there. These manuals provide detailed information to help contractors when performing their jobs. To get yourself a copy, be sure to locate a well known provider who has been in the industry of construction safety manuals for 2 or more years.

An example of such a safety manual company is the Omni Safety services. This company has been producing custom written manuals since 1990 and is continuing to gain popularity over time. Other than that, it has industrial construction, real world residential and commercial experience which has helped them in their manual production.

Before these manuals were in use, many workers were getting injured in more than one occasion. However, this is a thing of the past and workers out there can do their jobs without fear of any sort. Construction manuals should also conform to the standards laid down by the respective body.

Construction Site Safety Tips

Safety Tips on construction site

Safety Tips for workers on construction site

Construction of any office is a very big task as it involves more of labor work. Certain safety measures should be taken to avoid any damage to the construction site and the workers. Many workers have lost their life in the past due to careless during work. Hence it very important to appoint experienced and well trained persons for working. It is always better to inspect the ladders and scaffolds before work. It is advisable to follow the rules and regulations while installing guard rails in the office.

During the process of construction all the toxic materials should be safe guarded properly to avoid any damage. Most of the workers  are exposed to toxic materials such as lead, asbestos and dusts which may cause serious health hazards in the body. The workers need to undergo medical checkups often to ensure that they are healthy and safe. In order to avoid damage the workers should wear protective gear while working in the construction site for safety purposes.

Home Construction Safety Tips

Safety Tips for home constructors

Safety Tips – Home construction

Whether you are considering a new construction or a renovation or expansion in your house, unforeseen accidents are just unavoidable and that is why, safety is the factor that should be given utmost importance. Extension ladders should be used with all the safety measures and with proper proportions suggested for using them. While using a circular saw, make sure to check the cord and the plug, any missing connectors, blade, missing teeth and missing carbides.

Make sure to keep first aid kid near the construction site and keep the emergency numbers of police, ambulance and poison control ready at hand. A good quality fire extinguisher should also be ready to work in case it is required. All the chemical and poisonous solvents should be kept away from easy reach and gasoline should not be stored indoors. While using power tools such as lawn mowers and tractor mowers, make sure not to wear loose clothes because they may get caught in the machine.

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