Construction defects leading to home repairs

Image showing Construction defects

Construction defects

Now-a-days houses are built in haste. Earlier the builder used to construct the building or house slowly and it used to be more strong and problem free. But, today the construction defects leading to home repairs have increased by leaps and bounds. Some of the construction defects are:

The cheap and unskilled labors make many mistakes while constructing and then they just cover it up. This leads to home repairs later on, creating financial burden on the home owner. Some of the most common defects occur in the sewage line and the water pipeline.

The sand that is used in concrete can create construction defects. Many builders use sand or water which has salt content in them. This leads  to an eternal problem of seepage in the concrete walls.

The third construction defect is in the fixtures. Many unscrupulous builders use low quality plumbing and electric fixtures which lead to home repairs later. These low quality fixtures can also cause mishaps.

Thus, it is important to check the builder’s credentials before the construction of the home.

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