Different Types Of Curtains

Plenty of types of curtain

varied types of curtain

When the thing comes about choosing the right types of curtains for your window, you are available with plenty of options for it. There is varied choice in finishes, fabrics, colors and also in curtain rods. Now choosing so many things from so many options is quite overwhelming. Now if you are thinking its fine if you don’t get the right types of curtains in the first time as these are not much costly thing then you are totally wrong. Types of curtains are also very costly based upon the quality, design and material and you don’t want to make the same investment again. Replacing the types of curtains when you make a wrong choice is quite a head ache and hence you have to be sure as to which types of curtains will go with which type of room décor. If you are not pretty much aware about the types of curtains in the market then to make you aware, here are some of them so that you can educate yourself before actually buying them.

  • Pinch pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving decorative look at the top of it whereas it will give a formal finish at the rod pocket. These types of curtains will work with any types of fabric. There are total five types of pinch pleated curtain one of them is two finger pinch pleat, other one is three finger pinch pleat then its four finger pinch pleat and then it is five finger pinch pleat. If you go for more pleats, the fullness and size of the pleat will go on increasing along with the amount of fabric needed and also the cost.

  • Box pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving more of a tailored look and they will be draped into deep folds along the total length of the curtains. The box shape will be lining up next to one another which will make a formal pleated look. Box pleated curtains are more suitable in the areas like dining room, study room or lounge.

  • Rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtains are basically used for lightweight fabrics and net which are not used much and not opened and closed on frequent manner. Such types of curtains have to be hanging on the slender curtain rod which will thread through the channel and it will fit in the sockets or on hooks at sides of your window. The gap of curtain rod has a tight fit and hence these are suitable for those rooms which are like a formal sitting room.

  • Goblet pleat curtains

If you are searching for an extremely formal type of curtains which would cover up a large area into a traditional house with high and royal ceilings then goblet pleat curtains would be best suited for your need. The top pleat will resemble a wine glass. If you want to keep your goblet pleat curtains look rounded and full, you will have to shape them with interlining and wadding.

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