Comparison Of Hip Roof And Gable Roof

Hip Roof vs gable roof

Comparison of hip roof and gable roof

Hip roof and gable roof are both great types of roofing and whichever you install both will be a good choice, if you are thinking of reroofing your home and confused as to which one to opt, you will need a comparative study of both of them. However you cannot go for installing both in one home. You can probably g for checking their pros and cons for better understanding of both and will also help you to decide which one is better and suitable to your home, its exterior decor and outer surroundings. Read this article and see a comparative study of hip roof and gable roof with their pros and cons and decide by yourself what your final call is.

  • Hip roof

Hip roof is the roof having slopes on all the four sides. The lengths of these sides are equal and they will be coming together on the top part for forming a ridge.


As compared to that with gable roof, hip roof has more stability. It has inward slope on all the four sides and this makes hip roof more durable and sturdy. These are considered best for both high wind areas and also snowy areas. The roof has slant and it allows snow to slide off very easily and has no standing water on the roof. One of the another benefits of hip roofs is that it allows you with more living space if there is vaulted ceiling or an attic space. These are also good in giving proper ventilation and offer you with the flexibility of making extra additions.


Building hip roof is quite an expensive project. The design of hip roof is more complex as compared to gable roof and so is its cost. It will also need more materials for building. Hip roof will have additional seams which increases the chances of water leaks if the roof is not installed efficiently. Maintenance is also necessary if you don’t want to turn the minor issues in to major ones.

  • Gable roof

It is also known as the peaked roof or the pitched roof and is considered as one of the most popular roof in US. They can be easily picked by as it has triangular shape which none other roofing has.


One of the major benefits of having gable roof installed is that it can shed snow and water very easily. Gable roofs are also very popular for availing additional space for vaulted ceiling or attic space. Gable roof has a simple design and this makes the construction very simple and easy. It does not have much complex designs and this makes its cost very less.


Gable roofs are not appropriate choice if you are residing in an area with high winds and hurricanes. If you fail to construct the frame properly with proper support, chances are there of roof collapse. Heavy winds can also result in peeling off the materials from the gable roof.


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