Causes of leak roof

Causes of roof leak

Reasons of roof leak

Most of us face leaky roofs sometimes or the other. Leaky roofs occur when water seeps through the ceilings. Moss and wall staining are also a result of leaky roofs. It is therefore necessary to spot roofs leaks on time to avoid mishaps and to stop huge expenditure of money. Roofing agencies are there to help you with the fixing of any roof leak that you have.

Weather is normally responsible for leaky roofs. Exposure to all kinds of weather leads to the wear and tear of the roofs. Extreme exposure to sun or snow or even heavy winds and rainfall cause immense damage to the roofs. The weather cannot always be blamed as sometimes faulty constructions are also the reason behind leaky roofs. Use of low quality construction products used during constructions cause roofs to leak. Some of the other reasons are improper sealing of step flashing, roof top gutters not draining properly and unsealed pipe flashing.
It is therefore recommended that bimanual roof inspection on time will saves one from these problems.

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